What Else To Consider In a Home Security System


Do you know how to do your homework when it comes to researching the best home security system for your house?


• Don't just look at the tip of the iceberg, such as free equipment and free installation. Nothing is truly free. That great offer will be offset later on with high monthly fees or some other pricey requirement.

• Nevertheless, you do get what you pay for. So if the big picture appears to be a pretty cheap system, then you'll get just that: mediocre service.

Read Reviews

• Before choosing a company, read all about it, such as reviews on BestHomeSecurityCompanys.com or from the Better Business Bureau. You don't want to go with a company that has a lot of one- and two-star reviews.

• A pricier outfit that has one five-star rating after another is worth it and will make your life easier than the company that's cheap because it cuts corners and doesn't offer great customer service.

• Be aware of phony reviews placed by a company. Often, a fake review is somewhat sensationalistic or may sound more like an ad than a review.


• Something to consider is whether or not a security system requires a landline phone. If you already have one, great.

• But if you don't, and the system you want to implement requires it, you must get it-unless the company you're interested in can offer another option such as an Internet or cellular connection. There will be an extra fee for these different options if you don't want to get a landline. But then again, the landline itself will require a fee. You'll have to do some number crunching if price is a factor in your decision.

Bells & Whistles

• Today's alarm systems offer so much more than just the screaming alarm when an intruder enters.

• The security system can be equipped with the ability to set your thermostat while you're away. You can set automatic lighting gadgets remotely, too. The system can alert you via your smartphone and you can then take action after viewing what's going on. Gee, if you forget to turn on the alarm and realize this at your hotel, you can remotely turn it on.

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