WiFi Video Surveillance System for Toddlers


The IPADBaby Monitor Lite is a brand new app that allows parents to keep a watchful eye on their child no matter where they are.

To use the device simply install the app on your iOS devices and create a user account. The infant app will notify you if the child wakes up or is asleep. When the child wakes up you can choose to turn off the video and cancel further alerts or keep it on.

The Monitor Lite is equipped with a microphone so if your child wakes up you can talk to the child and soothe them even when you are not there. This feature brings parents closer to their child and allows them to be the one to calm their upset infant with their voice.

The IPADBaby Monitor Lite also has twelve adorable cuddly creatures that can appear on the iPhone or iPad for the infants including kitties, sheep or ladybugs.

It is not recommended that you leave the iPhone or iPad in the baby's bed, it is best if placed on a table nearby in order to ensure the child's safety.

It is forbidden to spy on people without their knowledge and without their consent. You have the obligation to notify people if you intend to monitor them.

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