Wireless Home Security Systems Susceptible to Hackers

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Not receiving any sort of an alert when someone has broken into your home has become a reality for those with a wireless home security system.

Hackers have figured out how to compromise the signals being sent by wireless sensors preventing owners from being alerted.

The trend in home security has turned to wireless equipment. Sensors and control panels have become wireless, and while it is more convenient to install, it may be attacked by a hacker if the consumer is not careful.

131Research recently presented at a Black hat event found that Google's DropCam Web cam is at risk of being used to monitor its owners by hackers according to some research.

Logan Lamb, a researcher for the Department of Energy, has revealed his research results at a conference in August. Lamb found that the signal the sensors transmit to the alarm panel are typically unencrypted, meaning that they can be easily intercepted. He's been able to compromise systems from popular security companies including ADT and Vivint. Lamb discovered that a hacker could actually watch the people living in the home and jam sensor signals to prevent alarms from going off.

"The idea of covering a home with more security sensors does not translate into a more secure home," Lamb explained in an interview with Forbes.com.

Patrick Wardle and Colby Moore, who are researchers for Synack, also presented findings about DropCam and Def Con. They found that a DropCam system can be compromised by someone who has physical access to the device. When a DropCam is booting up, it can be put into a mode that will allow someone to install their own software. This software could be used to intercept video feeds coming from the camera or replace the live feed altogether.

In the digital world, nothing -- not even security -- is entirely secure.

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