Women, Use These 3 Tips for Better Home Security

Women have different security concerns than men. Certain crimes, like rape, are far more likely to happen to women than men. Single parent households are still more likely to have a female head of household. Women tend to live longer than men do, and are more likely to live alone during their later years. Criminals often target women because females tend to be smaller in stature and have less upper body strength, choosing opportunities they perceive as being the easiest to get away with. Women need to approach home security like the serious business it is. These three tips can help keep you safer.

Don't Be A Stranger

One of the most valuable means of enhancing your home security is by selectively getting to know your neighbors, according to the U. S. Department of State. Part of that is simply human nature. It's one thing if something happens to a stranger and quite another if it is the pleasant woman across the way that you say hello to everyday. When neighbors know each other, they have a general sense of each other's schedules, what vehicles are usual, and the people that are usual for the neighborhood. However, it is important to use good judgment about sharing personal details.

Home Security Starts At The Curb

That means you don't want to leave an opportunity for an attacker or intruder to confront you as you are getting out of your vehicle and force you inside. Your home can be fortress safe, but if you can't get there safely, it isn't going to help. Exterior lighting helps to reduce the chance of a person being able to lurk unnoticed nearby. Use a blend of solar lighting and standard, so that you have lighting if there is a power outage and if there is a run of bad solar power weather. Some home security and home automation systems can be set up to have exterior and garage lights turn on automatically before your usual evening arrival time.

High shrubs close to your home can be dangerous. You want to maintain a clear field of vision. Be observant. Often people let their guard down as they pull in after a long day. Always look around. If there is somebody around that shouldn't be there, don't get out of your vehicle. Use your judgment to decide if it is a speak through a cracked window or drive away sort of situation. If something looks off - a window open when you're sure you closed them all or some other small detail - be alert. If there are signs of entry, do not go in. Call for help.

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Common Sense Is An Essential Security System Accessory

Home security systems can optimize the security of your home. However, it is also important not to get lulled into a false sense of security just because you have one. Learn how it works and how it fails. Consider a back up power source, and multiple streams of information, such as video and audio that can be monitored via your computer and smart phone. Integrate your cell phone into the system, in case of land line failure.

Secure cameras and data recording devices. Use the system consistently. Do not share codes for convenience. And, do not neglect the common sense elements of home security, like checking doors and windows before retiring for the night, because you trust your system too much. Nothing is fail-proof, no matter what the salesperson or installation technician may say.