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Quick Look at GEOARM

Company Overview
  • Transparent & detailed website.
  • Monthly monitoring starting at $8/month.
  • Services all 50 states.
  • DIY security packages.
  • Wide range of equipment from various brands.
  • Mixed customer reviews.
  • GEOARM was founded in 2008 with the desire to provide customers with more flexible home security solutions. While many companies offer set packages, GEOARM is a pioneer of the customizable do-it-yourself home security option.

    As a third-party provider of home security and home automation systems, GEOARM sells equipment from the following 32 different brands:

    • 2GIG
    • Aeotec
    • Alarm.com
    • AlarmNet
    • Alula
    • Brilliant
    • Connect 24
    • DSC
    • Ecobee
    • Elk Products
    • Encore
    • Fortrezz
    • Interlogix
    • Honeywell Home
    • IpDatatel
    • Jasco
    • Kwikset
    • LiftMaster
    • Linear
    • LogicMark
    • Lutron
    • M2M Services
    • Napco
    • Qolsys
    • Rachio
    • Resideo
    • Resolution
    • Teguard
    • Total Connect
    • Sierra Wireless
    • Videofied
    • Yale

    GEOARM gives homeowners the opportunity to mix and match almost every piece of equipment available for home monitoring and install it where they want in their home. The company also sells DIY and professional monitoring services.

    GEOARM services all 50 U.S. states, Washington D.C., the 13 Canadian provinces and territories, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

    How much is GEOARM monthly monitoring? GEOARM sells monthly monitoring through several different home security brands, so the prices range.

    Depending on the brand, DIY monitoring can cost between $8/month and $15/month, while professional monitoring can cost between $10/month and $30/month.

    Does GEOARM offer professional installation? According to GEOARM’s website, they provide DIY security systems.

    As a third party provider of home security systems, GEOARM does not offer professional installation.

    How long is GEOARM’s contract? GEOARM offers month-to-month monitoring services, so customers do not need to sign a contract.

    Do Customers Like GEOARM?

    GEOARM has not received many reviews on BestCompany.com, but the customers who have left reviews have varying opinions on the company.

    Here are some of the good things they have to say about GEOARM:

    • Low monthly fees
    • No contract
    • DIY service
    • Great customer service

    In regards to the quality of the equipment, one happy customer said:

    “Don't think for a second that GeoArm's low cost means anything other than the best service and support.” - Steven

    Another customer who was pleased with the service recounted:

    “I have never had the level of support from a company that I have received from Geoarm. My recent experience with Drew was impressive. I have never had anyone go to the lengths that he did to help me out. Every company should strive to offer this level of customer service.” - Jim

    Common themes of negative reviews include:

    • Unresponsive customer service
    • False alarms
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    GEOARM Equipment

    GEOARM is very transparent about the equipment they sell, including brands and prices. Because they sell such a variety of products from many brands, the equipment packages shown below are not a comprehensive list.

    DIY Security Packages

    The following systems can be customized to fit your home’s unique needs. Prices will increase if equipment is added to the package.

    2GIG Edge Dual-Path: $455.95

    • Wireless control panel
    • Alarm battery
    • Power transformer
    • LTE communicator
    • 3 Wireless door/window contacts
    • Wireless motion detector

    Qolsys IQ Panel 4 Dual-Path: $555.73

    • Wireless control panel
    • Alarm battery
    • Power transformer
    • LTE communicator
    • 3 Door/window contacts
    • Motion detector

    Resideo Honeywell Home ProSeries PROA7: $330.26

    • Touchscreen controller
    • Alarm battery
    • Power transformer
    • Alarm communications module
    • 3 Wireless door/window mini contacts
    • Wireless motion detector

    RE6100P-XX-X_IKIT - Alula Connect+: $284.19

    • Wireless control panel
    • Alarm battery
    • Power transformer
    • Wireless alarm keypad
    • 3 Wireless door/window contacts
    • Wireless motion detector

    Additional Equipment

    GEOARM offers smart home automation products from several different brands. The prices shown below are the least expensive options. Depending on the brand you choose, the equipment may be priced differently.

    Smart Home Automation

    • Smart home voice control hub: $406.24
    • Smart door lever lockset: $152.21
    • Smart thermostat: $115.45
    • Smart electrical wall outlet: $69.99
    • Smart flood water sensor: $21.46
    • Smart garage door opener: $22.50
    • Smart light switch: $26.74

    System Accessories

    • Remote alarm keyfob: $18.20
    • Wireless door/window alarm contact: $16.75
    • Wireless motion detector: $38.38
    • Wireless glassbreak detector: $59.00
    • Wireless smoke detector: $51.16
    • Wireless carbon monoxide detector: $72.00
    • Temperature sensor: $27.94

    Surveillance Cameras

    • Smart video doorbell: $149.18
    • Indoor security camera: $102.20
    • Outdoor security camera: $108.48
    • Dome security camera: $93.29
    • Pan/tilt security camera: $108.48

    Because GEOARM sells a wide assortment of products from a large network of home security brands, the prices range to fit the unique budget of any customer.

    GEOARM Monthly Monitoring

    Because GEOARM is a third-party provider, when customers sign up for monthly monitoring services with them, it is actually a different brand that will be monitoring their home security.

    Features and benefits of monthly monitoring vary depending on the brand that is monitoring your system.

    Customers can choose between DIY or professional monitoring. DIY only includes self-dispatching, and pro central station monitoring includes professional dispatching. If customers choose professional monitoring, they can also decide whether or not they want to use the interactive monitoring app.

    Monthly Monitoring Prices

    GEOARM is one of the most affordable home security companies in the industry. With GEOARM, a customer can sign up for month-to-month monitoring plans from $30 to as low as $8 - less than half the monthly monitoring fees of some of the top companies in the industry.

    The monthly price greatly depends on the brand the customer has chosen to monitor their system.

    • DIY Monitoring: $8/month - $15/month
    • Professional Monitoring: $10/month - $30/month

    Videofied’s professional monitoring services are the most expensive that GEOARM offers at $30/month.

    Our Recommendation

    If you are looking for a cheap way to monitor your system. GEOARM might be the answer. Their website is very transparent about pricing and the brands of equipment they sell. Because they sell such a wide variety of products, you can customize your home security system to fit your home’s unique needs.

    While GEOARM is a less expensive option and provides a variety of home security solutions, it’s difficult to say if customers have enjoyed their experience with GEOARM since we haven’t received many reviews.

    If you are worried about their customer service or installing the equipment yourself, you may want to look elsewhere.


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