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Complete Look at DIY and Professionally Installed Home Security

Complete Look at DIY and Professionally Installed Home Security


Some of the largest names in the home security industry are turning to DIY installment options for their customers. While installing your own home security system may seem daunting, companies have actually made the process of installment relatively painless.

More and more consumers are choosing the DIY option for various reasons. Find out for yourself if installing your home security system will work for you.

Benefits of DIY installment-

  1. Cost Effective: Installing your own home security system means you won’t be paying an installation fee on top of your monthly bills.
  2. Control: You are the one that is familiar with your property, not necessarily a professional. You will have a better idea of where sensors need to be set up and will be the most effective.
  3. Familiarity/Convenience: Installing the system yourself allows you to become more comfortable with the system. You will then be able to tell if you need extra sensors and you can easily purchase them online and install them yourself.
  4. Take it with you: In the event that you move into another home, you can take the security system with you and set it up on your own without having to go through the hassle of canceling your security plan and setting up a new one.

Pitfalls of DIY installment-

  1. Incorrect Installment: Although companies are making it easier to install security systems on your own, there is always the chance that you will not install it correctly, which can cause frustration and stress.
  2. Extra Effort: Now that you have done the work that comes with purchasing a home security system, you have to put in the extra work and set it up.

There are perks and incentives that come along with the DIY route, however that does not work for everyone. If you feel more comfortable having a professional install your security system, there are advantages and disadvantages that come along with that option as well.

Benefits of Professional installment-

  1. Experience/Expertise: Professional home security installers have set up the system before and know exactly how it works. The odds of making mistakes during the installment process are reduced.
  2. Feedback: The professional will able to assist you in answering any questions you have on the spot, rather than having to get in contact with the provider.
  3. Advanced Technology: Due to the technological advancement in recent years, some technology may be difficult to set up on your own if you are not sure about what you are doing. A professional will make sure the system works when it’s supposed to.

Pitfalls of Professional installment-

  1. More Expensive: After purchasing a system, you will have to pay an installment fee on top of your other charges.
  2. Time: Your system will not be installed on your terms. You will have to schedule a time for the installment professional to come rather than having it installed when you want.

Professional Installment Companies-



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Home security system installment is leaning towards the DIY option because the benefits seem to outweigh the pitfalls. That being said, each consumer needs to weigh their choices and proceed with the best option for their situation.

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