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Apartment Dweller - Quick Fit!

Renters need security too. While the apartment dweller does not own their property they're looking for security measures that will leave no traces. Apartment dwellers need wireless equipment with easy pick up and go technology.

Economy Shopper - Quick Fit!

The economy shopper is looking for best deal and lowest price. Their mission is to find the best quality product at the best price available. They will search dozens of companies if they have to, to find the right fit. Economy shoppers should look at pricing, installation fees, contract length.

Globe Trotter - Quick Fit!

The globetrotter is frequently gone from their home. They rely on quick alerts and mobile notifications to keep them up-to-date on the status of their homes. Globetrotters should look at technology, bbb, and price.

Tech Enthusiast - Quick Fit!

Technology enthusiast are obsessed with high grade equipment and performance. They want the latest and greatest products on the market. Tech. enthusiasts should look at tech scores and price.

End Of Worlder - Quick Fit!

Ready for anything, the end of worlder wants the best home security system available. Top of the line motion sensors, cameras, and panels are just the start of the iceberg. End of worlders should look for companies with high technology scores, low install fees, and high bbb ratings.

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Do It Yourselfer - Quick Fit!

Concerned with the environment efficiency individuals want to save the world. They're looking for home automation and energy saving technology.

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