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Protect America vs. FrontPoint Security

Protect America vs. FrontPoint Security
Choosing between home security companies can be a difficult and arduous process. Our expert staff have pitted companies against one another to thoroughly compare and analyze their differences. Below you’ll find our expert analysis between Protect America and FrontPoint Security:


Protect America’s pricing model has a clear advantage over FrontPoint because of Protect America’s low entry price. Pricing for both companies increases depending on the home security package. Both FrontPoint’s and Protect America’s top-of-the-line package cost almost $50 each month. That said, Protect America is the winner of this category for its lower pricing model.

Up-Front Costs

Protect America has an advantage against FrontPoint because all equipment is free with Protect America. In addition, Protect America ships high quality DIY home security systems that require no professional installation. Conversely FrontPoint charges between $99 and $400 for equipment and professional installation. FrontPoint’s installation and equipment price point is competitive in today’s market but it can’t beat Protect America’s $0 down.

Technology and Equipment

Both FrontPoint and Protect America provide high quality GE XT security equipment. Protect America home security packages offer more sensors than 90% of home security companies. Both Protect America’s and FrontPoint’s top-of-the-line package include wireless cameras and home automation.

While both offer very similar packages, Protect America wins this battle for its generous amounts of doors sensors in each of its packages.

Contract Length

Both companies offer industry average contract lengths of 36-months. Sign up is a breeze for both companies, which puts them at stalemate in this category.

Time in Business

Home security isn’t anything new, and with new companies coming into the space each day, we find it very valuable to find companies that have been around a while, and have built a name over time that you can trust. Protect America has been around four times longer than FrontPoint Security. During that time Protect America has done well to build a reputable brand that can be trusted. FrontPoint has been in business for over 5-years and has done well building a great reputation.

Protect America wins this category simply for it’s history and trustable brand.

BBB Rating

Although not a perfect indicator, and sometimes biased (based on some things that we’ve seen in the industry), the BBB ranking is a very important data point for most consumers.FrontPoint Security and Protect America have very similar BBB ratings. During the last 3-years Protect America has received and closed 420 complaints through the BBB. Conversely FrontPoint has received and closed over 28 complaints through the BBB. FrontPoint is the winner based on its similar BBB score and lower complaint volume.

Negative Reputation

We use proprietary methods to ensure negative reputations are thoroughly investigated and accurate. While both companies have great reputations both online and offline, FrontPoint Security has done an excellent job maintaining a slightly cleaner reputation than Protect America. Neither companies have major lawsuits or tarnished reputations; however FrontPoint has done a better job promote a positive reputation.

Protect America wins this battle 4-2 over FrontPoint Security.

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