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A Com Protection Services Inc. (A-com) was established in 1973 and has grown to become one of the nation's largest privately owned security companies. A-com is headquartered in Columbus, GA, and services the whole state. Benefits for those residing in Georgia include:

  • 24-hour backup battery power - the system will never shut off ensuring full-time protection
  • Private security messages - if there is a notification that the homeowner needs to see, they will get it immediately
  • Tamper resistant technology - equipment will not malfunction due to tampering
  • Instant alerts - the monitoring system will send you text/email alerts when an alarm goes off while simultaneously notifying emergency responders

A-Com has a 24-hour Central Station that meets the requirements set by Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.), an independent agency that rates businesses for public safety and product compliance. Less than 25% of all monitoring facilities have been granted U.L approval.  Also, their monitoring station has earned the "5 Diamond Award" by the Central Station Alarm Association (C.S.A.A). All of A-Com's operators are required to pass the 5 Diamond rating course at a higher percentage than the CSAA requires. Less than 5% of all Central Stations in the United States have the distinction of being 5 Diamond Certified.  This means that their 20,000+ customers receive timely, reliable monitoring that is among the best in the Georgia regions.

The cancellation process after the initial 3-day test trial period is a little more complicated.  They ask that canceling customers pay $18.75 (to cover the equipment costs) for each of the remaining months of the contract.  For example, if after two years you decide to cancel the services you would pay $18.75 x 24/month = $450.  That is less than 50% of the remaining balance, which is one of the best cancelation policies in the nation.  Another excellent service that A-Com provides is a warranty for the full lifetime of your contract.


While A-Com provides a quality regional service, there are some areas of their business model they may deter customers from using their products. The disadvantages of signing up with A-Com include:

  • Lengthy contracts - customers are locked into a 4-year deal upon signing up
  • Test trial - there is only a 3-day test trial period to decide whether or not the system is a right fit
  • Cancellation fees - while the cancellation fees are minimal in comparison to the industry, the length of the contract means customers will likely have to pay for several months/years without service

Another downside for someone moving out of the area that already has A-Com services could be the small size of the company.  If you were to move far away there is a chance that A-Com might not have partnerships in your new destination and therefore would not be able to move your system.

Our Recommendation

A-Com is a locally-based home security provider that allows for customization and upgraded technology to fully protect the homes of their customers. Those who decide to use A-Com Protection Services to protect their home can expect the following:

  • Customized home security/automation - allows customers to make sure they protect the most vulnerable areas of their home
  • Lengthy contract with cancellation penalties - 48-month contract with relatively inexpensive cancellation fees
  • Month-to-month option after contract - customers can cancel or pay a reduced monthly rate after initial 48-month contract
  • 2GIG Technology - utilizes the most advanced 2GIG technology to protect their customers
  • 24-hour monitoring/battery - your system will never be down

For more information on 1st Security's home security, business security, or automation services, visit their website.

About A-Com Protection Services Inc.

A-Com Protection Services primarily installs 100% wireless-based systems using 2GIG cellular technology.  With their system comes 24/hr monitoring for the life of the contract plus remote control access to all devices via your smartphone with the home automation capabilities.

While customers get to customize their system for their home's particular needs, basic equipment includes:

  • Wireless control panel - 2Gig main control panel that is wirelessly connected to monitoring station
  • 24/hr monitoring - central monitoring station keeps  your home and loved ones protected at all times
  • Motion detection - pictures or 30-second clips can be viewed straight from your home every time a motion is detected with image sensors
  • Fire, CO, and Flood sensors - automatic and immediate signals will be sent to local monitoring station to trigger emergency responders
  • Window/Door sensors - protect the most vulnerable access points to your home

Once the life of the contract has been completed, the customer then is provided with the option of signing a new contract or paying month-to-month to continue using A-Com services.

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Thomas Thompson

Feb 13, 2018

I have their service at three locations and am, unfortunately, stuck with them due to a contract which is ridiculously expensive to terminate. On the phone, the rep told me it would cost me the full price of remaining monthly payments for the remaining 1.5 years of an overlong 3 year contract plus the cost of the 4g cellular communicator which they required me to purchase. She quoted $499! Whoa! Their contract is so one sided. It is clear from that alone that they care far more for themselves than for their customer. I have spoken to them three times over the last year regarding billing. I have asked that they send all the charges on the same account on one bill each month or quarter. They promise to fix the problem, however, I still receive two billings each quarter for one of my service locations. Its not really that big of a deal - just annoying. I have called them many times over the 2-3 years since they bought my former alarm monitoring company, to change the call list of key holders to contact in the event of an alarm at two business locations. They cannot get this right. They ALWAYS call the wrong people in the wrong order and have on many occasions called people who no longer work for the companies. They don't seem to care about this problem and we have yet to resolve the issue. Cobb County Georgia has just raised their price for each "false alarm" to $75. To me, this is a big problem. Currently, I own 11 different businesses in 5 different industries (and have sold multiple others). So, I am not a novice. I almost never write reviews because I am so busy. But, I really have a big resentment towards companies that are so selfish in their relationships toward their customers. A-Com seems to have that "we are always right" attitude. I must say, I am glad I don't have to live with the shame of opportunistically taking advantage of the valued customers I claim to be serving. Shame on you A-Com for your poor behavior. You will soon be on my boycott list which has grown to two companies. You should be able to relate well to your boycott list comrade, AT&T. You are two peas in a pod - concerned primarily about your money. Thomas T., Atlanta, GA



dean Columbus, GA

Nov 17, 2017

I've called 3 times in the last year and just now got a call back after 11 months, called again and sales person wrote a note in PC that was 100% wrong from what we discussed, I don't like liars so when you say I'll check into it and call you back don't type crap in your notes dismissing my call. I do not like the dishonesty of sales persons. I wasn't buying a car. but this seems to be the norm at ACON in Columbus Ga. Will pay off contract and find a better company.



EAN Talladega, AL

May 17, 2016

We had their security system for three years.They used the previous wiring and put their monitoring system. The system stopped working suddenly. they said that the system burn due to a thunder storm. When asked how the other electronic systems did not burn, the Tech told us that they did not put / asked us to provide a surge protector while the other equipment had protection. Further they gave a quote for $1500+ ( which includes a labor cost of $800 for a place already wired - BTW the quote was for a wireless system.). We installed a Simplisafe wireless system ourselves for $399 and monitoring for $14.99. It took us two weeks after asking for a refund and multiple emails ( they were "processing") to know the amount, which we are yet to receive. We did not have bad experience from the monitoring company . Such was our experience with ACom, Columbus GA



Camilla Sheppard Columbus, GA

Mar 5, 2015

ACom has the best and fastest monitoring and customer service anyone can want. And, when it comes to peace of mind and trust ACom is who I want protecting my home and family. We were out of town when a call came that our alarm was going off. (The one time I forgot to notify ACom ahead of time to change the sequence of contacts) Unfortunately, when the police arrived the would be burglars had disappeared; the alarm had scared them away. But, the good thing is they left empty handed! I like the flexibility in setting the alarm to meet our needs. And, ACom's prompt and courteous Customer Service department employees are well-trained. I appreciate that their employees are trustworthy, have been drug-tested and had background checks. That along with the longevity of a company means a lot when its employees know all about you, your family, your home and what is going on in your life. That is why I trust the integrity of ACom.