Vivint Smart Home Review


  • No Contract Option
  • No Upfront Fee Option
  • Excellent Customer Reviews






  • No DIY Option

Vivint Smart Home is high on our list of the best home security companies because of the combined advantages of price, quality, and customer satisfaction. The company is well known for its focus on advanced home automation within the home security industry.

Of course, there are specific product offerings that give Vivint an edge over their competition. For example, Vivint allows its customers to decide between not having to sign a contract (simply paying month to month) or not having to pay for your equipment upfront.

If you do decide to simply pay for your home security system upfront, you get to avoid the most common complaint of home security customers: home security cancellations. Obviously, we recommend that you pay for the equipment upfront and avoid the hassle of a contract.

Vivint Security Price

Of the 93 companies that we review on Best Home Security Companies, the average monthly price for home securitymonitoring is $30.82.

Vivint charges a slightly below average monthly monitoring fee of $29.99.

The average upfront fee for a basic home security system would be around $600, but this price depends greatly on the requirements of your home and the quality of your home security system.

Vivint's typical upfront cost is $599, but again, this may vary depending on your unique requirements. All in all, our rating is that Vivint's cost is fairly priced.

Vivint Security Quality

Vivint home security products are well built and reliable.

For example, the outdoor security camera from Vivint has at least 4 out of 5 stars on most reviews sites.

Vivint's smart home devices are completely compatible with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing customers to create a truly integrated smart home experience.

The company's smart home devices and security camera equipment are also compatible with other 3rd-party smart devices like the Nest smart thermostat, Philips Hue lightbulbs, and many Z-Wave Alliance products.

Vivint also offers the Vivint Smart Phone app, which has a 4.6 star rating with over 20,000 reviews on the app store and connects to any Vivint smart device. The Vivint Smart Phone app is also ranked #98 of all the apps in the lifestyle category — it can be used operate your smart door lock, view/answer the video doorbell, check entry sensor status, or even your smoke detector.

What Do Customers Say About Vivint Security?

Vivint’s customers praise the following aspects of the company’s services:

  1. Value for your money
  2. Quality of home automation products
  3. Customer service
  4. Company trustworthiness

In each of these categories, Vivint Smart Home scored a 3.5 stars or higher on Best Company.

In comparison to its bigger competitors, like ADT, Vivint is highly responsive to complaints. Most complaints with Vivint home security pertain to their sales practices, which admittedly, have been aggressive in the past.

However, we believe Vivint has improved its sales practices considerably, and that customers will be satisfied with the company's quality of service and outstanding product offering.

We highly recommend Vivint Smart Home because of its expertise in home automation and quality of customer service. Its wireless home security system is equal parts affordable and high quality in comparison to competitors like ADT, Brinks Home Security, and SimpliSafe.

Vivint Pros and Cons

Not to toot our own horn, but we gave Vivint the top spot for good reason: the customers love it.

Any complaints we might have about Vivint's alarms are moot in comparison to the actual customers' positive experience. And, for the record, we don't really have any substantive complaints about Vivint's alarm system.

Sure, Vivint doesn't provide DIY installation options, but that's because Vivint specializes in more complex home securitysystems that require professional installation.

We have a lot of pros to talk about. There just aren't very many home security companies out there that care about the customer enough to offer a choice between no contracts or no upfront fees.

One possible con is that Vivint utilizes incentivized door-to-door salesmen to sell its systems. However, because of customer complaints in the past, Vivint seems to have trained its salesmen in proper sales techniques — we don't see as many complaints of this nature nowadays.

This home security company has one of the best equipment deals in the business.

Vivint systems are compatible with voice control and smart home devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Additionally, its basic security package (Smart Protect plan) includes more security devices than the average monitoringplan, including a motion sensor, a smart hub control panel, a glass-break sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, and more than one window/door sensor.

You can get a smart lock in their mid-range package and a doorbell camera in their most expensive package.

ADT Review


  • Great Discounts
  • Excellent Service
  • Trusted Brand
  • Great Customer Service






  • Above Average Monthly Price

ADT Monitored Security has it all — DIY security through Blue by ADT, brand trust, customer service quality, high-quality home security devices, and outstanding discounts on home security devices for new customers.

This company invests heavily in its customer-facing tech, like the ADT mobile app and the ADT security hub. They've emphasized intuitive interfaces and ease-of-use for all of its devices while placing high priority in user friendliness.

The only area in which ADT finds itself behind is the quality of customer reviews. Like most massive companies in the home security industry, ADT has received its fair share of negative reviews alongside its positive reviews. has received over 500 customer reviews and has been rated 2.7 out of 5 stars, just a bit above average.

However, we do believe that once ADT places a greater importance in responding to and resolving customer concerns, their reviews and customer satisfaction overall will hit new heights.

ADT Security Price

ADT costs $38.99/month for its basic package, ADT Secure. The company also has an upfront fee of $99 to $199 for installation. Equipment prices will vary depending on the system and individual devices you choose, but there are often deals for equipment.

ADT Security Quality

As one of the more well-established home security companies, ADT has invested time and money into perfecting its alarm devices and smart home equipment.

Of course, the company still has equipment malfuctions. We recommend all interested customers read ADT reviews to see what specific issues customers are having.

Other than equipment malfunctions, customers seem to appreciate ADT's focus on customer satisfaction and many describe customer resp and friendly and helpful.

ADT also offers a landline monitoring option starting at $28.99/mo., which includes professional monitoring for their DIY security system, Blue by ADT ($19.99/mo).

Cove Security Review


  • Excellent Monthly Price
  • DIY Security
  • Occasional Discounts
  • Positive Reviews






  • No Professional Installation

Cove Security is at the top of our list of the best home security companies because they have one of the most affordable home security systems that we review. Focusing on cellular security systems that you can install yourself, Cove does not require a contract for professional monitoring, meaning you can cancel or move anytime.

The company also offers very generous discounts throughout the year. For example, Cove’s 2022 July Sale included a 60% discount on home security equipment and a free camera.

Cove Price

Cove Basic costs $17.99/month and comes with a one-year equipment warranty, 24/7 live professional monitoring, and 24-hour battery backup among many other things.

Cove Plus costs $27.99/month and comes with a lifetime warranty, smartphone control, and $5/month equipment reward.

The upfront pricing with Cove will vary, but generally ends up costing around $300.

Cove Security Quality

Security systems from Cove come with a lifetime warranty if you purchase the Cove Plus plan. With Cove Plus, customers won't have to worry about expensive replacements for unfortunate malfunctions.

Cove's Basic package includes the following service features:

  • One Year Equipment Warranty
  • 24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Cellular Monitoring
  • TripleTouch Communications
  • 24-Hour Battery Backup
  • Automated System Check (hourly)
  • 100% 4G LTE Connection
  • Smash & Grab Protection

Cove's security system and security camera devices are reliable and, in the case of malfunction or difficulty with installation, the company's customer service is highly responsive to customer concerns.

Perhaps the most comparable to Cove's security system is the Ring alarm security kit, as both are extremely easy to install. However, the reason we love Cove is because it has received so many positive reviews and does not require a contract to sign up.

As with every DIY security system, customer service should be at the top of the minds of every inquiring customer. We believe that Cove has one of the best customer service scores of any DIY security system.

What Do Customers Say About Cove?

Cove customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, receiving a 4.7-star rating out of 5 from over 300 customers (as of August 2022) on Best Company.

One customer referred to the company as "professional and prompt" and stated that Cove has excellent customer support.

Another customer stated that Cove has the best customer service she's ever experienced in her life.

In fact, most of Cove's customer reviews applaud the company's quick response times and fantastic customer service.

Other points of praise for Cove's unique home security solution include:

  • Easy-to-install security system
  • Perfect pricing
  • Excellent product reliability

Cove Pros and Cons

Cove provides a very affordable DIY installation home security option. Actually, Cove is our preferred DIY home security company.

What's so good about Cove? Think of it as Ring alarm, but with good customers reviews. It's affordable, easy-to-install, offers customizable systems, includes 24-hour shipping, and comes with a 60-day risk-free trial.

Worried you won't get a professionally monitored system with Cove? There's absolutely nothing to worry about — you can choose self monitoring or professional monitoring for a very low monthly fee.

As far as the exact pros for Cove go, the company has excellent monthly prices, offers easy-to-install DIY security, offers occasional discounts, and has a great customer review score.

One downside is that Cove does not offer professional installation.

Frontpoint Security Review


  • 30-Day Trial
  • Easy to Install
  • Excellent Reviews
  • Low Upfront Cost






  • Higher Monthly Fees

Frontpoint Security is one of the highest rated home security company that offers DIY services - that's why we recommend Frontpoint to researching customers.

The main reasons we've ranked Frontpoint so highly is because it is preprogrammed to work out of the box. This is a huge boon to those looking for a good DIY option, as many DIY customers have trouble setting up their systems on their own.

Frontpoint Security also offers surprisingly high-quality home security devices for an affordable price.

The highly rated DIY home security company reportedly has a spotless privacy track record, smash-proof securitydevices, a smart home phone app, and provides professional monitoring services (something that not every DIY home security solution offers).

But how does it measure up to the other top home security companies?

Frontpoint comes in third behind Cove and Vivint. Frontpoint is the second of the top three home security companies to offer a DIY system AND smart home devices. Fortunately, we think you'll be in safe hands going with either Cove or Frontpoint.

Where Vivint is more fit for customers with mid- to large-sized homes who want to focus on smart home security, Frontpoint can be more easily installed and works well for those with smaller homes and apartments.

However, customers who move often (those in apartments) should be aware that the minimum contract length with Frontpoint is 36 months. This means that there is likely a cancellation fee involved with those who want to terminate their contract early.

One of the reasons that Vivint ranks higher than Frontpoint is that it offers a month-to-month contract option.

Frontpoint Security Price

Frontpoint offers professional monitoring services starting at $34.99/month, which is almost exactly average when compared to the rest of the industry.

Where Frontpoint's pricing really shines is in the upfront cost. Because you can customize your system how you like, you control the pricing.

It is possible to pay as little as $99 upfront, but again, prices are likely going to be slightly higher for more complex home security requirements.

Frontpoint Security Quality

Because Frontpoint Security offers extremely easy-to-install DIY home security systems, customers are extremely satisfied with the company's service.

Though newer to the home security scene (13 years in business), Frontpoint Security seems to have made a business plan centered around making life easier for its customers.

What Do Customers Say About Frontpoint?

Frontpoint has received good feedback from its customers.

Praise for Frontpoint's services most often referred to the company's customer service and trustworthiness as its best advantages.

As of October 2020, Frontpoint has received over 2,500 reviews on Best Company with an average star rating of 4.2 out of 5.

As with most home security companies, complaints focus on the sometimes aggressive sales techniques of Frontpoint salespeople.

Blue by ADT Review


  • Affordable Price
  • 147 Years of Experience
  • No Contracts






  • Minimum Upfront Fee Requirement
  • Mediocre Reviews

Blue by ADT is the affordable DIY extension to the trusted ADT brand. The company was only recently created in 2019, when ADT acquired LifeShield Security and used the newly acquired resources to launch Blue.

We believe that ADT’s effort to break into the DIY home security space is a marked improvement to win over customers who have been dissatisfied with the lack of options in the past.

Though its still new, you will be hearing about Blue by ADT a lot more in the future.

Blue by ADT Price

Blue by ADT costs 19.99/month for professional monitoring services, offers month-to-month contracts for customers and does not have a contract lock.

Blue by ADT Quality

The company is combining ADT's 148+ years of home security experience with the new DIY trend in home security.

This is a rare combination for home security customers. Because DIY installation has really only been an viable option in recent years, most DIY alarm companies don’t have more than 10 years of experience.

Blue by ADT is one of only a few DIY home security systems that has over 100 years of experience in home security. Of course, the company is still specifically new to DIY security.

What Do Customers Say About Blue by ADT?

Blue by ADT has received a 3.4 star rating out of 5 on Best Company, so customers are mostly satisfied with Blue by ADT’s services.

We would also like to point out that many of the negative Blue by ADT customer reviews refer to LifeShield Security, whose brand is still phasing out online.

Of course, it’s very early to judge Blue by ADT by customer reviews alone, but the signs point to a bright future for the new DIY alarm system.

Most positive customer experiences refer to the company’s customer service and the ease of installing their new systems.

Guardian Protection Review


  • DIY or Professional Installation
  • Excellent Reviews






  • Contract Required

Guardian Protection is a more traditional home security company than the others that you'll find on this list. They'll focus more on providing quality monitoring and positive customer service experiences than they will on the product they offer.

Guardian Protection Price

Guardian Protection charges between $34.95 and $59.99 per month for home security monitoring.

While the monthly monitoring price is slightly higher than average, it comes with a basic package of home securitydevices. The upfront cost is also lower than average due to the slightly higher monthly fees.

For example, the Standard Security package has a low upfront cost of $99 and comes with a control keypad, three door/window sensors, and one motion detector.

Upfront costs range from $99 - $499.

Guardian Protection Quality

This company often provides unique discounts for new customers. Be sure to keep an eye out of holiday specials and events that may call for new home security devices.

While most customers prefer companies that have generous cancellation and relocation policies, Guardian Protection is unclear of whether it charges a cancellation fee. However, many home security companies require that customers pay out the rest of their contract when they cancel their account.

Those shopping for home security can rest assured that Guardian Protection is an excellent option, because it comes highly recommended from current and past customers.

As of 2020, over 3,800 customers have given Guardian Protection a 4.5-star rating on Best Company.

What Do Customers Say About Guardian Protection?

Guardian Protection focuses its efforts on keeping its customers happy. The company accomplishes this by providing quick and effective customer service.

Many customer reviews refer to the home security equipment from Guardian Protection as 'high quality' and 'excellent.' Other reviewers state that the equipment and smart phone app are very user friendly.

Other aspects of Guardian's service that are commonly praised include:

  • Customer support
  • Great value
  • High quality security system

Some customers report the occasional malfunction with the equipment and that the prices are a little higher than they'd like, but most also say that it's worth the price.

Abode Security Review


  • Extremely Affordable
  • Customizable System
  • DIY or Professional Installation






  • Negative Customer Reviews

Abode home security is designed to work around the customer's preferences - it is likely one of the most customizable home security systems available.

Customers can choose a home security system based on the size of their home, the security needs of their property, and the number of windows/doors/rooms in their home. You can also choose to do self monitoring or use the company's professional monitoring for a modest monthly fee.

Abode is relatively new to the home security industry, having been founded in 2014 by a former ADT executive.

Abode Price

Abode has one of the most affordable home security systems in the industry, depending on the size and complexity of your home security system.

The Standard Abode security plan does not include professional monitoring, but does give you access to smart home and self-monitoring tools you'll need to keep your home safe. The Standard plan is available for around $8/month (Abode lists the cost at 20 cents per day).

For professional installation, you'll need Abode's Pro plan which includes professional monitoring, cellular backup, free shipping on all orders within the U.S., exclusive discounts, and insurance discounts for homeowners.

The upfront fee for Abode home security systems is also incredibly affordable. We created a home security system from Abode that ended up being $561 upfront.

Abode Quality

Abode does seem to have some issues with customer service. We've heard a few complaints about how difficult it is to get a hold of company representatives.

However, all reports & reviews seem to hold Abode's security devices in high regard.

Given the fact that the system is completely customizable, there is no contract requirement, and the pricing is extremely affordable, we feel comfortable giving Abode security the #5 overall rank on Best Home Security Companies.

What Do Customers Say About Abode?

Unfortunately, Abode Security has not received many customer reviews on Best Company and the few reviews it has received give it only a 2.0-star rating out of 5.

One complaint for Abode's home security system detailed that the system's installer knew a lot about how to install the system, but didn't know a thing about actually operating it. As a result, EMTs and police were called mistakenly after the homeowner arrived home.

While Abode may seem like a convenient choice (and very well may be), we recommend you compare Abode with the most reliable home security companies to see if there may be a safer fit for your home.

Google Nest Review


  • Great Monthly Price






  • Negative Customer Service
  • Long Contract

As with everything with Google's name on it, Google Nest is a high-quality home security system. Unfortunately, because of the size of the company and customer base, Google Nest's customer service leaves much to be desired.

In comparison to the other top home security systems, Google Nest focuses on creating high-quality, aesthetically pleasing security devices.

However, the higher quality of the equipment does mean it will likely be higher priced than other DIY home securitysystems.

For customers who don't want to pay a monthly fee, you may opt for self-monitoring with the Google Nest app.

Google Nest Price

Unsurprisingly, Google Nest may end up being a bit more expensive than other home security systems, especially if you opt for more equipment and professional monitoring through Nest.

Google Nest equipment costs around $400 for a decent home security system without professional installation. You can also choose nest professional monitoring services for about $19/month.

Unfortunately, you may need to sign a 36-month contract to receive professional monitoring services.

Cost may be even higher if you choose to have your security system from Nest professionally installed, which can cost $100 - $300, depending on the complexity of your system.

We've indicated that Google Nest does not require a contract lock because technically you aren't required to use their professional monitoring services.

To give customers an idea of how much individual alarm and home automation devices are, the Google Nest thermostatprice is $129.99.

Google Nest Quality

There is no question that Google Nest offers top-of-the-line home security equipment.

The reason we've listed this system lower on the list is because it does not offer true contractless monitoring services (aside from the fact that our ranking system heavily depends on how the security system is ranked across multiple home security review sites).

What Do Customers Say About Google Nest?

Many customers have reported waiting up to 90 minutes to speak with a customer service representative.

Despite some of the complaints, Google Nest offers high-quality home security devices.

Deep Sentinel Review


  • Live Guards
  • Excellent Service






  • Expensive

Deep Sentinel focuses on 'active monitoring services' - this means that the company employs live personnel to monitor your home 24/7.

The advantage of this active monitoring approach is that you get live reactions to break-ins, as opposed to the passive monitoring which simply sends notifications to live responders, leaving a few precious minutes open as a window of opportunity for burglars.

The fact that the company was started by ex-cops who saw a need for more professional home security is no surprise; this company goes all out when it comes to home security.

Deep Sentinel earns the #6 spot on Best Home Security Companies for its sheer depth of service.

We recommend Deep Sentinel to customers who need more security than the average homeowner.

Deep Sentinel Price

It's no surprise that having a live guard monitoring your home 24/7 is going to be more costly than the average home security system.

However, we are actually surprised that it isn't more expensive.

Deep Sentinel costs $399 upfront and $60/month for a home security system and live monitoring.

Deep Sentinel Quality

Slightly balancing out the price of its services, Deep Sentinel only requires a 12-month contract.

Minut Security Review


  • Great for Renters
  • Great Prices






  • Not Made for Non-Renters
  • Questionable Device Quality

Minut home security systems are made specifically for those homes that are meant to be rented out on a short-term basis.

The company was designed to control the often-alarming trend of partying in AirBnb houses and other home rentals. It allows homeowners to monitor the noise levels of the apartment to prevent issues within the neighborhood, as well as providing a modest level of home security.

While we would not recommend Minut Security to those looking for personal home security, the company offers advantages to rental homes that you just cannot find anywhere else, like guest logins for home security.

Minut Price

The price of a Minut home security system might be the best part of the offering. The Starter plan is absolutely free and is catered to individual homeowners who only rent out their homes a few times each year.

The Starter plan includes:

  • 1 user
  • 1 home
  • 90-day data history

The Standard plan is a bit more expensive, but still cheaper than your average professional monitoring service. Minut's Standard plan costs $7.99/month and works for those with multiple homes and users.

The Standard plan includes:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited data history
  • Multiple home monitoring

Minut's Pro plan is the top-of-the-line offering from Minut and includes the main features that allow homeowners to keep guest behavior under control. The Pro plan costs $14.99/month:

  • Automated guest communication
  • PMS integrations
  • Zapier automation
  • API access

Minut Security Quality

As a self-monitoring home security system, Minut is going to be a lot cheaper than traditional home security services. However, it isn't the best option for the average homeowner.

Minut's services are highly tailored to a specific audience: rental homeowners.

As such, the company understands the specific needs of their target audience better than a more traditional home securitycompany, which might attempt to cater to a more general customer base.

Minut's security devices often receive positive feedback on 3rd-party e-commerce sites that sell its devices.

Swann Home Security Review


  • Self Monitoring
  • Customizable Security






  • Negative Reviews
  • No Professional Monitoring

Founded and headquartered in Sydney Australia, Swann Home Security has expanded to locations in the United States and other large countries.

Swann offers home security devices and leaves the monitoring to the customer. Don't worry though, Swann does provide the SwannView Link mobile app to give customers a hub from which they can monitor and control their smart home.

We've given Swann the #9 rank because they provide customizable equipment packages and have received decent expert reviews across industry review sites.

Swann Home Security Price

Prices for Swann Security equipment obviously depend on the product, but the price range for individual cameras is $59.99 - $399.99.

Your total home security system from Swann will end up costing anywhere from $180 - $2,000.

What Do Customers Say About Swann Home Security?

While we believe that the company provides a decent security system, we prefer to rely on customer reviews to tell the full story. Unfortunately, Swann hasn't received many positive reviews on Best Company.

Swann customers give it a 1.5-star rating out of 5 with over 100 reviews.

Many customers complain about the smart phone app while others complain about the devices themselves malfunctioning.

Fort Knox Security Review


  • Extremely Affordable
  • Excellent Reviews
  • High Quality Security






  • Not Available Nationwide

Fort Knox Security is a Texas-based home security company that provides excellent home security, is extremely affordable, and has received highly positive customer reviews.

The one drawback is that Fort Knox Security only services customers in Texas, which is a big downer. We believe that Fort Knox Security is an excellent company that customers would do well to consider in comparison to our top home security companies.

The short story:

It only services customers in Texas, but Fort Knox Security was too good to keep out of our top ten.

Fort Knox Security Price

Fort Knox Security provides both business security and home security monitoring at just $15.95/month.

And even better than their low monthly fees, there are no installation fees and no activation costs. Customers only have to worry about the monthly subscription cost.

All-in-all, Fort Knox is likely cheaper than the vast majority of home security companies in the industry.

Fort Knox Security Quality

The biggest determiner of service and product quality is customer reviews and customers are highly satisfied with Fort Knox home security.

What Do Customers Say About Fort Knox Security?

Fort Knox' customers have given the company a 4.7-star rating out of 5 on Best Company with over 100 customer reviews (as of October 2020).

The highest praise for the company was for its customer service, with some customers stating that the installation process was completed on the same day the company was called.

Other praises for Fort Knox Security included:

  • Knowledgeable technicians
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Helpful service representatives
  • Quality security system

Though the actual home security system and devices were the least mentioned when it came to praise, we have no reason to believe that Fort Knox Security offers low quality security devices.

The customers say it best: Fort Knox Security is a good security company.