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Quick Look at Frontpoint

Company Overview
  • Free Doorbell Camera
  • 20% Off Extra Equipment
  • Excellent Reviews (4.2 / 5 Stars)
  • Above Average Monthly Fees
  • Low Upfront Cost
  • 30-Day Trial
  • Frontpoint Reviews

    Frontpoint Security Solutions boasts a 4.2-star rating with over 2,400 customer reviews.

    Because the rating is trustworthy and consistent, we highly recommend the company to all researching consumers (get a free doorbell camera + 20% off extra equipment).

    One reason Frontpoint has been able to have such high customer satisfaction ratings is because of its efforts to reach out and address the concerns of their customers.

    Frontpoint customers love their customer service, saying they can always get a hold of company representatives when issues arise. Some customers report that even when there were issues with the equipment, Frontpoint would resolve the issue or replace the part at no additional cost and in a timely manner.

    The majority of Frontpoint customers are happy with the product and service they receive. The reviews we have highlight the company's great customer service:

    • Prompt responses
    • Knowledgeable staff who are able to answer questions
    • Personalized attention

    Along with customer service, several reviews mention that the DIY system is easy to install and the price is fair for services provided.

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    Frontpoint Cost

    • Monthly Monitoring: $44.99 - $49.99
    • Equipment Package Fee: $69+

    So How Much Does Frontpoint Cost?

    Frontpoint has a monthly fee of $44.99 to $49.00 per month. Frontpoint also charges an installation and equipment fee starting at $69 depending on which plan you choose.

    The company's equipment and monitoring cost are competitive with other leading security companies, but does cost a bit more (which is why Frontpoint isn’t ranked higher). Frontpoint home security offers monitoring services in three packages from which customers may choose: protection monitoring, interactive monitoring, and ultimate monitoring.

    Frontpoint's monthly cost ranges from $44.99-49.99.

    Frontpoint security systems are all 100% cellular monitoring services, with the higher-priced option offering additional add-ons like home automation for smart home devices and video surveillance monitoring.

    The mobile app is included in the Interactive and Ultimate plan only and you need a smartphone mobile device to have access.

    30-Day Risk Free Trial + Free Camera

    See Best Offer

    Equipment Prices

    You can build your own system, or purchase more equipment at the following prices (these prices are unique to Frontpoint and do not necessarily reflect the pricing of any other security company):

    • Door / Window Sensor — $32.99: Window and door sensors actually include a magnet as well, which is placed on the window with the sensor being placed on the window frame (same placement concept with doors). The connection between the sensor and the magnet breaks when the window or door is opened; this break in the connection is what trips the alarm. There are a variety of different types of window and door sensors. The main distinction is whether the sensor is recessed or surface mounted. The difference between the two is that a recessed door sensor is hidden from view inside drilled holes in the door, frame, or wall. A surface-mounted sensor is visible to everyone.
    • Motion Sensor — $64.99: There are two different types of motion sensors: active sensors and passive sensors. Active sensors are essentially radar-based motion detectors, which use ultrasonic sound waves that reflect back-and-forth between the surrounding environment and the sensor. This reflection is repeated until interference is detected, tripping an alarm, opening a garage, or even opening a door. Passive sensors utilize either heat sensors or lasers to detect disruptions.
    • Glass Break Sensor — $74.99: Glass break sensors use microphone and advanced sound technology to detect the frequency of the sound of breaking glass.
    • Garage Door Sensor — $44.99: These sensors send out an alarm by detecting the tilt angle of a garage door. Garage door sensors generally signal a central monitoring station once the door hits a 45 degree angle.
    • Carbon Monoxide Sensor — $89.99: These sensors detect the levels of carbon monoxide in your home over time. If these levels increase, an alarm is triggered. You should have at least one carbon monoxide sensor for every floor of your home. If you have a garage attached to your home, you should also place a carbon monoxide detector in your garage. Many people believe that carbon monoxide detectors are not reliable, given the fact that they typically do not trigger until it detects concentrations of 40 PPM for longer than 10 hours.
    • Flood Sensor — $44.99: Flood sensors may seem redundant. After all, if there's a flood in your home, you'll probably notice it without the sensor. However, flood sensors are useful for those with large homes, for hard to detect leaks, and for homeowners who find themselves travelling for large periods of time.
    • Smoke / Heat Sensor — $64.99: The benefits of fire, heat, and smoke detectors are obvious. Fires spread quickly and destroy completely, so every second counts when trying to fight fire. Smoke and heat detectors are must-have essential home security devices.
    • Indoor Camera — $99-199.99: These wireless indoor cameras function through an RG transmitter, which allows them to record and transmit video. Video feed is either stored or viewed live after it is sent to a receiver.
    • Outdoor Camera — $199.99: Outdoor security cameras use WiFi radio signals to connect to allow you to view, record, and store video feed. You can typically access these videos from your mobile security app.
    • Skybell Doorbell Camera — $189.99: Doorbell cameras function just like normal outdoor or indoor cameras. They allow you to view and usually speak to people who approach your door and ring your doorbell.
    • Light Control — $49.99: Light control technology allows the homeowner to turn lights on and off from a distance. You can also time lights to turn on and off at specific times.
    • Garage Door Remote — $69.99: Allows homeowners to open and close the garage door from a distance.
    • Smart Lock — $179.99: A smart door lock works through a bluetooth connection between the lock itself and your smartphone. The lock can be timed, locked, and unlocked from your smart home app. Some smart locks will include a keypad, but are not completely necessary.

    Equipment Bundles

    Customers do not need to piece together a home security system by selecting Frontpoint equipment one by one. Frontpoint offers equipment bundles to help customers save money:

    Safe Home Starter: $431 / $69 with a monitoring contract

    • Frontpoint Hub (cellular)
    • 2 door/window sensors
    • 1 motion sensor

    Safe Home Everyday: $529 / $69

    • Frontpoint Hub (cellular)
    • 3 door/window sensors
    • 2 motion sensor

    Safe Home Plus: $549 / $69

    • Frontpoint Hub (cellular)
    • 3 door/window sensors
    • 1 glass break sensor

    Safe Home Select: $702 / $202

    • Frontpoint Hub (cellular)
    • 4 door/window sensors
    • 2 motion sensor
    • 1 glass break sensor
    • 1 smoke/heat sensor

    Safe Home Preferred: $834 / $335

    • Frontpoint Hub (cellular)
    • 5 door/window sensors
    • 2 motion sensor
    • 1 glass break sensor
    • 1 smoke/heat sensor
    • 1 indoor camera

    Safe Home Elite: $1333 / $833

    • Frontpoint Hub (cellular)
    • 6 door/window sensors
    • 2 motion sensor
    • 2 glass break sensor
    • 1 smoke/heat sensor
    • 1 indoor camera
    • 1 outdoor camera
    • 1 doorbell camera

    Monthly Monitoring Prices

    Once Frontpoint customers have paid the upfront fees and equipment costs, all they have to worry about is the monthly monitoring. Monthly monitoring plan prices usually range from $20 - $50.

    Because Frontpoint seeks to provide a more thorough service, they’ve priced their monthly monitoring plans at $44.99 - $49.99.

    Customers may choose from one of three different monitoring plans:

    Protection Plan: $44.99/month

    • 24/7 monitoring
    • Wireless & cellular monitoring
    • Unique user codes

    Interactive Plan: $44.99/month

    • All monitoring from the Protection Plan
    • Crash and smash protection
    • Geo-location services
    • Remote access
    • Mobile app
    • Push notifications

    Ultimate Plan: $49.99/month

    • All monitoring from the Interactive Plan
    • Live stream video
    • Video and image history
    • Motion-triggered alerts
    • Light control
    • Smart locks

    Frontpoint’s Installation Process

    Frontpoint’s COVID-19 Measures

    While many home security companies are ensuring the public knows that their employees are required to follow state and federal guidelines on health and safety during the pandemic, Frontpoint is focusing on showing customers how smart home automation can help them stay safe from sickness.

    DIY or Professional Installation

    Frontpoint offers a DIY security system that is pre-programmed — all that’s left for you to do is set it up and turn it on.

    While the Frontpoint security system may be a DIY installation project, hundreds of happy customers have testified how easy it is to install.

    In addition, Frontpoint configures the system to your home before shipping it.

    Once you've installed the system, a quick call to Frontpoint will activate it and make sure it's performing properly, or you can use their new self-activation process provided in the box. To top it off Frontpoint's Monitoring Center is one of the highest-rated monitoring facilities in the country based on unbiased reviews.

    Frontpoint’s Contract Length

    Contracts are available for 36 months. There is a 30-day, risk-free trial. If you are unhappy with your alarm systems you may get your money back.

    Frontpoint’s Smart Home Technology

    Frontpoint security devices are equipped with 100% cellular technology, so customers don’t have to worry about intruders cutting the cords on the security system. The company also has three backups to the dispatch center, making the customer’s life easier in case of technical issues.

    Additionally, Frontpoint systems have Crash and Smash technology, which ensures that the security system still functions after an intruder smashes the device.

    The security systems from Frontpoint also have a 24-hour battery backup, fire/water/flood protection, and all-weather durability (works in 100° or -10° temperatures).

    Smart Phone & Upgraded Technology

    Frontpoint also makes a diligent effort to constantly improve their technology.

    The Frontpoint app gives you remote access and lets you control your alarm system from anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet.

    In addition to the mobile app, technology advances extend to Frontpoint's control panels.

    Current customers have the opportunity to upgrade their existing Simon XT control panel to the Qolsys' IQ Touch-Screen Control Panel.

    New customers now also have the option to purchase the Touch-Screen control panel as a way to upgrade and receive the latest home security technology. This control panel creates an interface that makes full-system functionality easier to navigate than ever.

    This control panel is compatible with all existing Frontpoint sensors and is designed to support the newest technological advancements made in sensors and monitoring. The features of this updated control panel include:

    • 7-inch LCD resistive touchscreen (800 x 480 resolution)
    • Capable of supporting up to 39 sensors
    • 91 dBa internal siren
    • 24-hour lithium-ion backup battery
    • Tabletop stand and wall mount kit
    • SD card slot & customizable photo frame screensaver
    • Weather application included
    • Camera smartphone app and front-facing security camera

    Frontpoint’s Company Experience

    Founded in 2007, Frontpoint provides world-class customer service backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee for its home security system.

    Their mission is to deliver an A+ customer experience and a Safer, Smarter, Simpler home security solution.

    They do so with a wide range of wireless sensors including window sensors, door sensors, motion sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, and glass break sensors to detect signs of trouble.

    This Frontpoint Security review will cover the cost, installation, contract, technology, and experience of Frontpoint.

    Check out Frontpoint Security's site today for more information.

    Frontpoint home security is relatively new in the home security industry, but has enough experience and industry know-how to earn the trust of potential customers.

    Time in Business

    Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, and founded in 2007, Frontpoint claims to have shaken things up in the smart home security space by introducing a DIY system and perfecting the customer experience.

    Built out of the basement of one of the company’s founders, Frontpoint’s mission is “to make families feel safe, more connected, and to inspire the world that great service still exists.”

    24/7 Professional Monitoring

    Frontpoint provides a direct link to emergency responders whenever customers may need it, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Frontpoint Savings

    Frontpoint saves customers up to 20% on homeowner’s insurance every year. Ask a Frontpoint representative how to increase your savings.

    Frontpoint Secure Track Record

    Frontpoint security claims to have a spotless privacy track record in preventing cyber criminals from hacking their systems and getting a hold of your information.

    Our Recommendation

    We recommend Frontpoint. The company is one of the best in customer service, and anybody looking to use their home security system and its devices can't go wrong.

    They provide great customer service, no hidden fees, 30-day risk-free guarantee, and top-of-the-line technology and equipment. You can see Frontpoint reviews from real consumers below.

    30-Day Risk Free Trial + Free Camera

    See Best Offer

    Frequently Asked Questions About Frontpoint Security

    What Do 2020 Frontpoint Reviews Say About the Company?

    Customers are highly satisfied with the company’s service. Almost every positive customer review refers to the professionalism and responsiveness of Frontpoint’s customer service.

    That’s even more impressive given that Frontpoint has over 2,400 reviews on Best Company and a 4.2 out of 5 average star rating.

    Is Frontpoint a Good Security System?

    Yes, Frontpoint is one of the most secure and reliable home security systems around because it relies purely on cellular data for its systems.

    Other systems use wireless and landline connections to monitor your home systems, which are more easily hacked.

    This reliance on cellular data is likely why Frontpoint is a bit more expensive than other companies, but makes up for it with quality of product and service.

    Does Frontpoint Have Home Automation Options?

    Frontpoint has a multitude of home automation options in its "Professional Package". For $49.99/month customers receive the Frontpoint home automation and video monitoring on top of the basic security package.

    With this plan, you'll be notified immediately of any alarm activity within the home-whether it's a matter of security or an environmental threat.  You'll also be reminded if you leave without arming your system, using the Frontpoint location-based Geo-Services.

    An excellent offer that comes with this program is the light control feature. You can customize an on/off schedule or set lights to trigger automatically in reaction to a sensor alarm. There is also environmental protection to protect you against Carbon Monoxide (CO), extreme temperatures, or flooding. With the Interactive plan, you additionally get sensors and thermostats to guard against these calamities.

    This Frontpoint package includes a 30-day money-back guarantee trial period, free text and email notifications, and the option to do self-installation.

    However, Frontpoint does not sell the door locks,  or a thermostat, etc. The reason for this is that the Frontpoint home automation system is a self-setup, so it can be difficult for someone to install their own locks and thermostats so they operate correctly.

    Another potential issue for many is that the Frontpoint home security system is a self-setup system. While the system is generally simple to set up, there are some who may struggle with connecting it to their smart home devices.

    Frontpoint vs. Simplisafe?

    The best way to compare the Frontpoint system and SimpliSafe system is to read the customer reviews of each company (we've summarized them for you on this page and on SimpliSafe's page).

    Frontpoint has a higher customer satisfaction than SimpliSafe does -  many of those touch on customer service. With Frontpoint, you don't have to purchase your equipment upfront, you pay it off monthly.

    That's why they have a 3-year contract. With SimpliSafe, you purchase all equipment upfront, so you don't need a contract for alarm monitoring. We've also compared Frontpoint to ADT below (both companies have a 3-year contract, but pricing varies quite a bit).


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