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Deep Sentinel offers smart home surveillance equipment with police response in 30 seconds. According to the company, it is the only home security technology that provides its customers with a personal guard at the homes of customers. These 24/7 guards are constantly monitoring and responding to every alarm. 

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  • Personal Guard for Your Home
  • Short Contract
  • Quick Response Time
  • Deep Sentinel for Business

Personal Guard for Your Home

Deep Sentinel is not your average smart home surveillance system. Each customer is provided with their own live guard who monitors each potential threat and can quickly alert law enforcement.

This constant monitoring ensures that any suspicious activity can be stopped or reported within seconds.

A deep sentinel security system combines AI hub technology with real time decision making to create a Deep Sentinel system capable of protecting your home and property in virtually any scenario. This innovative home security, however, does result in higher monthly and upfront fees.

Short Contract

Deep Sentinel requires a 12-month contract for every customer that signs up.

This can be a huge advantage in cases of relocation or termination of service. Most home security companies will make you pay out the rest of your contract if you decide to cancel (which can be anywhere from 36-60 months with other security systems).

Quick Response Time

Because a security system from Deep Sentinel includes a security guard at each customer's home, response times are extremely fast. 

Deep Sentinel for Business

Deep Sentinel is also available for businesses and other organizations.

Unfortunately, the company website does not clarify whether pricing is similar for businesses. However, it is likely more expensive due to the increased security needs for larger companies and businesses.


  • High Cost

High Cost

As would be expected from a company that provides a security guard, prices are a bit higher than the average home security company.

Deep Sentinel costs $500 upfront and $50/month after the initial installation.

Though this may seem like a steeper price, we believe it is a fair price for the value the company is providing.

Our Recommendation

Because we haven't seen many customer reviews for Deep Sentinel, it is difficult to measure its worth.

Just looking at the facts about its service (live guard, AI technology, HD camera technology, fair prices), the company does impress.

However, customers would be wise to examine both negative and positive Deep Sentinel customer reviews in order to determine the company's ultimate value.

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Deep Sentinel Home Security Equipment & Pricing

  • Intelligent Hub (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Wireless Camera; 2-Way Audio
  • Predictive AI
  • Professional Monitoring - 10-Second Response

The equipment from Deep Sentinel comes with a 30-day return policy and has a 1-year limited warranty on it.

Deep Sentinel Surveillance Package: $499

  • 1 AI Hub
  • 3 Cameras
  • 4 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 3 Wall Mounts

Deep Sentinel Monthly Monitoring: $49.99/month

  • 1-Year Contract
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Deep Sentinel App with AI Setting
  • Renew by Month or Year
Ratings Breakdown
Monthly Monitoring Fee $49.99
Install & Equipment Fee $500
Contract Length 12 Months
Cancellation Policy None
System Relocation Fee Undisclosed
Review Last Updated: June 18, 2020

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