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Google Nest, formerly Nest Secure alarm system, is a comprehensive home automation network.

While home security is not the company's primary focus, the Google Nest hub syncs up with devices that can monitor your home and alert you to intrusions.

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  • DIY or Professional Installation

DIY or Professional Installation

When you purchase Google Nest equipment, it will come with information on how you can install the system yourself.

If DIY isn't for you, can search for a professional installer in your area.

Installation runs from $100-$300 depending on your equipment, and you'll have to plug in your specific location to see if there is a professional installer in your area.


  • Monitored by Third Party
  • Not Focused on Alarm Monitoring
  • High Costs

Monitored By Third Party (Brinks)

Google Nest does offer on 24/7 professional monitoring.

Customers can monitor the system themselves, meaning that they call the police if they are alerted to a break-in. However, if you want your Google Nest Secure Alarm monitored by a professional company, you can use Brinks, which offers the following monitoring packages:

  • $19/month with a 3-year contract ($684 total)
  • $29/month with a month-to-month contract

Brinks uses WiFi to monitor the Nest system, with cellular backup in case of a power outage. They only monitor the home security features of your home, not home safety features like smoke and CO.

Not Focused on Alarm Monitoring

Overall, Connected Home from Google focuses on managing all your smart home devices with the Google Nest Hub.

Their products primarily focus on home and environmental monitoring. While they do offer an alarm system for residential homes, it's not what the company highlights.

High Costs

Google Nest products appear to be more expensive than other home security companies. For example, a door/window sensor from Nest costs $49 (just one sensor). Other home security companies sell similar sensors for $15-$39 each.

The company's only alarm package, Nest Secure Alarm, is $399 for very basic home security equipment, about twice as much as the top home security companies.

On top of purchasing all of your home security and monitoring devices upfront (which will cost $2,000 for a medium-sized home), professional monitoring costs $19 to $29 a month, and video storage runs an additional $5 to $30 per month.

If you choose month-to-month monitoring and the top video storage package, you'll be paying up to $59 a month, on top of all the equipment you purchased.

Our Recommendation

Google Nest looks very appealing; the equipment is sleek and simple, integrations are encouraged, and you can control an entire smart home from your phone. However, Google Nest has some of the most expensive equipment of any home monitoring company. One of the most important features that people look for in a home security company is professional monitoring, which Google Nest does not provide (contracted out to Brinks). Based on this information, we do not recommend Google Nest. Instead, check out companies that offer equipment and monitoring combined, at a lower cost.

Google Nest Customer Reviews

With just a few customer reviews, it's hard to rely on the results. But Google Nest has only received 5-star reviews from its customers. We recommend potential customers read reviews from other companies to compare the results and make the best purchase decision possible.

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About Google Nest

Home Assistance

Google Nest Hub - $129

This is Google's smaller hub (4.5 x 7 inches). It integrates all of the Google Nest products and is compatible with many other home automation brands. Google Nest Hub sets reminders, plays live video cam footage, plays back footage, and controls all your smart home devices. Includes voice recognition, touch screen, and Google Assist.

Nest Hub Max - $229

This is Google's larger hub (7x10 inch) that functions similar to a tablet. The features that differentiate Nest Hub Max from the Google Nest Hub include:

  • Built-in speakers to stream music and videos
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Camera
  • Chromcast capability

Google Home Mini - $49

The Google Home Mini is a smart speaker with Google Assist. Ask this smart speaker any question you would normally search for, and Google Assist will vocally respond: traffic, weather, news, and other quick questions. Use the Mini to control your smart home and alarm devices.

Safety and Security Equipment

Nest Secure Alarm - $399

This basic home security alarm kit comes with Nest Guard (keypad, alarm, and motion detector), Nest Detect (door/window sensor), Nest Tag (keychain to arm and disarm your home), and can all be monitored through the Nest mobile app. This is a self-monitoring service, meaning that if you get an alert that someone is breaking into your home, you call the police yourself. If you want a professionally monitored system, you can use Brinks.

Nest Protect - $119

This is both a smoke and carbon monoxide detector - it can even tell the difference between steam and smoke with its built-in humidifier. The device checks its own battery and sensors. As you walk under the device at night, it lights up so you can see where you're going. Turns yellow when it detects small amounts of smoke, and red (plus the alarm) when there is dangerous smoke or CO2.

Nest X Yale Lock - $279

A key-free deadbolt for your front door. Enter your password on the keypad and check the lock status of your door while you're away

Nest Hello Doorbell - $229

Wireless doorbell with an HD camera. Check your phone or Google Nest Hub to see who is at your door in real-time, or back in time up to 3 hours.

Nest Camera Indoor - $199 (+$5-$30/m for video storage)

The Google Nest camera offers 24/7 monitoring from your mobile app and sends you motion alerts to your phone. The camera also listens for sounds and will alert you to a possible break-in. Video recordings can be saved to the cloud for a subscription charge: $5/month for 5 days of footage, $10/month for 10 days of footage, and $30/month for 30 days of footage.

Nest Camera Outdoor - $199

The Google Nest camera for the outdoors is completely weather-proof. This camera features day and night time vision, 1080p HD, 8x zoom, and 130 degree wide angle. Comes with the same home automation features as the indoor camera.

Extra Door/Window Sensor: $49

Nest Tag: $25

Nest Yard Sign: $19

Nest Connect: $69

Energy and Lighting

Nest Thermostat - $249

The Nest thermostat is a self-learning device, meaning it learns what temperature you prefer and builds a schedule around when you are home. Saves people an average of 11% on heating and 15% on air conditioning. You can control the device from your phone and see how much energy you're saving.

Smart Light Starter Kit - $55

Use the Smart Light Start kit to control lighting with your voice (via one of Google's hubs) or control remotely through your phone.

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Ratings Breakdown
Monthly Monitoring Fee $19-29
Install & Equipment Fee $399-$1800
Contract Length 0-36 Months
Cancellation Policy None
System Relocation Fee Free
Review Last Updated: June 23, 2020

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