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Quick Look at Google Nest

  • Nest Secure has been discontinued (as of October 2020)
  • High upfront price
  • DIY or professional installation
  • Ranked #9

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Google Nest is a great smart home security company (as with most companies under the Google umbrella); that's why they've made our top 10 list.

Nest - a home tech company that rolled out the Nest Thermostat and Nest Cam early on - was acquired by Google in 2014. The company operated independently until 2018 when Google decided to bring Nest under the Google umbrella as a part of the hardware team.

In 2017, Google Nest unveiled Nest Secure, a comprehensive home automation system. However, Nest Secure, along with the products included with Nest Secure (like Nest Detect, a motion sensor from Google Nest), has been discontinued.

While home security is not the company's primary focus, the Google Nest hub syncs up with home security devices that monitor your home and alert you of intrusions. 

Because Google Nest hasn't revealed any plans to replace its alarm system, we recommend customers look at our list of great home security companies.

Google Nest Reviews

With just a few Google Nest customer reviews, it's hard to rely on the results. But Google Nest has only received 5-star reviews from its customers. We recommend potential customers read reviews from other companies to compare the results and make the best purchase decision possible.

Take a look at the Best Home Security Companies to compare customer reviews.

We will say that other review sites that feature customer reviews generally give Google Nest 4- or 5-star ratings.

However, there are a few websites that show extremely negative reviews from Nest customers.

We recommend that customers google "Nest Reviews" to find more information about Google Nest.

Google Nest Price

  • Monitoring: $19-$29/month (through Brinks)
  • Upfront Fee: $278.99+
  • Installation Fee: $99 (optional)

Google Nest does offer on 24/7 professional monitoring, but through a 3rd-party company.

Customers can monitor the system themselves, meaning that they call the police if they are alerted to a break-in. However, Google Nest uses Brinks Home Security for professional monitoring, which offers the following monitoring packages:

  • $19/month with a 3-year contract ($684 total)
  • $29/month with a month-to-month contract

Brinks uses WiFi to monitor the Nest system, with cellular backup in case of a power outage. They only monitor the home security features of your home, not home safety features like smoke and CO.

Google Nest no longer sells Nest Secure and the company has not announced any plans to replace it.

Customers can still take advantage of Google Nest branded smart home devices and services to add to their current home security system.

Home Security Devices/Systems

Google Nest Hub - $129

This is Google's control panel and is a smaller hub (4.5 x 7 inches). It integrates all of the Google Nest products and is compatible with many other home automation brands. Google Nest Hub sets reminders, plays live video cam footage, plays back footage, and controls all your smart home devices. Includes voice recognition, touch screen, and Google Assist.

Nest Hub Max - $229

This is Google's larger hub (7x10 inch) that functions similar to a tablet. The features that differentiate Nest Hub Max from the Google Nest Hub include:

  • Built-in speakers to stream music and videos
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Camera
  • Chromecast capability

Nest Hello - $229

The Nest Hello video doorbell from Google Nest is a highly rated doorbell camera that is also included in Nest's home security Front Door Package.

The Nest Hello Doorbell is certainly on the top of our list of best video doorbells in the home security industry.

One of the coolest features on Nest's video doorbell is the optional facial recognition technology, which allows for more specific smartphone notifications.

Unfortunately, the Nest Hello video doorbell is a bit on the pricey side, starting at $229. Additionally, you cannot use local storage to store and view saved videos. Apparently, you must pay for a Nest Aware subscription in order to see footage.

Nest Aware - $6/month

Nest Aware is Google Nest's cloud-based video and sound storage. Customers must subscribe to Nest Aware to gain access to stored videos and sound bit captured by Google Nest cameras, speakers, or displays.

This cheaper subscription gets you:

  • 30-day event video history
  • Intelligent alerts
  • Activity zones: choose important areas to monitor and for which to get alerts.
  • Create and share clips

Nest Aware Plus - $12/month

This more expensive Nest Aware subscription gets you:

  • 60-day event video history
  • 10-day 24/7 event history
  • Intelligent alerts
  • Activity zones: choose important areas to monitor and for which to get alerts.
  • Create and share clips

Nest Protect - $119

Google Nest also offers a CO and smoke detector called Nest Protect.

This smoke and CO detector from Google Nest has a split-spectrum sensor, which allows the device to detect a wider range of smoke events. For example, this detector can tell the difference between slow fires and fast, uncontrollable fires.

Nest Protect CO and smoke detectors also test themselves automatically and last around a decade.

Nest Camera Indoor - $199

The Google Nest camera offers 24/7 monitoring from your mobile app and sends you motion alerts to your phone.

Nest Camera Outdoor - $199

The Google Nest camera for the outdoors is completely weather-proof.

This camera features day and night time vision, 1080p HD, 8x zoom, and 130 degree wide angle. Comes with the same home automation features as the indoor camera.

Nest X Yale Lock - $279

A key-free deadbolt for your front door. Enter your password on the keypad and check the lock status of your door while you're away

Extra Door/Window Sensor: $49

Nest Tag: $25

Nest Yard Sign: $19

Nest Connect: $69

Additionally, and perhaps as a sort of replacement for Nest Secure, customers can take advantage of one of Google Nest's New Home Security packages:

Front Door Package - $278.99 or $11.62/month

  • Nest Hello: video doorbell
  • Nest Hub: control all Nest smart home devices from one smart display.

Outside Security Package - $427 or $17.79/month

  • Nest Hello
  • Nest Cam Outdoor
  • Nest Mini

Home Assistance

Google Home Mini - $49

The Google Home Mini is a smart speaker with Google Assist.

Ask this smart speaker any question you would normally search for, and Google Assist will vocally respond: traffic, weather, news, and other quick questions.

Use the Mini to control your smart home and alarm devices.

Energy and Lighting

Nest Thermostat - $249

The Nest thermostat is a self-learning device, meaning it learns what temperature you prefer and builds a schedule around when you are home.

Saves people an average of 11% on heating and 15% on air conditioning. You can control the device from your phone and see how much energy you're saving.

Smart Light Starter Kit - $55

Use the Smart Light Start kit to control lighting with your voice (via one of Google's hubs) or control remotely through your phone.

Google Nest Customer Service

While Google Nest does have a thorough help section, the company does not offer online chat and it is reportedly difficult to get a hold of company service reps.

DIY or Professional Installation

When you purchase Google Nest equipment, it will come with information on how you can install the system yourself.

If DIY installation isn't for you, Google Nest offers professional installation services for $99, likely through a 3rd-party source.

Self-Monitoring Enabled

Customers have the ability to self-monitor with Google Nest, depending on the equipment and services they purchase from the company.

The ability to self monitor generally means that the security equipment will have been designed to be easy to install and use.

Google Nest Smart Home Products

Google Nest is well known as a provider smart home security tecn.

Say what you will about the company's higher prices and customer service troubles, Google Nest knows how to create smart home products.

According to most home security reviews websites, experts, and customer reviews, the home security and smart home products from Google Nest are exceptionally well built and reliable. 

They are also understably expensive compared to other smart home products.

We have listed the different products in the above section 'Google Nest Price.'

Google Nest Experience & Quality

Google Nest, formerly Nest Secure alarm system, is a comprehensive home automation network.

While home security is not the company's primary focus, the Google Nest hub syncs up with devices that can monitor your home and alert you to break-ins.

Founded in 2010, Google Nest was acquired by Google in 2014, and has since become a leading provider of smart home equipment in the industry.

The company has yet to make a name for itself as a professional monitoring and full-fledged home security company, but its products make a great add-on to partnering home security companies like Brinks Home Security.

While the company itself is relatively new, Google has been around for a long time and has recruited top talent in technology.

Customers can rest assured that Google Nest will have high-quality and reliable equipment. The company is also very likely to unveil new equipment with smarter AI technology in the near future.

Our Recommendation

Google Nest looks very appealing; the equipment is sleek and simple, integrations are encouraged, and you can control an entire smart home from your phone.

However, Google Nest has some of the most expensive equipment of any home monitoring company. One of the most important features that people look for in a home security company is professional monitoring, which Google Nest does not provide (contracted out to Brinks). 

Based on this information, we do not recommend Google Nest. Instead, check out companies that offer home securityequipment and monitoring combined, at a lower cost.


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