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Guardian Protection only services 11 states: (DE, DC, FL, IN, MD, NJ, OH, PA, SC, TX, WV)

Quick Look at Guardian Protection

Company Overview
  • DIY or Professional Installation
  • Excellent Reviews (4.5 / 5.0)
  • High-Quality Alarm Devices
  • Great Customer Service
  • 70+ Years Experience
  • Low Upfront Fee
  • Guardian Protection was founded in 1950 as a home security solution that seeks to focus on people instead of company interests.

    With 70 years of experience in home security, Guardian Protection has offered home security and home automation solutions for both homes and businesses.

    Today, they are one of the largest names in home security. The company provides smart technology and 24/7 professional monitoring that are professionally installed.

    Guardian Protection Reviews

    Because of the nature of customer reviews for any company, there are both positive customer reviews and negative reviews for Guardian Protection.

    In general, Guardian Protection customers are highly satisfied with the company. For the purposes of this review, we will detail the most common praises and complaints from customers.

    Positive Guardian Protection reviews praise the company’s service:

    • Customer Service: The biggest praise customers have for Guardian Protection is their customer service. Reviewers say the reps are friendly, prompt, and helpful. Several customers say they are able to get a hold of the security company quickly. All in all, Guardian Protection service is a priority for the company.
    • Alarm Response: Many reviews state that Guardian security teams respond quickly to alarms.

    On the other hand, negative Guardian Protection reviews refer to the company’s security camera and, as is true with most home security companies, issues with Guardian Protection’s contract:

    • Contract: Many of the negative reviews for Guardian Protection's security system mention the long contract and that it is difficult to cancel. Reviewers say that the company's contract length runs from 3-5 years. Before signing up with Guardian Protection, make sure to be aware of their contract length and to ask about their cancellation / moving policy.
    • Camera Issues: Unfortunately, the company's security system isn't perfect. A few people have claimed to have issues with Guardian Protection's cameras, stating that they are too sensitive to motion.
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    Guardian Protection Cost

    • Monthly Monitoring: $34.95 - $59.99
    • Equipment Package Fee: $199 - $499

    How Much Does Guardian Protection Cost?

    Guardian Protection costs $34.95-$59.99/mo for home security monitoring depending on the package you purchase. The company also charges an upfront fee of $99-$499, which depends on which equipment you purchase.

    All packages come with 24/7 professional, wireless and cellular monitoring. Each package can also be monitored on the go with Guardian Protection's app.

    Standard Security: $99 upfront + $34.95/month

    • Control keypad
    • 3 door / window sensors
    • 1 motion sensor

    Essential Security: $299 upfront + $49.99/month

    • Control keypad
    • 3 door / window sensors
    • 1 motion sensor
    • 1 home automation device: door lock, video doorbell, garage door opener,thermostat, and light module

    Premium Security: $499 upfront + $59.99/month

    • Control keypad
    • 3 door / window sensors
    • 1 motion sensor
    • 1 home automation device: door lock, video doorbell, garage door opener,thermostat, and light module
    • 1 video surveillance: indoor camera, outdoor camera, video doorbell

    Additional Charges

    Guardian Protection's normal hours are weekdays from 8am-5pm. Fees during that time are:

    • Home Visit: $60 max
    • Hourly Rate (billed every 15mins): $90 max

    For emergency visits outside of the normal business hours or holidays, Guardian charges the following:

    • Home Visit: $75 max
    • Hourly Rate (billed every 15mins): $105 max

    Equipment Prices

    Unfortunately, Guardian Protection does not provide prices for its individual security devices.

    However, we do have a full list of the security devices that Guardian Protection offers, either for individual purchase or as a part of a plan or package.

    Security Devices

    • Touchscreen control panel
    • Door / window sensor
    • Smart motion sensor
    • Image sensor
    • Video doorbell camera
    • Indoor camera
    • Outdoor camera
    • Carbon monoxide detector
    • Glassbreak detector
    • Light control
    • Heat detector
    • Low-temperature detector
    • Smoke / detector
    • Smart thermostat
    • Smart locks
    • Garage door control
    • Remote control key
    • Medical pendant

    Guardian Protection Customer Service

    This customer has a very positive customer experience process throughout installation and their monthly monitoring service.

    Customers report being able to get ahold of company representatives quickly and have their problems resolved in a short amount of time.

    Guardian Protection’s COVID-19 Measures

    Guardian Protection has made a point to reassure current and future customers that it is following current health guidelines from leading government and health authorities when it comes to COVID-19.

    The company maintains its 24-hour monitoring stations during this pandemic and remains fully staffed while protecting the health and safety of its professional monitoring employees.

    Home service professionals from Guardian Protection adhere to guidelines of cleanliness in order to protect the safety of their customers.

    In addition, Guardian Protection asks customers to reschedule appointments if any members of the household are sick or exposed to the coronavirus.

    The company has even gone as far as to create a Kid’s Safety Activity Book to help inform children on current health safety guidelines during the pandemic.

    DIY or Professional Installation

    Currently, Guardian Protection only allows its trained professionals to install its security systems in the homes of its customers.

    The company considers this a safer course of action, since DIY home security does result in more system malfunctions and misuse.

    Customers can rest assured that the company’s home security installation experts are highly trained and qualified.

    Guardian Protection’s installation experts must undergo a 10-week training program, on-the-job shadowing, and state-mandated licensing.

    Every Guardian Protection installation expert has signed off on an average of 287 security system installations before graduating the training course.

    Guardian Protection Products

    Guardian Protection provides home automation features with its mobile app. With the app, you can control and see the following:

    • Keyless Security Locks
    • Garage Door Control
    • Smart Thermostat
    • Arm/Disarm Security System
    • Watch Live or Recorded Video
    • Turn Lights On/Off
    • Change User Codes
    • Real-Time Alerts
    • View System History

    Guardian Protection Experience & Quality

    Guardian Protection has years of experience in home security and home automation. However, the company’s years of experience is not the only thing that has led to its becoming an authority in the industry.

    The company’s success in professional monitoring as well as its comprehensive offerings give it the ability to claim one of the top spots in home security.

    Time in Business

    Guardian Protection joins the ranks of only a few other home security companies with over 70 years of experience, including ADT.

    Founded in 1950, Guardian Protection has loads of experience in protecting customers’ homes against the threat of burglary, cyber crimes, hacking, fires, floods, medical emergencies, and other potential dangers inside the home.

    Contract Length

    The company currently has a 36-month minimum contract length, but also offers a ‘No Annual Contract’ option.

    In the company’s own words:

    “Offer valid only on a new security system. Offer subject to full payment and customer entering into qualifying Sales and Installation and Monitoring Agreements at time of purchase. Customer must purchase a $1,249 “3-1-1” security system package, which includes one premium IQ2 control panel, one motion detector, and three door/window sensors. The Monitoring Agreement must include a minimum term of one month, which term will automatically renew on a month to month basis if not terminated, and an early termination fee equal to the monthly fee in effect at the time of early termination. Customer must pay in full at the time of purchase for any additional equipment that is not included in the “3-1-1” security system package. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer, transferred or redeemed for cash.”

    24/7 Professional Monitoring

    In addition to the landline monitoring services found in most home security systems, Guardian Protection also provides backup cellular monitoring services in the event that your electricity goes out.

    Guardian Protection also employs Smash-and-Crash technology to ensure homes remain protected even when the security systems are tampered with or destroyed.

    Home Security Packages

    Guardian Protection provides home security systems that easily compete with some of the top security companies in the industry.

    Packages include:

    • Standard — Includes standard devices, smart home control, and life safety.
    • Essential — Includes all standard features plus home automation and HD video doorbells.
    • Premium — The most complete home security system with home automation. The Guardian security system includes all features of the other packages plus smart home control.

    Unique Offers

    Guardian Protection often provides unique offers to its customers. For example, in 2020, the company has a Back to School offer that includes a generous discount on the purchase of new security systems.

    Cancellation Policy

    Unfortunately, Guardian Protection does not offer much information on its website about any cancellation policy.

    However, most home security companies require customers to pay out the full balance of their home security contract in order to cancel. It is likely that Guardian Protection has similar cancellation requirements.

    Our Recommendation

    In the end, Guardian Protection does strive to provide quality home security systems that give each customer peace of mind.

    Additionally, the home security business also offers 24/7 monitoring services as well as high-end technology including door locks, garage door switch, indoor camera, outdoor camera, alarm systems, motion sensor systems, a mobile app, glass break detector, door and window sensors, a central station, a smoke detector, a doorbell camera, and more.

    Although there are a few complaints about Guardian Protection products and service, the majority of customer reviews rate the Pennsylvania-based security service highly.

    We recommend Guardian Protection to those interested in professional installation and professional monitoring.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Guardian Protection

    What Do 2020 Guardian Protection Reviews Say About the Company?

    Guardian Protection customers are highly satisfied with the company’s service and offerings and has received a 4.5 star rating out of 5 on Best Company (out of 3,000+ customer reviews).

    Of course, there are some complaints about Guardian Protection’s equipment and alarm response times. Equipment complaints include issues with motion detection sensitivity on security cameras.

    Is Guardian Protection a Good Company?

    Yes, Guardian Protection proves its worth by providing quality customer service which results in high customer satisfaction ratings.

    Does Guardian Protection Have Cameras?

    Yes, Guardian Protection has high quality indoor and outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, motion detection cameras, and streaming video recorders.

    This means that customers will be able to view live and recorded footage of their security cameras via Guardian’s mobile app.

    How Do You Test a Guardian Protection Alarm System?

    Guardian Protection explains how to test its alarm system:

    1. Log in to your Guardian Protection customer care account and click the “System Info” section on the left side of the page.
    2. Click the “Test My System” button and follow the instructions.
    3. Choose “Start Test” and enter your password.
    4. View the “Perform System Test” details page.
    5. Wait 30 min for the test to conclude.
    6. You will receive an email notification about your system’s test status.
    7. Open a door or window monitored by your system. Once the siren activates, wait 60 seconds and then disarm your system.
    8. You can now end your test by clicking the “End Test” button. The test will also end automatically after 30 minutes.


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