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Co-Founded and led by CEO Nils Mattison, Minut Home Security employs around 30 people and has sold more than 12,000 units in 60 different countries.

Receiving funding by KPN Ventures and Centrica Innovations in 2019, Minut Home Security seeks to provide an affordable solution to smart home security.

Minut lets you monitor your home security and smart home devices wirelessly from your phone. Their home security system works with devices like Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

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  • Minut Smart Home Alarm
  • Self Monitoring
  • Minut Smart Home Alarm App
  • Helpful Website
  • Free Monitoring

Minut Smart Home Alarm

Instead of using different pieces of equipment to monitor sounds, movement, and the environment of rooms in your home, the Minute all-in-one alarm does it all. Each alarm is $149 and takes just 5 minutes to install on your own.

The Minut Smart Home Alarm provides the following:

  • Motion detection sensors
  • Noise level detection
  • Alarm recognition (so you get an alert if the alarm goes off)
  • Alarm sound (90 decibel siren)
  • Temperature tracking
  • Humidity tracking
  • Air pressure tracking
  • Mold risk analysis

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Self Monitoring

Minut is a self-monitoring alarm system. The company does not provide professional monitoring, nor does the system dial the police when an intruder is sensed in your home.

Instead, the Minut Smart Home Alarm will send alerts to your phone when it detects something, or when certain thresholds are met.

Free Self-Monitoring:

  • Mobile app access
  • Monitor multiple homes
  • Unlimited history
  • Insights into your home's environment

Premium Self-Monitoring:

  • All free features
  • Multiple users
  • Smart neighborhood watch

Minut Smart Home Alarm App

Minut provides its customers with an app to monitor their home security themselves. The app itself has positive reviews, though they aren't many in number.

Customers will receive instant notifications when the system has triggered the motion sensor, sound level (system monitors noise levels), or even temperature and humidity. The app also provides users with historical and real-time data to help identify areas of concern with individual security systems.

Helpful Website

The company's website is clear, well-designed, and easy to navigate. If customers have questions about how to install their home security devices, the website describes the process well.

Minut is clear and upfront about its pricing right on its website. Customers can get on and see exactly how much Minut equipment will cost to purchase and see additional pricing information should customers desire to purchase a Pro account.

Free Monitoring

Because Minut Home Security is a self-monitoring security system, there is no monthly payment if you are only equipping one property. However, if you are planning on equipping security cameras, sensors, and other smart alarm devices in multiple properties, you may want to purchase Minut's Pro package, which costs $7.99/month.

Of course, customers still have to purchase the equipment upfront and install it themselves. Depending on whether customers are tech savvy or not, this may be an additional frustration instead of a benefit.


  • No Professional Monitoring
  • No Warranty

No Professional Monitoring

Unfortunately, one the downsides to Minut's self-monitoring service is that customers must monitor their home security themselves. Though many customers may enjoy being in control of their home monitoring, there is a definite loss of security and that "hands-free" experience that so many people hope for.

Whenever dealing with tech, it is usually far better to pay a higher price for technology specialists who know how to maintain and properly operate complicated equipment and processes. If Minut has truly made their home security system user friendly, customers will benefit from taking control themselves.

No Warranty

Though customers can purchase a Minut Smart Home device for an affordable price, there is no apparent equipment warranty on Minut devices.

Our Recommendation

Minut utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide an easy to install solution to DIY home monitoring. With the Minut Smart App, users can take advantage of sound recognition, motion detection, tamper detection, and many other valuable security measures.

Though customers may want to consider other smart home systems that provide professional monitoring, Minut is a solid choice for DIY home security.

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