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Cove is a home security company that specializes in cellular security systems. It provides excellent customer service through fast text notifications and 24/7 access to representatives ready to assist clients in any situation.

The company also offers excellent security technology, including smoke and CO detectors, window and door sensors, and medical buttons.

Cove costs $14.99/mo to $34.99/mo for monitoring and may charge up to $399 for installation and equipment.

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  • Cellular Security
  • No Contract or Rate Changes
  • Technology Offered

Cellular Security

Cove specializes in cellular home security systems. This means that it functions on wireless connections.

Installation is under half an hour and does not require intense renovations like landline security systems do.

Cove security systems are also easy to order online.

No Contract or Rate Changes

Cove security systems do not require contracts.

This makes it convenient for clients to use because they don't have to worry about being locked in for a certain number of years or months.

Clients should be aware that there is an equipment fee assessed in the even of a cancellation.

Additionally, Cove's home security rates do not change.

This consistency makes Cove reliable and trustworthy because clients do not have to worry about sudden rate hikes or changes.

Technology Offered

Cove security systems come with a lifetime warranty.

This means that clients can depend on their system working well. If it doesn't, Cove will replace the malfunctioning parts.

Cove offers many kinds of home security technology, including motion detectors, key remotes, sensors, smoke and CO detectors, flood sensors, glass break detectors, window and door sensors, and medical buttons.

Cove also has its signature tech:

  • Cove Touch Alarm Panel
  • Cove InstaText
  • Cove Live Assist

The Cove Touch Alarm Panel allows Cove clients to control their security system.

Cove monitoring centers monitor each panel around the clock.

Through Cove InstaText, clients are notified of security breaches and abnormalities within 30 seconds. This is very quick communication.

The Cove Live Assist program provides 24/7 phone access to representatives. These operators can be contacted should clients need assistance due to robbery, fire, or medical emergencies.


  • No Landline Security System
  • No Security Cameras

No Landline Security System

Cove does not offer landline security systems. These systems can require more intense installations and are sometimes not as convenient as cellular systems. Potential clients interested in landline security systems should look elsewhere.

No Security Cameras

Unfortunately, Cove does not offer security cameras. While this would be a nice additional offering, especially for those interested in installing cameras, Cove has a robust selection of security technology available.

Our Recommendation

Cove is a great home security company to choose.

While it does not offer landline security systems, its cellular system offerings are convenient and hassle-free.

Cove notifies its clients via text within 30 seconds.

It also has phone operators who are available 24/7 to assist clients in emergency situations.

Cove offers a great selection of security features from smoke and CO detectors to medical buttons and flood sensors.

Whatever your security concern, you can find a solution from Cove. Cove is a solid choice when it comes to home security.

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Cove Customer Reviews

Cove has a highly positive customer review score — one of the highest on our site. With over 200 customer reviews, Cove has a 4.8 rating out of 5.

Cove customers enjoy the simplicity of installing Cove security products, the user-friendly security system interface, and the helpful customer service offered by the highly rated home security company.

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Ratings Breakdown
Monthly Monitoring Fee $14.99-$34.99
Install & Equipment Fee $0-$399
Contract Length 0-36 Months
Cancellation Policy Yes
System Relocation Fee Fees May Apply
Review Last Updated: June 23, 2020

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