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Quick Look at Cove

Company Overview
  • Custom Home Security (Pick-and-choose)
  • Very Affordable
  • Best in DIY
  • High Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • Best Discounts
  • No Contracts
  • SALE: Free HD Camera
  • SALE: 40-60% Off Equipment
  • Cove Security is a home security company that specializes in cellular security systems. It provides excellent customer service through fast text notifications and 24/7 access to representatives ready to assist clients in any situation.

    Cove was created by a founding team with over 30 years of combined experience in the home security industry. Founded in 2017, Cove is one of the newest home security DIY solutions around. However, their few years in business have been successful to say the least.

    As the #2 home security company on Best Home Security Companies, it is our pick for customers looking for DIY home security solutions.

    Because Cove does not require a contract to sign up for a Cove security system, customers can cancel anytime.

    Cove does provide 24/7 home security monitoring. Customers can rest assured that Cove employees are still standing by in case of emergency.

    The company also offers excellent security technology, including smoke and CO detectors, window and door sensors, and medical buttons.

    Cove costs $17.99/mo to $27.99/mo for monitoring. The company often offers deals, so its cheapest package is currently $185.20.

    What Do 2023 Cove Reviews Say About the Company? By far the most mentioned aspect of Cove’s security system is the fact that it is so easy to install. Some satisfied customers talk about how reasonably priced the home security monitoring is and others mention the high quality of customer service.

    Cove maintains a 4.6 out of 5 star rating with over 300 real customer reviews — this means that very few of its customers are dissatisfied to the point leaving a negative review.

    The few negative comments about Cove’s security system pointed out that the website could use some work and some small problems with malfunctioning security equipment.

    Is Cove a Good Security System? Yes, Cove security has surprisingly high customer satisfaction for a DIY home security company.

    Because customers install the equipment themselves, you might expect a lot of malfunctioning equipment and an increased pressure on Cove’s customer support team.

    However, Cove’s customer service is one of the points of praise in many of Cove’s customer reviews.

    How Does Cove Security Work? It’s simple: pick your equipment, pick your monitoring plan, and install the system yourself. Customers can use an app to control and monitor their security system and have the added benefit of 24/7 monitoring from Cove support teams.

    Cove’s ability to make home security setup so easy is likely the main catalyst for its success so far.

    Does Cove Security Work with Alexa? Yes, Cove security works with Alexa and Google Home if you opt for Cove Plus. The Cove Basic plan does not allow Alexa or Google Home voice control.

    Cove Security Reviews

    Cove has a highly positive customer review score — one of the highest on our site. With over 300 customer reviews, Cove has a 4.6 rating out of 5.

    Cove customers enjoy the simplicity of installing Cove security products, the user-friendly security system interface, and the helpful customer service offered by the highly rated home security company

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    Cove Home Security Cost

    • Monthly Monitoring: $17.99 - $27.99
    • Equipment Packages: $185.20 - $261.20 (with current discount)

    So How Much Does Cove Security Cost?

    This depends on the type of system you want to build. Let us break it down for you.

    There are two payments you’ll make to Cove, a monthly payment and an upfront equipment purchase payment.

    The monthly monitoring fees are fixed rates that do not change. You can either get the Cove Basic monthly monitoring package ($17.99/mo) or you can get the Cove Plus monthly monitoring package ($27.99/mo).

    The equipment fee will depend on which equipment you choose for your home, the size of your home, the number of windows, and the number of exit doors you have.

    Overall, you shouldn’t have to spend more than $1,000 on your home security in the first year. After the initial equipment fees, all there is to worry about is the monthly payment, which can be so low that it competes with your Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+ subscription fees.

    Cove Home Security: Excellent DIY Option

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    Equipment Prices

    There is a BOGO offer on the Indoor Cameras, so be aware that you can get two indoor security cameras for the price of one. The prices displayed below do not include any discounts.

    All Cove security equipment orders come with a yard sign and three window stickers for added security.

    • Cove Touch Alarm Panel: $249.00
    • Door Sensor: $15.00
    • Motion Detector: $30.00
    • Key Remote: $25.00
    • Window Sensor: $15.00
    • Glass-Break Detector: $35.00
    • Smoke/CO Detector: $55.00
    • Flood/Freeze Sensor: $20.00
    • Medical Button: $20.00
    • Indoor Camera: $99.00
    • Outdoor Camera: $199.00
    • Kami Doorbell Camera: $99.00
    • Skybell Doorbell Camera: $189.99

    Equipment Package

    If you are overwhelmed with choosing all of your own home security equipment, there is another option. Cove offers three different packages to choose from. Remember that there is a 40-60% discount on these prices. You can customize each package and add any other equipment you want.

    The Cottage: $463.00

    • 2 Door Sensors
    • 2 Window Sensors
    • 1 Motion Detector
    • 1 Security Key Remote
    • 1 Indoor Camera (+ 1 Free Indoor Camera)
    • 1 Cove Touch Alarm Panel

    The Sanctuary: $578.00

    • 3 Window Sensors
    • 3 Door Sensors
    • 2 Motion Detectors
    • 1 Smoke & CO Detector
    • 1 Security Key Remote
    • 1 Indoor Camera (+ 1 Free Indoor Camera)
    • 1 Cove Touch Alarm Panel

    The Stronghold: $653.00

    • 4 Window Sensors
    • 4 Door Sensors
    • 2 Motion Detectors
    • 1 Smoke & CO Detector
    • 1 Flood Sensor
    • 2 Security Key Remotes
    • 1 Indoor Camera (+ 1 Free Indoor Camera)
    • 1 Cove Touch Alarm Panel

    Monthly Monitoring Prices

    Monthly monitoring with Cove is cheaper than any traditional home security company, because it leaves the installation of security systems to the customer.

    Of course, customers can still rely on Cove to help them figure out how to install the system correctly. With customer support being such a huge deal with Cove, we recommend you rely heavily on and research Cove’s customer reviews, which we examine in more detail below (hint: Cove customer reviews are outstanding).

    Cove offers 24/7 monitoring and Cove InstaText as additional support for its home security customers. And perhaps best of all, Cove customers can still benefit from live security assistance with Cove LiveAssist.

    Cove Basic — $17.99/mo:

    • One Year Equipment Warranty
    • 24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • TripleTouch Communications
    • Cove InstaText
    • Cove LiveAssist
    • Smash and Grab Protection
    • 100% ATT 4G LTE Connection
    • Hourly Automated System Check
    • 24 Hour Battery Backup

    Cove Plus — $27.99/mo:

    • COVE BASIC BENEFITS, plus...
    • Lifetime Equipment Warranty
    • Smartphone Control
    • Alexa and Google Home Voice Control
    • $5/Mo Equipment Reward
    • Lifetime Monitoring Rate-Lock Guarantee

    Cove Home Security's Customer Service

    Cove customer reviews say it best: the company has fantastic customer service.

    Though customers focus on the easy-to-install home security system from Cove, they also speak very highly of the technical support at the company.

    We would definitely recommend Cove based on its customer service rating.

    Cove’s COVID-19 Measures

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit full stride, Cove was quick to respond with the following measures to protect the health of employees and customers:

    • 24/7 Monitoring: All monitoring centers have backup capabilities in place to ensure continued service throughout the pandemic.
    • Customer Support: The Cove customer support team is able to work from home and provide the same level of service as before.
    • Special Circumstances: If your financial situation has changed because of the pandemic, and you find that you cannot pay your Cove bill, the company is willing to work with customers to find solutions to their financial troubles while still providing security services.

    DIY or Professional Installation

    Cove provides DIY home security solutions for customers who are sick of paying higher monthly monitoring fees and relying on professional installation experts to repair and install their systems.

    Both customers reviews and Cove attest to the ease of installing Cove home security devices in their homes.

    Cove Home Security's Products

    Cove security systems come with a lifetime warranty.

    This means that clients can depend on their system working well. If it doesn't, Cove will replace the malfunctioning parts.

    Cove offers many kinds of home security technology, including motion detectors, key remotes, sensors, smoke and CO detectors, flood sensors, glass break detectors, window and door sensors, and medical buttons.

    Cove also has its signature tech:

    • Cove Touch Alarm Panel
    • Cove InstaText
    • Cove Live Assist

    The Cove Touch Alarm Panel allows Cove clients to control their security system.

    Cove monitoring centers monitor each panel around the clock.

    Through Cove InstaText, clients are notified of security breaches and abnormalities within 30 seconds. This is very quick communication.

    The Cove Live Assist program provides 24/7 phone access to representatives.

    These operators can be contacted should clients need assistance due to robbery, fire, or medical emergencies.

    Cove Home Security Added Benefits

    Cove was founded on the idea that home security should be a customer-centric service.

    Though many home security companies claim to have the customers’ interests at heart, Cove seeks to prove them all wrong.

    Cove 60-Day Trial

    Cove offers a 60-day where customers can try the Cove home security system for 60 days and, if they are not satisfied, can return the system with a full refund.

    Cove will even pay the shipping on the returned products.

    Cove Cellular Security

    Cove specializes in cellular home security systems. This means that it functions on wireless connections.

    Installation is under half an hour and does not require intense renovations like landline security systems do.

    Cove security systems are also easy to order online.

    Cove Special Offers

    Ask Cove representatives about special offers available at the time of purchase; Cove often offers special pricing for events and special occasions. For example, Cove usually offers a ‘back to school’ special, which is 50% pricing on all Cove products.

    Cove Lifetime Warranty

    Cove Plus ($27.99/mo) customers qualify for a lifetime equipment warranty. Otherwise, Cove Basic ($17.99) customers receive a one-year equipment warranty.

    In other words, customers must have Cove Plus in order to qualify for the Cove lifetime equipment warranty.

    Cove Equipment Reward

    One of our favorite things about Cove is that the company is very generous with rewards and offers.

    The Cove equipment reward gives $5/mo to each customer who upgrades their security system. This money must be spent on new equipment and can be rolled over and saved up to upgrade to more updated equipment later on.

    Our Recommendation

    Cove Home Security is a great home security company to choose and is ranked #3 on Best Home Security Companies for a good reason: it’s the best DIY home security solution you'll find.

    While it does not offer landline security systems, its cellular system offerings are convenient and hassle-free.

    Cove notifies its clients via text within 30 seconds and its exclusive RapidSOS emergency dispatch has reduced emergency response times by 3-4 minutes according to emergency dispatchers.

    It also has phone operators who are available 24/7 to assist clients in emergency situations.

    Cove offers a great selection of security features from smoke and CO detectors to medical buttons and flood sensors.

    Whatever your security concern, you can find a solution from Cove. Cove is a solid choice when it comes to home security.

    Cove Home Security: Excellent DIY Option

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