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Cove Security Review: Is It a Good Company?

Is Cove Security a Good Company?

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Company Overview
  • No contracts.
  • 4.6/5 star rating.
  • $17.99 - $27.99 monthly monitoring.
  • TripleTouch alarm response.
  • Best DIY home security company.
  • 40-60% off equipment.
  • Cove Security was established in 2018 with a mission to “create safer homes for our customers by providing affordable security systems that anyone can use, without cutting corners.”

    The founders saw room for improvement in the home security industry, especially around lengthy contracts and expensive monthly fees. They developed a solution to these problems by creating a home security company with no contracts and lower prices.

    Cove’s equipment is high quality and easy to install yourself. Their website has extensive resources and many help articles to assist customers in installing the delivered equipment themselves.

    Customer reviews frequently mention how easy the system was to set up, which is why they are the best DIY home security company. Purchase your Cove home security system today!

    What is the monthly cost of a Cove home security system? When customers purchase equipment upfront with Cove, the only monthly fee is for professional monitoring.

    The Cove Basic plan is $17.99/month and the Cove Plus plan is $27.99/month.

    If customers choose the economy payment plan, they won’t have to pay for equipment upfront and $10.00 will be added to their monthly monitoring price.

    Which home security is better: Simplisafe or Cove? Simplisafe and Cove both have very similar pricing. Both offer monthly monitoring for only $17.99/month or $27.99/month.

    Both companies also offer free DIY installation or professional installation for a $79.00 fee. Neither company has contracts and both offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    However, Simplisafe does not have as many positive reviews as Cove does. Simplisafe has a 3.5/5 star rating and Cove has a 4.6/5 star rating.

    Because customers like Cove better, we also recommend Cove.

    Can I monitor my Cove security system from my phone? Yes! Cove has a mobile app that allows customers to monitor their system remotely.
    What sets Cove Security apart? While many home security companies have lengthy contracts, Cove does not have contracts.

    TripleTouch alarm response, InstaText, and LiveAssist are also unique to Cove.

    Many home security companies only offer professional installation, but Cove is the best DIY home security company in the industry.

    Is it difficult to set up a Cove home security system? No. Customers have repeatedly reported that it is very easy to install a Cove home security system. Cove also has a series of videos and articles to assist in the DIY installation process.

    On average, it takes customers 27 minutes to install the system themselves.

    Do Customers Like Cove?

    With over 300 verified customer reviews, Cove has received a 4.6/5 star rating. Overall, customers have genuinely enjoyed their experience working with Cove. Over 90% of reviews are 4- or 5- stars, whereas only 6% of reviews are 1-star.

    The majority of positive reviews mention:

    • Easy to install and operate
    • Low pricing
    • Excellent customer service
    • Quick response to alerts
    • Happy with no contract
    Cove Review Quote

    The few complaints revolve around:

    • Poor equipment quality
    • Lack of communication

    Because Cove is primarily a DIY home security company, there could be difficulties in making sure the equipment is set up properly and on the optimal setting. However, most customers said the process was simple. They were extremely satisfied with Cove’s customer service and their ability to answer questions and communicate solutions.

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    How Much Does Cove Cost?

    Cove Equipment Price

    Cove allows their customers to customize a security system that perfectly suits their needs by choosing from a variety of equipment.

    Cove also offers promotions and discounts on their equipment for 40-60% off. The prices displayed below are full price, so equipment is even cheaper with the sale!

    Customers may choose to purchase equipment upfront or sign up for the economy plan.


    The price of each camera ranges from $99.00 to $199.00.

    • Indoor Camera: $99.00 - This camera uses AI to avoid false alerts. Recordings are saved in the cloud and you can access them for seven days. It can easily be plugged in anywhere close to an outlet.

    • Outdoor Camera: $199.00 - This outdoor camera also uses AI to avoid false alerts. You can access recordings saved in the cloud for seven days. Installation does not require any cords for a clean look.

    • Kami Doorbell Camera: $99.00 - This doorbell camera has night vision and is built to function in all weather, so you can keep an eye on your porch day or night, rain or shine. You can store video footage in the cloud and it can be powered by doorbell wiring, a USB, or a battery.

    • Skybell Doorbell Camera: $189.99 - This doorbell camera also has night vision and the ability to store videos in the cloud. You can even use the Cove app to chat with visitors on your doorstep.


    Sensors range from $15.00 to $35.00.

    • Motion Detector: $30.00 - The battery life of this motion sensor is five years, and its sensing radius is 45 feet. It can detect human heat signatures, which helps to avoid false alarms.
    • Door Sensor: $15.00 - Door sensors take seconds to install and will last for years. It is recommended to place one on each exterior door.
    • Glass Break Detector: $35.00 - The glass break detector also has a long battery life and will last for years. It automatically tests itself each hour.

    Environment Detectors

    • Smoke/CO Detector: $55.00 - This detector is easy to install with no drilling and no wires. You will receive a phone notification and agents will be notified if smoke or CO is detected.
    • Flood/Freeze Sensor: $20.00 - This sensor monitors humidity and temperature, so you will be notified when your home reaches 41°F.

    Additional Equipment

    • Key Remote: $25.00 - With this remote, you will be able to arm and disarm your system from up to 150 meters away. There is also a panic button on the remote.
    • Medical Button: $20.00 - After pushing this button, authorities will be notified. Cove claims that this cuts response times by three or four minutes.

    Cove Equipment Package

    Cove understands that it can be difficult for their customers to know what equipment their home needs. Because of this, Cove has three packages to choose from. You can choose a package as your base, and either leave it the way it is or build it from there.

    Also, remember that the prices listed are full price, but you can get 40-60% off.

    The Cottage: $463.00

    • 2 Door Sensors
    • 2 Window Sensors
    • 1 Motion Detector
    • 1 Security Key Remote
    • 1 Indoor Camera (+ 1 Free Indoor Camera)
    • 1 Cove Touch Alarm Panel

    The Sanctuary: $578.00

    • 3 Window Sensors
    • 3 Door Sensors
    • 2 Motion Detectors
    • 1 Smoke & CO Detector
    • 1 Security Key Remote
    • 1 Indoor Camera (+ 1 Free Indoor Camera)
    • 1 Cove Touch Alarm Panel

    The Stronghold: $653.00

    • 4 Window Sensors
    • 4 Door Sensors
    • 2 Motion Detectors
    • 1 Smoke & CO Detector
    • 1 Flood Sensor
    • 2 Security Key Remotes
    • 1 Indoor Camera (+ 1 Free Indoor Camera)
    • 1 Cove Touch Alarm Panel

    Cove Monthly Monitoring Price

    After purchasing and installing equipment, you will need to choose a professional monitoring plan. Cove offers two different professional monitoring plans.

    Cove Basic: $17.99/month

    • 24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • TripleTouch Communication
    • Cove InstaText
    • Cove LiveAssist
    • Smash and Grab Protection
    • 100% ATT 4G LTE Connection
    • Hourly Automated System Check
    • 24 Hour Battery Backup
    • One Year Equipment Warranty

    Cove Plus: $27.99/month

    • Cove Basic +
    • Lifetime Equipment Warranty
    • Smartphone Control
    • Alexa & Google Home Voice Control
    • $5/Month Equipment Reward
    • Lifetime Monitoring Rate-Lock Guarantee

    Economy Plan Option

    If you cannot afford to pay for equipment upfront, Cove recently started offering an economy plan option.

    Cove will provide customers on this plan with up to $415 worth of home security equipment, but $10 will be added to their choice of monthly monitoring plan.

    This means customers can choose the benefits of the Cove Basic plan for $27.99/month or the Cove Plus plan for $37.99/month.

    They require customers on this plan to stay on the monitoring plan for at least 36 months. However, you can pay off your equipment at any time and have your monitoring plan price reduced by $10, back to the original price.

    Cove Pricing vs. Industry Average

    Professional monitoring for a home security system costs about $30/month on average. Whether you go with the Cove Basic or Cove Plus plan, the monthly monitoring price is below the industry average.

    Compared to other well-known brands in the home security industry, Cove’s prices are a great deal.

    Companies Monthly Monitoring Price
    Cove $17.99 - $27.99
    AAA Smart Home $29.99 - $39.99
    SafeStreets USA $36.99 - $62.99
    SimpliSafe $17.99 - $27.99
    Alarm.com $40.00 - $60.00

    Cove Installation Process

    DIY Installation

    Cove is the best DIY home security company, so the most popular installation option is for customers to install the equipment themselves.

    1. Purchase: Order your choice of home security equipment from Cove's website.

    2. Delivery: Equipment will arrive at your home four to six days after purchase.

    3. Installation: Install the system by yourself in just a few minutes. Cove has compiled detailed videos and articles in an online help center to make installation as easy as possible. Installation takes an average of 27 minutes.

    Professional Installation

    While the DIY option is the most popular, Cove does recognize some customers might want some extra help installing their system.

    Because of this, Cove offers a professional installation option through HelloTech. The price for this option is $79.00.

    1. Choose Professional Installation: When buying your equipment online, select the professional installation option.

    2. Schedule Appointment: You will receive a confirmation email from Cove when your equipment has shipped. You can choose to schedule an appointment with HelloTech through this email.

    3. Installation: A HelloTech professional will install the system and teach you how it works. Installation should still be quick and only take a few minutes. HelloTech also provides a satisfaction guarantee, so if you are unhappy with anything that occurs, they encourage you to reach out to resolve your concerns.

    Cove’s Response Process

    Many of Cove’s cameras and sensors use AI technology to avoid as many false alarms as possible. When an alert is triggered, Cove has other technologies in place to contact customers as quickly as possible.

    TripleTouch Communication

    TripleTouch allows Cove to reach out to customers multiple different ways when an alarm goes off. It is included in both the Cove Basic and Cove Plus package.

    • Touch 1: InstaText sends a text message to the customer to confirm the accuracy of the alert.
    • Touch 2: LiveAssist calls the touch screen panel in a second attempt to get in contact with the customer.
    • Touch 3: An agent will give the customer a direct phone call if they didn’t answer the text or panel call.

    If the monitoring center has not heard from the customer after these three attempts at communication, responders will be sent to the home.

    If the customer does answer one of the texts or calls and the emergency is real, authorities will also be sent right away.

    RapidSOS Integration

    RapidSOS is a platform used by thousands of 911 centers across the United States. It allows Cove to send more precise information to the 911 center when emergency response is needed.

    For example, it can send exact location, health information, and alarm data. Information is sent digitally, which is faster and more accurate than attempting to relay information over the phone.

    Cove Additional Benefits

    Cove has competitive pricing and great customer reviews, but they also offer additional benefits that set them apart from the competition.

    Cove Warranties

    Cove offers two different types of equipment warranties: a One Year Warranty for Cove Basic customers and an Lifetime Warranty for Cove Plus customers

    As stated in the name, the One Year Warranty lasts for one year from the date the customer purchases equipment. The Lifetime Warranty lasts the entire time someone is signed on as a Cove Plus customer.

    Both warranties cover defective material and workmanship. However, the warranties do not cover defective batteries.

    Cove Monthly Equipment Reward

    Cove Plus members receive the benefit of a monthly $5.00 equipment reward. A $5.00 credit will be put away each month for customers to purchase more equipment in the future.

    The $5.00 does roll over each month and accumulates into a balance that can be used anytime to buy additional equipment on Cove’s website.

    Cove 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    To ensure that customers are satisfied with their new home security system, Cove offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    If customers notify Cove customer service and return the equipment in working condition before the 60-day period is up, Cove will issue a refund for all service and equipment.

    Our Recommendation

    We highly recommend purchasing a DIY home security system from Cove.

    Cove has high customer ratings and a response process that optimizes its ability to keep customers safe. It is a great option for anyone looking for low prices, a variety of equipment, and a convenient DIY installation process.