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User Score is an all-in-one technology provider.

The company places a heavy emphasis on the tech equipment they offer and how it can integrate homes and businesses.

These products are for tech-savvy individuals and include home security automation, energy management, property access, video monitoring, and wellness - all from their app.

Because is simply a manufacturer of home security systems and devices, potential customers should know that those interested in must use a third-party provider or dealer. vs. Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home is ranked #1 out of all home security companies for a reason: month-to-month contracts, no upfront fees, excellent customer response, and quality home security devices.

Take a Look Security Cost

  • Monthly Monitoring: $40 - $60
  • Equipment Package Fee: Undisclosed

So How Much Does Security Cost? prices will vary depending on with which authorized dealer you decide to work.

The good news is that the home monitoring pricing is relatively competitive across the industry. Potential customers should know that may run a little bit more expensive than other home security systems — but it does seem to have high quality equipment.

Equipment Prices lets customers build their own system to get the exact products they want in their home.

All smart home and home security devices offered by (and more) can be controlled via the mobile app.

To find pricing information on the below equipment, contact to find a dealer near you.

  • Security panel (two-way voice control, crash and smash technology)
  • Indoor camera (video monitoring)
  • Outdoor camera
  • Doorbell camera
  • Smart lock
  • Image sensor
  • Garage door control
  • Window sensor (communicates with thermostat)
  • Smart thermostat
  • Temperature sensor
  • Extreme weather alerts
  • Smoke detector
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Light control
  • Water sensor
  • Pet tracker
  • Solar panels Monthly Monitoring Prices

Potentially customers will also need to send over their personal information just to get an idea of pricing. does not list costs on their site, as costs will vary from dealer to dealer. The company has this vague description of costs on its site, "Low upfront costs and ongoing monthly service fee similar to a cell phone...".

Overall, upfront costs will likely depend on which equipment from is used.

Monitoring costs may run from $40-60. Other reputable home security companies offer monitoring for as little as $19.99/month. Several more are in the $30-45 range.

Here’s an overview of the top 5 home security companies and their prices:

  • #1 — Vivint Smart Home
    • Monthly Fee: $29.99 - $49.99
    • Upfront/Equipment Fee: $0 - $1800
  • #3 — Cove
    • Monthly Fee: $14.99 - $24.99
    • Upfront/Equipment Fee: $0 - $399
  • #4 — Frontpoint
    • Monthly Fee: $34.99 - $49.99
    • Upfront/Equipment Fee: $69+
  • #5 — LiveWatch
    • Monthly Fee: $29.00 - $55.00
    • Upfront/Equipment Fee: $0 - $599+

Contract lengths are similarly undisclosed due to dealer preferences. Multiple reviewers mention that contracts can last up to five years and that customers must pay to cancel them when they move.’s Installation Process

DIY or Professional Installation

The type of installation methods available will depend on the third-party dealer you work with, but most do professional installation.

At Best Home Security Companies, we do recommend customers choose a professional installation method. However, there are a few really great DIY home security systems we like as well.

If customers feel confident in their ability to install, set up, and maintain their home security systems, we do think it can be a great option for saving money. Contract Length does not provide the monitoring service directly to its customers. Instead, the company relies on authorized dealers to sell their products and services — these dealers have differing prices, contracts, and service quality.

As such, it is difficult to determine a contract length. uses authorized security dealers to install and monitor their products.

The company's website does not list their authorized dealers on their website.

Just to find out if there is an authorized dealer in a zip code, or who they are, interested parties need to send over a full name, email address, and zip code to Smart Home Technology is more than a home security company. They sell almost any smart home technology a tech-lover could want. With intelligent learning,'s equipment learns the patterns of day-to-day life, and are able to recognize inconsistencies in the home. Products they offer include:

  • Interactive Home Security System — Their home security system is professionally monitored 24/7. It's also crash-proof, gives extreme weather alerts, and has a two-way voice system. The system uses a cellular connection.
  • Property Access — Customers can use an app to open and shut their garage door and lock the doors to their home.
  • Video Monitoring — has indoor and outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, and video analytics. Owners can stream or playback recorded video within their app.
  • Wellness — Both seniors and families can benefit from the company's wellness plan (similar to a medical alert device).
  • Energy Management — Control smart thermostats and lights to help save energy.

Smart Home Integrations has always been top in the industry when it comes to new technology. The company was one of the first to offer an app for smartwatches. Their app in the Google Play store is rated 3.9/5, and 4.8/5 in the apple store. These are high ratings compared to other home security apps. Other app integrations they offer include:

  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • Apple Watch
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home

With's technology, there is total remote access from a smartphone, smartwatch, or computer. For example, a customer can turn their lights on and off from wherever they are, check on kids that are home alone, and see when packages are delivered. Company Experience

Founded in 2000, entered the home security space just in time for the smart home revolution and was the first company to enable remote monitoring and alerts for a disarmed security system. 

The company claims millions of customers and focuses on security, remote monitoring, and smart home automation.

With one of the widest range of products available by any single home security company, pioneered the comprehensive, cloud-based solution “Smart Home as a Service.”

Headquartered in Tysons, Virginia, remains as one of the most prominent smart home automation solutions in the United States. Reviews

Overall, receives a moderate amount of positive reviews from around the web. The trustworthy customer reviews we have received for have been few and far between.

Our customer reviews rate 3.3 out of 5 stars, with just over 15 customer reviews.

The positive reviews highlight the company’s high-tech alarm equipment, customer service, and express happiness with the mobile app.

There are a number of complaints about the company as well:

  • Trying to get ahold of the company
  • Technical support
  • Unreliability of cameras
  • Home security contract (length and the cost to get out of the contract)
  • Alarm system not working properly or false alarms

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Our Recommendation

Despite offering customized options for alarm and smart home automation, there is somewhat limited transparency in terms of what offers.

Tech-savvy individuals may enjoy integrating their home with the many products offered by

However, those looking for a system more focused on home security will be able to find a less expensive system with shorter contract lengths.

We recommend reading the reviews from customers below and comparing them to our top home security companies before making a decision. vs. Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home is ranked #1 out of all home security companies for a reason: month-to-month contracts, no upfront fees, excellent customer response, and quality home security devices.

Take a Look
Ratings Breakdown
Monthly Monitoring Fee $40-$60
Install & Equipment Fee Undisclosed
Contract Length Undisclosed
Cancellation Policy Undisclosed
System Relocation Fee Undisclosed
Review Last Updated: September 21, 2020

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