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SafeStreets USA


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Company Overview
  • Backup battery power.
  • Average customer reviews.
  • 36-month contract.
  • High costs.
  • Expensive cancellation policy.
  • Mover’s package guarantee.
  • SafeStreets USA is an authorized ADT monitoring provider. They offer home security services in 44 states and have physical locations in North Carolina, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona.

    SafeStreets is not available in Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, or Wyoming.

    As their mission states, SafeStreets USA strives to “enhance the quality of life of people everywhere through protecting what they value most.”

    Are SafeStreets USA and ADT the same? No, SafeStreets USA is an ADT authorized dealer, meaning they install ADT systems and equipment. Customers communicate with and receive service from SafeStreets USA while purchasing ADT equipment.
    How much does SafeStreets USA cost? Installation can cost between $99 and $199 while their monthly monitoring packages range from $36.99/month to $62.99/month.

    The average monthly monitoring cost for the industry is between $25 and $50 per month, which makes SafeStreets USA slightly more expensive.

    How does SafeStreets USA compare to other home security systems? While there are benefits from choosing SafeStreets USA, like same-day installation and battery backup, overall they are more expensive and have worse reviews than other home security systems.

    For example, Cove is a DIY security system with no contracts and a 4.7/5 customer rating. Their monthly monitoring costs are less expensive as well, with the basic package at $14.99/month and their plus package at $24.99/month.

    If you are looking for a professionally installed home security system, Vivint Smart Home is a great choice. They have a no contract option and their monthly monitoring ranges from $29.99/month to $49.99/month.

    We recommend comparing SafeStreets USA to other home security companies on our list.

    SafeStreets USA Reviews

    Overall, SafeStreets reviews are average on BestCompany.com. Over 270 reviews have earned SafeStreets a 3.3/5 star rating, with 57% of reviews being 4- or 5-star and 30% being 1-star.
    • Positive reviews frequently reference:
    • Polite and knowledgeable technicians
    • Good quality equipment
    • Quick and responsive customer service
    • Good reputation

    However, the most recent 5-star reviews were given over 2 years ago.

    Below is a summary of the negative SafeStreets USA reviews:

    • Many reviewers are upset that they are unable to cancel the 3-year contract they sign with SafeStreets. Some claim that they did not realize what they were signing up for.
    • Customers complain about the outdated, poor quality, and high cost of SafeStreet's equipment.
    • Several customers have had installation issues.
    • SafeStreets sells themselves as ADT when they are a separate company.
    • Poor experiences with customer service.
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    SafeStreets USA Packages

    Through ADT, SafeStreets USA offers five packages that are clearly laid out, with equipment and pricing.

    Each home security system is professionally installed for $99, with the exception of ADT Pulse Tier III + Video Security & Home, which is $199 to install.

    Security systems are all professionally installed by a technician, have professional, 24/7 monitoring, yard signs, and a keychain remote.

    Note that not all packages can be controlled with a mobile app.


    Standard Monitoring: $36.99/month

    • Digital keypad
    • Entryway contacts
    • Pet sensitive motion detector
    • High-decibel alarm
    • Backup battery

    Premium Cellular: $44.99/month

    • All equipment from the Standard Monitoring package
    • CellGuard

    ADT Pulse Tier I Remote Access: $52.99/month

    • All equipment from the Premium Cellular package
    • Mobile app access (remote control of home security, phone notifications)

    ADT Pulse Tier II + Video Security: $58.99/month

    • All equipment from the ADT Pulse Tier I Remote Access package
    • Indoor camera (real-time video)

    ADT Pulse Tier III + Video Security & Home: $62.99/month

    • With this system, you can purchase additional home automation equipment at an additional cost: extra light control, smart thermostat, door lock, appliance control)
    • All equipment from the ADT Pulse Tier II + Video Security package
    • Light control (for one fixture)

    With all packages, you can purchase the following equipment to monitor your home:

    • Fire/smoke alarm
    • Carbon monoxide monitoring
    • Flood monitoring
    • Touchscreen keypad


    Traditional Plan

    • 24/7 monitoring
    • Customized system
    • Maintenance/extended warranty
    • Cellular connection to monitoring
    • Optional 2-Way Voice
    • Optional Life Safety

    Remote Plan

    • Traditional Plan
    • App notifications
    • Arm/disarm using app or internet
    • System scheduling

    Control Plan

    • Remote Plan
    • Video monitoring
    • Real-time video footage

    Video & Automation Plan

    • Control Plan
    • Smart home automation

    SafeStreets USA Installation

    The company's equipment is installed with a technician (no DIY installation available). If you are searching for a DIY home security system, we recommend looking into Cove.

    SafeStreets proudly advertises that they offer same-day installation. They recognize that many customers are frustrated with the several-hour window that installation teams give, forcing them to sit and wait for hours at home. Because of this, their installation team will show up within one hour.

    With SafeStreets USA's professional installation, customers won't need to worry about where to place sensors or cameras; alarm company technicians will find the best strategic locations possible for a security camera and your other equipment.

    For added peace of mind, SafeStreets offers a six-month money-back guarantee on every professional installation.

    Backup Battery Power

    SafeStreets USA provides users with a backup battery to power the security system if the power goes out.

    This battery backup can last up to 12 hours in case of an emergency.

    Average Contract Length

    All security and automation packages from SafeStreets USA come with a 36-month contract.

    A 36-month contract is typical in the home security industry. Some companies offer month-to-month contracts if you purchase all your equipment up front.

    Other companies require a 60-month contract when you don't pay anything upfront. Make sure to read through SafeStreet's contract before signing up.

    If you are interested in a home security system that does not require a contract, we recommend Cove or Vivint Smart Home.

    High Costs

    All SafeStreets USA packages require professional installation. Depending on which package you select, installation costs anywhere from $99-$199.

    The cheapest monitoring package that SafeStreets offers is $36.99/month.

    A basic home security package from other companies is a lot less expensive.

    Even for the company's most expensive package ($62.99/month), a lot of the equipment that you would want in a home automation system isn't included and has to be purchased separately.

    Overall, SafeStreets is more expensive than our top-rated home security companies. Additionally, customers can only monitor their home with the ADT Pulse Voice App if they purchase a system that is over $50 monthly.

    Cancellation Policy

    Furthermore, if customers want to cancel their home security subscription before the contract has expired, they are required to contact customer service and pay an early termination fee (75% of the remaining balance), which can result in thousands of dollars.

    ADT has a Mover's Package Guarantee - if you have used their service for two years and your account is in good standing, you can move your home monitoring package to your new home.

    However, you must then sign a new 36-month agreement.

    Our Recommendation

    SafeStreets USA is an authorized ADT dealer that requires long-term contracts and professional installation. Their same-day installation, variety of packages, and battery backup are impressive, but because of their mixed customer reviews, we recommend comparing SafeStreets USA to the best home security companies before making a decision.

    For more affordable and reliable options, potential customers should look into Vivint or Cove.


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