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Swann, part of Infinova Group, is a leader in the security system industry.

Started by David Swann and originating out of his home in Melbourne, Australia, the company has grown into a well-known brand in DIY video security. They offer business and home security electronics around the world.

They specialize in video surveillance but offer a few alarm and smart home equipment options.

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  • DVR Security Camera Options
  • Swann Home Security Price Range
  • Equipment Packages
  • Additional Security Devices
  • Swann Security App

DVR Security Camera Options

Swann provides a huge variety of surveillance camera options.

Customers are encouraged to compare three different Swann security systems: Wire-Free, Powered Wireless, and Wired.

The main differences between the three Swann security systems are: Wire-Free systems do not continually record video, Wire-Free home security systems obviously don't include any drilling into walls and can be moved easily, and Wired systems provide professional level security that is always on, while Powered Wireless systems provide a good balance between Wired and Wire-Free systems.

Regardless of which system type you choose, the following are just some of Swann's camera options:

  • 4 Channel DVR and NVR Systems
  • 8 Channel DVR and NVR Systems
  • 16 Channel DVR and NVR Systems
  • 1080p Alert Indoor Security Cameras
  • 4K Thermal Sensing Spotlight Bullet Cameras
  • Super HD Thermal Sensing Bullet Cameras
  • Wi-Fi Floodlight Cameras
  • 4K Ultra HD Thermal Sensing Dome Cameras

Swann Home Security Price Range

Between the many options (from entire NVR camera systems to individual Thermal cameras) is a wide range of price options for products to fit your specific home security needs. The company also offers monthly monitoring services.

Customers can find products for $150-$700+ depending on how many cameras are needed and the quality of the cameras you desire. Customers can also choose a professional home monitoring plan for $12.49-$44.98 per month.

Equipment Packages

Smart Alarm & Smart Security Starter Kit: $149.99

  • Main hub
  • 2 motion sensors
  • 1 door/window sensor
  • 1 key fob

Smart Alarm & Video Security Starter Kit: $199.99

  • Main hub
  • 2 motion sensors
  • 1 door/window sensor
  • 1 indoor Swann security camera
  • 1 key fob

Additional Security Devices

Smart home hub: $69.99

1 indoor Swann security camera: $69.99

2 outdoor Swann security cameras: $199.99

1 Smart video doorbell camera: $119.99

Door sensor: $34.99

Garage parking sensor: $19.99

Driveway alert: $24.99

Motion alarm: $8.99

Indoor siren: $39.99

Smart plug: $24.99

Swann Security App

Swann provides several home security app options to help customers monitor live footage. Swann App users can even receive push notifications when heat and/or motion are detected in their homes.

One frustration that some customers may experience is choosing which app is needed for the devices they purchase. Customers are encouraged to check each device's model number to discover which mobile app is needed.


  • Few Customer Reviews

Few Customer Reviews

As it stands, customers have yet to leave any reviews (negative or positive) on the company's service or quailty of product. However, other home security review websites do have some customer reviews.

The few customer reviews that Swann home security receives are largely negative and refer to the company's poor customer support and problems with Swann's app, the Swann DVR, camera issues, motion detection devices, wi-fi cameras, and other Swann home security devices.

A few customers specifically point out that the Swann App and other devices are full of bugs and occasionally have outages. For example, one customer shared that he received the following error message shortly after installing his software: "Swann regrets to inform you that the SwannEye HD platform has ceased operation as of..." The message went on to inform the customer that there would be no refunds or compensation.

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Swann Reviews

Unfortunately, Swann does not receive the most positive review. To be exact, it has 1.4 star rating from 100+ actual customer reviews. It is likely that Swann could potentially receive more positive customer reviews if it would reach out and address the negative reviews.

Some of the concerns of Swann customers are:

  • Faulty security equipment
  • Bad customer service
  • Higher cost in the end


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