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Fort Knox is a Texas-based home security system company. Its low $15.95 monthly maintenance fee and free installation fee are among reasons why this company has been growing rapidly. Its product is meant for homes and small businesses.


Security Features

Fort Knox is all about keeping your home protected. Its services revolve around the idea that your home is safe from intrusion or potential disaster. The security features include:

  • UL-Certified Alarm Monitoring- Windows, doors, and even tunnels are monitored and properly secured.
  • Police and Medical Monitoring- Connects you directly to police and medical officials if an incident occurs.
  • Multi-Cellular Connection- Uses all major carrier towers to make sure your location is connected to the monitoring station at all times.
  • Smash and Crash Proof- Even if your control panel is destroyed, law enforcement is immediately notified.
  • Fire, Smoke, and CO2 Coverage
  • Two Way Voice- Speak directly with the monitoring station in case of an emergency.
  • Smart Home Automation- Control your Lights, Locks, and
  • Energy Saver- Fort Knox's you can save up to 20% on your electricity bill with its smart thermostats, appliance management, and automatic light rules.

Guaranteed Rates

Fort Knox's guarantees customers the rates that are established at the start of services with this company.

Free Same Day Setup

With the first-day costing customers exactly $0 dollars if they pick the basic plan, free same day shipping is a great feature. Its free installation and activation fee, their plan helps customers get access to all of its services as soon as possible.


Lacking Important Information

Fort Knox doesn't provide much information regarding its services and costs. Besides the cost for the basic package, Fort Knox doesn't provide adequate information regarding their cancellation process or extra costs such as upgrading and moving costs.

Our Recommendation

Fort Knox's strives to be like the base it is named after. Its services are top of the line to help its clients be protected and safe. Although it is lacking key information, many people are very happy with its services and don't worry about switching to other companies after starting their service.

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Monthly Monitoring Fee $15.95
Install & Equipment Fee $0
Contract Length Undisclosed
Cancellation Policy Unknown
System Relocation Fee Fees May Apply
Number of Reviews 0
Review Last Updated: April 09, 2020

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