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ADT Self Setup


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Quick Look at ADT Self Setup

Company Overview
  • Very Affordable
  • Alarms Reach 911 Centers 8x Faster
  • Google Nest Products
  • DIY Home Security
  • Longest Money-Back Guarantee (6 months)
  • No Contracts
  • ADT Self Setup — previously known as Blue by ADT — is an ADT company that operates in all 50 states. Their rebranding to ADT Self Setup is an exciting development, as it includes a partnership with Google, who will provide Google Nest cameras and integration with the ADT+ app.

    ADT Self Setup currently sells equipment upfront ($300+) and charges $19.99 for professional monitoring. Equipment can also be purchased with monitoring.

    This review will cover the pros, cons, and include our recommendation to customers.

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    • Excellent Monthly Price
    • DIY Security
    • Occasional Discounts
    • Positive Reviews






    • No Professional Installation

    ADT Self Setup Reviews

    ADT acquired LifeShield Security in 2019, so some reviews may refer to LifeShield — later, in 2023, Blue by ADT was rebranded to ADT Self Setup and included Google integration with its offering. Readers should be aware that past reviews may still apply to existing services.

    The ADT Self Setup reviews are somewhat mixed, but mostly positive. Customers rate them at an average of 3.4 out of 5 stars on Best Company.

    The positive ADT Self Setup reviews refer mostly to customer service quality.

    The negative reviews tend to focus on service policy and product quality. Some common complaints among our ADT Self Setup Security reviews include the following:

    • Contracts. Even though ADT Self Setup now advertises that their contracts are month-to-month, many customers have complained about being locked into a 3- or 5-year contract. If you are interested in ADT Self Setup, we recommend asking them about their contract and reading it over before you sign anything. Pay attention to if you contract auto renews and how to cancel.
    • Product Quality. There are several reports of the ADT Self Setup system alarm going off without an apparent reason. Other reviewers report malfunctioning equipment.
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    ADT Self Setup Cost

    The ADT Self Setup home security model encourages people to purchase their equipment upfront.

    Upfront Fees

    In order to be on the company's month-to-month contract (where you can cancel at any time), you will have to purchase at least $300 worth of equipment upfront — that's a pretty low price to qualify for month-to-month contracts.

    The Doorbell Camera System is $356.34 upfront, so if you choose that plan, you can automatically have a month-to-month contract.

    However, the SECURE System and the SHIELD system have less than $300 worth of equipment included, so you will need to add more equipment to those packages.

    For a complete list of the ADT Self Setup security system packages, see our About section below.

    Monthly Cost

    After the upfront cost, the company charges $19.99 a month for 24/7 Professional Monitoring, although you can skip the alarm monitoring if you just want equipment.

    $19.99/month for professional monitoring is well below average and an extremely fair price.

    How Much Does ADT Self Setup Cost?

    ADT Self Setup charges $24.98/mo for its home monitoring services. It also charges $199.15-$346.34 for equipment and installation, depending on which equipment you decide to purchase.

    SHIELD System: $199.15

    This is ideal for apartments, condos, and small homes. As with all packages, a touchpad control screen base station is included. You also get access to the company's Mobile App, to monitor your alarm through. Equipment included:

    • Yard and window sign
    • Motion sensor
    • Door/window sensors (pack of 4)
    • Fire sensor
    • Entry Keypad
    • Front door keypad
    • Keychain remote

    SECURE System: $295.12

    This system is designed for medium and large homes. It includes everything offered in the SHIELD System plus the following equipment:

    • Door/window sensors (6 total)
    • Motion sensors (2 total)
    • Indoor camera

    Doorbell Camera System: $346.34

    This system seems to be for smaller homes, like the SHIELD System, but also includes a Doorbell camera.

    Only 2 door/window sensors are included.

    ADT Self Setup Customer Service

    While there are many complaints referring to the company’s home security products and system, we believe that ADT Self Setup has good customer service.

    Customers refer to knowledgeable tech support and installation experts, as well as friendly customer service representatives.

    What do we rate ADT Self Setup’s customer service? Their customer service is good.

    ADT Self Setup Products

    Build Your Own System

    ADT Self Setup offers the following home security and home automation equipment for you to build your own system, or add on to one of their three packages:

    • Door Sensor: a door sensor is generally extremely loud and effective in deterring burglars from entering your home. They are generally one of the cheaper products offered by a home security company. Additionally, your door sensors should be quite easy to install yourself.
    • Window Sensor: window sensors are generally the exact same as door sensors and should be just as affordable, easy to install, and an effective addition to your security system.
    • Motion Sensor: Because motion detection is such a vital part of your home security system, it is generally included in the basic package for any home security company. The basic ADT Self Setup home security system does include a motion sensor. Motion sensors may be wireless, can include a smart camera, and even might connect to your ADT Self Setup app to notify you when it senses an intruder.
    • Glass Break Sensor: Glass break sensors are designed to detect the sound of breaking glass. They can usually be set to different modes or settings depending on how sensitive you want the sensor to be. A good glass break sensor will have 8 - 10 year battery life.
    • Temperature: A temperature sensor is different and, many time, much simpler than thermometers. Temperature sensors are designed to notify home owners when temperatures get too low or too high. This can be valuable information, as low temperatures can damage your home and property if you haven't prepared properly.
    • Flood Sensor: A flood sensor is not necessary for every wireless home security system. If customers live in areas prone to flooding, we recommend you pay to include a flood sensor in your alarm system.
    • Wireless Remote: While a remote is not a security essential, it does make life significantly easier, especially for children or young adults who may not know how to work the alarm system. The wireless remote arms and disarms your home security system with one click.
    • Fire Alarm: Besides the fact that state law requires a fire alarm, it is perhaps the most essential alarm that your home security can include. A fire safety sensor will detect smoke, carbon monoxide, and should have a battery life of 8-10 years.
    • HD Video Doorbell camera: One of the newest additions in home security tech, a doorbell camera will notify you when someone approaches your door and allow you to see and interact with said person. In our opinion, an HD Video Doorbell Camera is a luxury and not an essential part of a home security system. However, it will improve your home security substantially.
    • Indoor Camera: An essential inclusion of any security company, an indoor camera will allow you to record and store video in case of break ins.
    • Outdoor Camera: Just like the indoor camera, an outdoor camera allows you to save and store video. This may be included on a motion sensor to notify you when the camera detects movement.

    Although you can connect your devices with smart home automation hubs, like Alexa, ADT Self Setup offers less home automation products than many other companies.

    ADT Self Setup Experience & Quality

    While ADT Self Setup was created just recently in 2019 when ADT acquired LifeShield Security, ADT is one of the oldest brands in the industry, with over 145 years of experience.

    While we expect there are many negative customer reviews left over from LifeShield Security’s poor reputation, we also believe that a company as well funded and experienced as ADT will not drop the ball when it comes to product quality.

    However, we hope readers will refer heavily to ADT Self Setup customer reviews for the final word on the matter of quality.

    Installation Options

    Customers have the ability to decide whether to enlist the help of a professional or save on costs and install the system on their own.

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Essentially, new customers get to try out ADT Self Setup for free for 30 days. If all goes well, you will automatically be charged the next month at the rate you signed up for.

    Credit Check Requirement

    ADT Self Setup requires new customers to pass a credit check and sign a long-term, three-year contract.

    If customers wish to cancel but fail to do so within the 15-day grace period, they will be subject to early termination fees.

    There are also many reviews that make mention of the alarm monitoring center not being as responsive to alarm triggers as they ought to be.

    Our Recommendation

    We highly recommend ADT Self Setup.

    For those interested in purchasing home security equipment upfront, we recommend giving ADT Self Setup a call to find out about contract lengths. Overall, this system is more affordable than many other home security companies.


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