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AFA Protective Systems Inc.


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AFA Protective Systems provides a variety of critical fire and life safety equipment options, including smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, water and low-temperature detectors, medical alerts, panic alarms, on-site and remote monitoring, video surveillance, and sound and communication systems.

The installation fee includes the cost of the equipment.

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  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring and Customer Service
  • Professional Installation and Maintenance
  • Automated Central Stations

24/7 Professional Monitoring and Customer Service

AFA Protective Systems has been watching over people since 1873. This company proposes not only some truly innovative security solutions but also offers 24/7 monitoring stations to protect your home at all hours.

Additionally, customer service is always available and have reportedly quick response times and pay close attention to details. 

Professional Installation and Maintenance

AFA Protective Systems employs qualified and trained security technicians. 

Automated Central Stations

The company has automated central stations that allow them to keep tabs on your home from a distance while also providing you with the active security needed to respond to burglar alarms.


  • Early Termination Fee
  • High Cost

Early Termination Fee

An early termination fee may apply if you cancel the service during the contract period.

High Cost

The most advanced security solutions are quite costly.

Our Recommendation

Already considered a leader in home security, AFA Protective Systems gives you unparalleled peace of mind regardless of whether you're at home or across the continent.

About AFA Protective Systems Inc.

After choosing the services of this company, this is what you'll get:

  • Efficient Detection: The AFA security system complies with the latest fire and life safety codes. The system works by notifying you and AFA's Central Station of any hazard in the earliest stage.
  • Reliable Monitoring: Continuous monitoring guards your property against unlawful entries provides notifications to appropriate personnel when a medical or environmental emergency occurs, reducing damages and even saving lives. Furthermore, the system captures date-stamped visual images that allow authorized personnel to identify and audit specific security events within seconds.
  • Video Verification: The AFA system activates in response to specific alarm events, transmitting a signal to the AFA's Central Station. Immediately, an operator will remotely check the video and respond accordingly, validating or, on the contrary, invalidating the alarm.
  • AFA Vision: This is an application that enables you to control your security system via the Internet. With the help AFA Vision, you can access the Vision IP cameras to view your home remotely; receive important alerts through text messages; obtain reports of different alarm events, and even place equipment into and out of the test status.

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