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Alder Security sells four types of security devices: home security, cameras, fire alarms, and medical alert. By answering a few questions about your home, Alder can recommend a home security system that fits your home, apartment, townhouse, or condo.

Quick Look at Alder

Company Overview
  • Fast Response Times
  • Excellent DIY: 10 Minute Setup
  • Low $99 Fee for Professional Installation
  • Long Contract: 36 Months
  • Limited Cost Details
  • Great Security Product
  • Alder Home Security Equipment

    The Alder Simple control panel is the hub to the company's wireless home security monitoring. It can be mounted on your wall, or set down anywhere in your home. Compatible with Amazon Echo.

    • Keyfob
    • Motion sensors
    • Carbon monoxide detector
    • Door window sensors
    • Medical alert button
    • Touchscreen panel
    • Garage door opener
    • Video doorbell camera
    • Fire detector
    • Flood detection
    • Mobile security app (Android and iOS)
    • Arlo Pro camera (indoor or outdoor camera)
    • YI camera (indoor camera)


    • Fast Response to Alarms
    • 10 Minute DIY
    • Home Security Cameras
    • No Upfront Cost

    Fast Response to Alarms

    On its website, Alder security states that they respond to alarms in an average of 3.4 seconds. This would be due to high monitoring center efficiency. This response time is for break-ins, fire alarms, and medical alert devices. In total, the company responds to over 2 million alarms per year.

    10 Minute DIY

    Alder security is a DIY home security company, meaning that customers set up their own home security devices in their homes. There are no professional installation fees for video surveillance. Because Alder is easy to install, you can move it with your new home for free. If you want a technician to set up your system in a new home, there is a $99 installation fee.

    Home Security Cameras

    Alder offers two types of home security cameras that both include 2-way audio, motion detection, night vision, and cloud storage.

    Arlo Pro. This camera is weather-resistant, so it works both indoor and outdoor. Live stream from your mobile phone to see what's going on around your home at any time. The camera has a built-in motion detector, so it starts recording whenever that is activated. This device is wire-free, so it uses batteries that are long-lasting and rechargeable. With Alder's monitoring package, you can keep 7-days of recordings for up to 5 cameras in your home.

    Yi. This indoor camera from Alder has 111 degree field of view and films in 1080p. Yi alerts you when there is motion in your home and can even alert you to sounds - features a baby crying detection.


    • No Packages Available - Individual Equipment Purchase
    • Limited Details on Alder Costs
    • Long Contract
    • ADT Lawsuit

    No Packages Available - Individual Equipment Purchase

    Unlike most home security companies, Alder does not home security service plan available for purchasing. Instead, potential customers can browse the few home security and smart home devices the company advertises on its website, and potentially build their own system from there. The professional monitoring company does not have pricing available, nor does it recommend what type of equipment someone should buy for their specific home.

    To learn about specific pricing and recommendations, you will have to call Alder and speak to their sales team.

    Limited Details on Alder Costs

    Along with no pricing of their devices, Alder does not outline how much their monthly monitoring fees are, or what specific services they offer. On average, customers pay $34.99/month for Alder (monitoring and equipment financing). Packages start at $34.99/month.

    Long Contract

    Your contract length with Alder will depend on how much equipment you purchase upfront. However, most Alder customers have a 5-year contract with the company. Those who wish to cancel their contract early will have to pay 90% of the remaining balance.

    ADT Lawsuit

    In 2019, ADT was awarded $4 million from Alder Security for deceptive sales practices. This is an alarming indication of the company's customer service or lack thereof. It seems that Alder may care more about signing customers and making money than it cares about actually helping its customers. We recommend you be wary of any sales representative from Alder and closely read Alder Security reviews before making a final decision.

    Our Recommendation

    Alder is new to the home security industry - the company is less than 5 years old. They do not have smart home devices available for purchase and their security equipment seems limited. Because they do not share information on pricing and contracts, have been involved in a deceptive sales practice lawsuit, and, as such, cannot provide peace of mind, we cannot recommend Alder at this time.


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