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Amherst Alarm


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Amherst Alarm is a high tech home security company that uses an advanced system to monitor your home.

They use an ANET secure monitoring that allows the communication between your home security system, the alarm monitoring response center, and your smartphone and computer.

When you call this company to inquire about a new home security system, according to your needs, they will design a custom home security system just for you. Whether it be alarm systems, fire Amherst Alarm uses Silent Knight by Honeywell equipment.

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  • Emergency Alert System
  • Remote Security Monitoring
  • In-State Facilities
  • 24/7 Monitoring Station

Emergency Alert System

The ANET secure monitoring that they use, doesn't use the traditional telephone line to transmit the alert signals to their monitoring center. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether there is a power failure, or someone purposely cut your telephone wires, your home security system will still be able to send the emergency alert to the monitoring center.

This fireproof building can operate by itself indefinitely due to its emergency power generator to ensure constant professional monitoring.

Remote Security Monitoring

In addition, if you are away from your home, you will be informed of any changes in your alarm status. It also allows you to arm or disarms your alarm system remotely. Furthermore, you can access your system from your smartphone or from a computer.

In-State Facilities

The alarm monitoring response center that handles all of the calls and alerts, is located in a building that is controlled access. Unlike other some other alarm companies, Amherst houses all its facilities in-state.

24/7 Monitoring Station

You can be sure that your calls or alerts will be handled 24 hours a day by professionals and certified staffs. Tim and Amherst Alarm is committed to providing their customers with exceptional customer service.


  • Lack of Information

Lack of Information

Prices, installation fees, and equipment prices are not included on their website. Potential customers must call their sales department to retrieve such information. Amherst is not a national service; however, they a great reputation in the state of New York.

Our Recommendation

Based on the undisclosed information and the negative reviews about Amherst Alarm, we do not recommend them.

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About Amherst Alarm

The installation fee includes the purchase of the home security equipment.

Depending on your specifications, your home security system could contain things like:

  • Control panel
  • Wireless motion detectors
  • Glassbreak detectors
  • CO detectors (carbon monoxide detector)
  • Smoke detectors
  • Heat detector
  • Keychain
  • Temperature sensor
  • Video security system
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

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