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The ANET secure monitoring that they use, doesn't use the traditional telephone line to transmit the alert signals to their monitoring center. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether there is a power failure, or someone purposely cut your telephone wires, your home security system will still be able to send the emergency alert to the monitoring center.

In addition, if you are away from your home, you will be informed of any changes in your alarm status. It also allows you to arm or disarms your alarm system remotely. Furthermore, you can access your system from your smartphone or from a computer.

The alarm monitoring response center that handles all of the calls and alerts, is located in a building that is controlled access. Unlike other some other alarm companies, Amherst houses all its facilities in-state. You can be sure that your calls or alerts will be handled 24 hours a day by professionals and certified staffs. Tim and Amherst Alarm is committed to providing their customers with exceptional customer service. This fireproof building can operate by itself indefinitely due to its emergency power generator to ensure constant professional monitoring.


Prices, installation fees, and equipment prices are not included on their website. Potential customers must call their sales department to retrieve such information. Amherst is not a national service; however, they a great reputation in the state of New York.

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Based on the undisclosed information and the negative reviews about Amherst Alarm, we do not recommend them. View top home security companies here.

About Amherst Alarm

Amherst Alarm is a high tech home security company that uses an advanced system to monitor your home. They use an ANET secure monitoring that allows the communication between your home security system, the alarm monitoring response center, and your smartphone and computer.

When you call this company to inquire about a new home security system, according to your needs, they will design a custom home security system just for you. Whether it be alarm systems, fire Amherst Alarm uses Silent Knight by Honeywell equipment. The installation fee includes the purchase of the home security equipment.

Depending on your specifications, your home security system could contain things like:

  • Control panel
  • Wireless motion detectors
  • Glassbreak detectors
  • CO detectors (carbon monoxide detector)
  • Smoke detectors
  • Heat detector
  • Keychain
  • Temperature sensor
  • Video security system
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
Ratings Breakdown
Monthly Monitoring Fee Undisclosed
Install & Equipment Fee Undisclosed
Contract Length Undisclosed
Cancellation Policy Anytime
System Relocation Fee Fees May Apply
Number of Reviews 8
Review Last Updated: January 24, 2020

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Nick Phillips

Feb 4, 2020

Good company, easy to reach and get a hold of someone.



Dave Hamburg, NY

Sep 1, 2019

On multiple occasions, technicians were not able to resolve issues with system, and yet Amherst Alarm was adamant that they must charge many hundreds of dollars for visits. In some cases problems were made worse during the technician visit. Finally systems were not communicating with AA and they did not inform me of this. Discovered this only by intentionally tripping the alarm and waiting for call... which never came. Again they suggested technician visit. But they were unwilling to commit that if they could not fix problem that they wouldn't charge me. They suck. I'm no longer with them.



john jones

Nov 3, 2018

I had to call the company around 9 pm. I could not activate the alarm at my workplace. The customer service rep acted like she didn't have time for me and was rude. I needed to activate the alarm not deactivate.



Larry Kessler

Jul 19, 2017

Trouble Alarm has been beeping since last Satruday, today is Wednesday , supposed to be here this afternoon..This is in a church........looking to change alarm provider.



Greg Stanley Buffalo, NY

Apr 21, 2016

They are very under qualified my builder cringed when he said what are you doing with the vacuum and the alarm, and I was not impressed with their knowledge or quality of work. They have a bunch of kids that are not managed well and highly not recommended by many people that I have spoke with.



Buyer Beware Lancaster, NY

Oct 26, 2015

I have been giving Amherst Alarm my business for about 20 years. I was happy with their service and unfortunately trusted that their company was one of the few "tried and true" companies left in the Buffalo area. I am a single parent without a job, have a child with incredible financial bills due to special needs, and struggle greatly financially. With that said, I have had no other choice but to cut off my service with Amherst Alarm. Due to the fact that AMHERST ALARM CHARGES YOU FOR THE YEAR AHEAD---(EVEN KNOWING MY CURRENT SITUATION) THEY WOULD NOT REIMBURSE OR PRORATE ME FOR THE EIGHT MONTHS AHEAD THAT I HAVE PAID FOR THEIR SERVICE AND WILL NO LONGER BE USING. THEY BOAST THAT YOU CAN CANCEL ANYTIME--- YET ILLEGALLY KEEP YOUR MONEY!! I will most likely be taking them to court for this.



Ralph Buffalo, NY

Nov 27, 2014

I have used Amherst Alarm for over 20 years. In one word, they drive me nuts. The false alarms from motion detectors, the phone calls that the phone line is down (I have Time Warner phones - they ALWAYS have trouble!). I have the ANET backup radio system with Amherst Alarm and I don't care if the phone line is down. The owner, Tim Creenan, is absolutely unreachable for any sort of conversation about service issues. I have never missed a bill payment in 20+ years and I never know if I am covered by their "service warranty" because no one ever tells me if and when it's due. The house alarm would go off when the phone line went down - talk about scaring the crap out me at 3AM! I finally got them to disconnect the alarm from the phone line interruption. I had to turn off the motion sensors in the garage because when the wind blew, the garage door would flex and set off the alarm and without fail, it was a false alarm. I finally had to disable the motion detectors in the garage. Great system when you have to disable key features to prevent false alarms. I need to boot these clowns...



Frank szczesny Buffalo, NY

Oct 20, 2014

I have always found in my dealings with Amherst. Alarm to be both professional and pleasurable.