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Bay Alarm


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Quick Look at Bay Alarm

Company Overview
  • Professional installation available.
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Services Arizona, California, and Washington.
  • $30.00/month + $199.00 installation fee.
  • Security equipment for homes and businesses.
  • 1-year equipment warranty.
  • Bay Alarm was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Concord, California. The family-owned home security alarm company's promise is "there with you, there for you." Bay Alarm is family- and community-oriented and focuses on targeting each customer's specific home security system needs.

    Their team consists of over 1,100 home security professionals. To guarantee their expertise, all employees must train for over 2,000 hours at Bay University.

    Bay Alarm has 14 locations in California, one location in Arizona, and one location in Washington.

    Try the #1 DIY Home Security

    Bay Alarm offers professional installation, but it comes with an expensive fee. They’re also only available in select locations and have not been reviewed by many customers. We recommend the ease and less expensive price of Cove’s do-it-yourself home security system.

    Read Cove Security reviews to see how customers have enjoyed their experience with Cove.

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    Where is Bay Alarm available? This system is only available in California, Arizona, and Washington. State availability may be limited because of a lack of resources, personnel, or monitoring center capability.
    Does the Bay Alarm system work during a power outage? A battery backup is included with the Bay Alarm security system, so equipment should function even during a power outage.
    Does Bay Alarm sell cameras? Information about Bay Alarm’s equipment is fairly limited on their website. Cameras are available as part of their home and business security systems, but pricing is undisclosed.

    The BayGuard+ and BayGuard Live cameras are offered to businesses and the Turret IP camera is available to residential homes.

    How Much Does Bay Alarm Cost?

    Potential customers will have to go through Bay Alarm to get a free quote when it comes to pricing, because they do not publicly offer that information.

    Their website does not disclose pricing information related to equipment, monitoring, or installation.

    However, our research shows that the approximate price of a Bay Alarm system is:

    • Monthly ≈ $25.00 - $35.00
    • Installation Fee ≈ $199.00

    If you want a home security company that is more transparent with their pricing, we recommend Cove or Vivint.

    Do Customers Like Bay Alarm?

    Bay Alarm does not have many reviews, but the reviews it has received have been largely mixed.

    Some customers reported great customer service and high quality equipment while others have complained about poor communication.

    At this time, the collective customer rating is 3.4 out of 5 stars.

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    Bay Alarm Security Services Available

    Bay Alarm offers services for homes and businesses.

    Residential Home Features

    Residential services available include security cameras, security systems, monitoring, fire alarms, smoke detectors, and home automation.

    Bay Alarm does not disclose pricing or details on their security systems. They do offer smart home equipment through SureHome by Bay Alarm. Home automation equipment allows homeowners to schedule tasks that regularly repeat.

    Below is a list of features offered for residential home security:

    • 24/7 professional monitoring
    • Touchscreen keypad and control panel
    • Key fobs
    • Indoor camera
    • Outdoor camera
    • Doorbell camera
    • Motion detector
    • Door / window sensor
    • Glass break sensor
    • Fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors
    • Flood sensor
    • Light automation
    • Smart locks
    • Smart thermostat
    • Smartphone app
    • Base station

    Business Features

    Business services include cameras, alarm systems, 24/7 monitoring, fire alarms, smoke detectors, live video surveillance, and access control.

    Bay Access is a unique feature that allows the business owner to grant or take away security permissions from employees. It also provides entry and exit data.

    The BayGuard+ and BayGuard Live are two security cameras offered to businesses that allow business owners to see security footage at any time through the app. Both cameras also notify the monitoring center when trouble is detected.

    Bay Alarm offers the following features for businesses:

    • 24/7 alarm monitoring
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Burglar alarms
    • Video verification
    • Security cameras
    • Remote management

    Bay Alarm Monitoring

    Each customer can customize their alarm response protocol, so the monitoring center can know what your preference is in case the alarm is triggered.

    The monitoring center’s default protocol is to immediately call the contact on the account. If the alarm is real, they will call the local authorities, whether that be the police or fire department. If the alarm is false, they will reset it.

    Bay Alarm monitoring team members are trained in-house and are not outsourced.

    Bay Alarm Warranties

    Along with Bay Alarm's equipment comes some useful company policies, including a 1-year equipment warranty and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

    If you're looking for a more extensive warranty, Cove's Plus plan for $27.99 per month includes a lifetime warranty.

    Bay Alarm App

    Bay Alarm Link is the mobile app dedicated to giving complete control to its customers. With the Bay Alarm app, customers have the following features and capabilities:

    • Arm or disarm your security system
    • Turn lights on or off
    • Adjust thermostat
    • Unlock or lock doors
    • Create Smart Scenes
    • View your live video doorbell events
    • Receive email and text alerts about events in your home or business (alert system).
    • Locate vehicles or assets
    • Create users and manage their security system codes

    Our Recommendation

    Bay Alarm is a family business, so they have extensive knowledge and a personalized experience for those living in their areas. Unfortunately, they only service a few select locations in California, Arizona, and Washington.

    Bay Alarm has also not disclosed their pricing information. Without calling to receive a quote, customers cannot know how much equipment costs, what the monthly monitoring price is, or if there is an installation fee. They also do not have any equipment packages listed on their website.

    Not many customers have reviewed Bay Alarm, but the ones that have sent mixed signals about their customer service and equipment quality.

    We recommend looking into Cove (DIY home security system) or Vivint (professionally installed equipment) for their broader service areas, transparent pricing information, and better customer reviews.


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