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Briscoe Protective Systems


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Briscoe Protective Systems, Inc. is primarily a company that focuses on fire alarms for residences.

They were founded in 1978 in Brooklyn, NY. Later, the company started focusing on the distribution of these products and specialized in NYC approved alarms for homes. In 1993, the various subsidiaries of Briscoe formed one company, combining their security division services.

The company sold its residential accounts and now focus primarily on the commercial and institutional sectors.

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  • Fire Alarm Equipment
  • Edwards Systems Technology Products
  • Free Seminars
  • Small Building Security Plan
  • Online Access
  • Special Offers

Fire Alarm Equipment

Of the companies that we reviewed, we found that Briscoe, in terms of building security, did the most for customers who wanted to make sure that their fire protection needs were met. They offer fire alarm equipment distribution services.

Edwards Systems Technology Products

They are one of the largest urban dealers of factory Edwards Systems Technology products. They also do fire alarm design and equipment engineering, including consultation, job layout, planning, and building and plan approval. Their alarm inspection services will meet the needs of most systems. They also provide fire extinguisher distribution, a core tenet of which their company's original services.

Free Seminars

We also liked their free seminars and in-service. These are designed to help clients and dealers get the most out of their alarm system. Electrical contractors, building managers, and non-profits can get training on how to run a Briscoe Alarm.

Small Building Security Plan

We also found that Briscoe does have a small building security plan in their inventory. Briscoe fits a building with sensors (infrared and door/window), Briscoe Vision security cameras, and other alarm systems to help clients get the most out of their security needs.

Online Access

Briscoe offers online access and activation for its closed-circuit television and remote security keypads. Briscoe's security system is serviced by a UL certified station.

Special Offers

We also noticed that Briscoe has a clever and thoughtful way of awarding new vendors. Vendors who wish to sell Briscoe products get a free $50 gift certificate towards their first order. Briscoe also has images of the various components of its fire system online for prospective clients to see and describes which types of buildings they are good for. The fire sensing and monitoring equipment even include items for college-style dorm situations.


  • Lack of Information
  • Customer Complaints

Lack of Information

We felt that Briscoe doesn't do enough to advertise their security systems on their website. We had to call in to get information on the services that they provide in addition to fire, which include security alarms, CCTV, access control, environmental control, and central station monitoring services.

Another problem with the website was that it didn't show that many products. When a client clicks on the products link, all they see is information regarding the central stations for fire alarm monitoring systems. The product descriptions for these products do include information on how these central stations integrate into a building's larger fire control and suppression system.

We also found that their website was a little bit too heavily tailored towards vendors and advertising their free in-services. Briscoe could also "beef up" its seminars to include information on its security systems and monitoring solutions.

Customer Complaints

Customers have complained about Briscoe's changing of prices for customers who do not have a contract. Reportedly, Briscoe can even change the price of their service for customers under contract by up to 9% after one year.

One customer reported that Briscoe even changed her plan to a more expensive plan and increased her payments by 50%.

Our Recommendation

Overall, we would recommend Briscoe for both their fire alarm services, because that is their specialty. If you are looking for just a security system, you may want to look elsewhere. Their security systems are pretty basic, but their fire alarm and monitoring systems are a great way to keep a building safe in a fire situation.

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About Briscoe Protective Systems

Briscoe is named after one of the company's founders, Joseph Briscoe, who coached the legendary Archie Moore. Briscoe continues to work with businesses and public institutions to help them meet their fire alert and alarm needs.

We also found that Briscoe does free training seminars for building managers, building owners, non-profit organizations, and other contractors. Many of Briscoe's partners in the New York Area include AFAA, FSDA, NAFED, and UL.

Briscoe's mission statement is built on people. Every point of their mission statement hinges upon the needs of its customers. Its free training in-services are significant, as they are in-line with the company's motto: "People helping people make a difference."

  • Control Boxes for Fire Alarm Systems:
  • iO64: for small to medium projects.
  • EST 3X: EST's newest standard panel for medium to large projects.
  • EST 2: For medium to large products.
  • EST 3: Ideal for college style and campus buildings
  • Fire Shield: Designed primarily for small buildings.
  • Signature Series Smoke and CO2 Detectors
  • Genesis Horn and Strobe Technology.

Briscoe also offers door/window sensors, motion sensing, strobe lights, and keypad controls for its security products.


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