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Wilsons Security


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Cannon Automation takes a customized approach to creating security packages using Alarm.com's interactive security technology.

Pricing for security packages is based on a point system. Each available add-on feature requires a certain amount of points. You can keep adding to your system package without paying additional charges until you exceed the maximum point limit.

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  • Affordable Smart Home Technology
  • Mobile Security App
  • Great Monitoring Services

Affordable Smart Home Technology

This company utilizes the best technology from Alarm.com and offers service at affordable prices, even for customers on a budget.

There is no phone line or internet connection required, making this system ideal for customers who prefer cellular phone service.

Mobile Security App

The mobile app is provided free of charge, so you can monitor your family's security when you're away from the house. In addition, Cannon Automation (Wilsons Security) provides remarkable customer service.

You can expect to have pleasant interactions when working with this company.

Great Monitoring Services

Since Wilsons Security uses Alarm.com's products, the real service they have to offer is based on their monitoring and automation services. Customers can access control and energy management. Wilsons also offers all UL and ULC listed products.

Users can monitor their property at all times with Cannon's (Wilsons Security) services.

Wilsons Security utilizes six different monitoring stations throughout Canada for monitoring purposes.


  • Upfront Fee
  • Lack of Transparency

Upfront Fee

Cannon charges $50 upfront.

While this is a relatively small amount compared to other companies, some leading home security companies charge nothing upfront and are still able to maintain a relatively affordable monthly monitoring price.

Lack of Transparency

It's also unclear as to whether the company charges customers anything if they want to move their system into a new home; but as the equipment is wireless, it might be fair to assume that no moving fee is required.

Nevertheless, this is an area that could use some more transparency on Cannon's part.

Our Recommendation

Wilsons Security Systems is a reputable company that offers the latest wireless security products for total home coverage.

This company has received many positive customer reviews praising the company's professionalism and quality service. When we called customer service, we had a pleasant experience with a friendly representative that was happy to assist us.

In addition, this company offers top-notch service at affordable prices.

Based on these factors, we recommend Wilsons Security Systems as one of the best home security companies in New Brunswick.

About Wilsons Security

Interactive security systems include, but are not limited to:

  • LED touchscreen keypad
  • Entry door contacts
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass-break detectors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Free mobile app

Alarm.com uses patented Crash & Smash technology which allows your system to send an emergency distress signal even if your system is destroyed or vandalized. Installation and equipment fees are required but may vary depending on system preferences.

You can expect to pay a monthly fee depending on how many additional features you choose.

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