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Cox Homelife is a major player in the home security industry.

Founded by James M. Cox in 1898, Cox Communications has been a tried and reputable company for decades. Cox's annual in-kind and direct cash contributions exceed $100 million, with a community outreach focus on youth and education initiatives.

Cox Homelife security equipment is high quality and robust. In addition, Cox owns and operates six different central monitoring stations located throughout the United States. These stations are UL listed and fully redundant.

Cox supports customers with existing home security units and can add additional features plus monitoring.

They offer two monitoring packages that start at $29.99 per month, but you must have a Cox phone, video, or Internet subscription in order to be eligible for Cox Homelife's security solution.

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  • Bundling Options
  • Technology
  • Home Automation Options

Bundling Options

Cox customers can either bundle with an existing Cox subscription, or customize to meet your specific home security needs.

In terms of protection, Cox Homelife offers a number of devices, including 24/7 monitoring, flood and carbon monoxide monitoring, smoke and heat detection, and both a battery and cellular network backup.


Users can access their Cox home security system through the interactive touchscreen, online, or through Cox Homelife's mobile app.

There, they can gain access to live and recorded video monitoring, receive text or email alerts, and even control security and energy features in their home, such as lights, small appliances, doors, and the thermostat.

Home Automation Options

Cox Home Security provides customers with a package home automation deal on top of a home security system when you purchase the "Preferred" security package.

This is their top package that combines some security, video surveillance, and home automation. For $39.99/month for 24 months customers get the following:

  • Battery and cellular network backup
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Access via web, smartphone and tablet
  • SMS text and email alerts
  • Smoke/heat detection
  • Water/flood monitoring
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Secure live video viewing or recording
  • Control lights and small appliances
  • Adjust thermostats remotely

The Cox preferred package includes many nice features that typically have to be purchased separately through other companies, such as carbon monoxide detectors, video cameras, email & text alerts, and non-Cox appliance controls (a device that allows you to remotely control lamps, TV's, ice machines, etc.).

Another great option that Cox provides is discounts when you bundle the home automation package with other Cox services, such as TV, internet, and phone services.


  • Restrictions
  • Fees
  • Only Available in 16 States
  • Common Complaints


Cox Homelife's terms and conditions list a number of requirements customers must meet before they can sign up for a home security system.

Most notably among these requirements is that Cox Homelife is only available to individuals with a current or new Cox phone, video, or internet subscription.

Specific sections of Cox Homelife's contract to note:

Section 1 - Instruction on Alarm Use

You are required to instruct all users of your alarm system on the proper operation of the system, the importance of avoiding false alarms and the duties discussed by this notice.

Make sure you instruct everyone in your residence on how to use the alarm system as to avoid any false alarms and any fees incurred therein.

Section 9 - False Alarm Grace Period

Beginning on the date your alarm is installed, you will have approximately a 30-day grace period from fines for false alarms, although this grace period may vary by city, ordinance, and type of alarm.

This information will be in your applicable alarm ordinance.


On top of the starter kit, Cox customers have to buy a touchscreen control hub.

The Cox touchscreen comes with additional charges in the form of a $3.00 monthly fee.

In addition to the touchscreen fee, customers may be required to pay up to $99.00 upfront before their security system can be installed.

Access to recorded video monitoring requires an additional monthly fee.

Only Available in 16 States

Cox Homelife is only licensed to sell home security in the following states:

  • Arizona

  • Connecticut

  • Florida

  • Idaho

  • Nebraska

  • Kansas

  • Ohio

  • Virginia

  • Arkansas

  • California

  • Iowa

  • Georgia

  • Louisiana

  • Oklahoma

  • Nevada

  • Rhode Island

Common Complaints

Cox reviews report several service complaints against Cox Homelife security.

These complaints include unhelpful customer service representatives, and extended periods before Cox will respond to questions or issues. Some customers have reported issues with the required touchscreen device, and failure on the part of Cox to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

You can read more Cox Homelife reviews after "Our Recommendation" below.

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Our Recommendation

Cox Homelife offers bundling options, quality security technology, and home automation options.

However, there are strict requirements for customers and added fees that make it a less convenient and affordable option for consumers. Since there are also numerous customer complaints regarding Cox Homelife service and their security systems, we recommend going with a reputable company like Cove.


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