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CPI Security offers individual and business home security systems in 12 of the 50 U.S. States (primary in the South).

They offer home security systems in new homes, to current homeowners, and for businesses. Month-to-month monitoring is available to those who purchase all their equipment up front.

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  • CPI 'No False Alarm' Guarantee
  • Positive CPI Security Reviews
  • Video Verification
  • Security Systems for Businesses

CPI 'No False Alarm Guarantee'

A common complaint from home security customers is false alarms.

To ensure customers don't worry about that, CPI has a "No False Alarm Guarantee" that promises a credit to the customer's account if they receive a fine from the local police department for false alarms.

So while the company does not guarantee that no false alarms will go off, they do promise you won't pay for them.

In most cases, false alarms are the result of faulty equipment or installation.

Positive CPI Security Reviews

In 2019, most of the reviews for CPI Security have been positive experiences shared by new customers.

The most common praise is the company's customer service. Reviewers describe their experience with the company as friendly, polite, a great experience, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Video Verification

CPI Security's home security system video verification is actually quite impressive.

According to the CPI Security website, "an alarm event triggers your security cameras to start recording and notifies CPI's award-winning Central Station."

This recorded video verification allows customers to know there is a real threat, like burglars, or if its nothing to worry about.

Security Systems for Businesses

CPI Security is available for businesses in licensed states.

The company specifically caters to retail stores, restaurants, medical offices, and industrial warehouses.


  • Undisclosed Fees and Transparency Issues
  • Negative Reviews of CPI Security
  • Limited Availability

Undisclosed Fees and Transparency Issues

Although CPI Security Systems boasts free installation, this promise comes with several conditions.

For example, the cost of a CPI security system can be extremely high if you don't own your home, as CPI Security attaches a hefty $299 installation fee for renters. All customers, whether they rent or own, may also be required to pay additional installation fees for second-story security cameras.

And though the website says customers can receive up to $2,200 in free equipment, customers are required to purchase upfront a minimum of $99 in monitoring equipment.

Unlike other security companies, CPI Security does not clearly state the details of opening an account or service agreement.

Actual monthly rates and contract lengths can vary greatly depending on the customer's credit rating, and the CPI website yields little information for customers to reference.

They do say that their monitoring rates start out at $29.99 per month.

We can assume that is for their most basic package - "inTouch Essentials". In order to receive an accurate quote, customers must first receive credit approval.

Negative Reviews of CPI Security

About half of the CPI Security reviews on Best Home Security Companys are complaints.

The most common theme amoung these complaints are as follows:

  • People were unable to get out of their long, 5-year contract with the company. Reviewers warn people to read the entire contract before signing.
  • Not able to get a hold of customer service.
  • Out-dated and fault systems

Limited Availability

CPI Security Systems is only available in the southern region of the United States.

They are predominantly in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, but do have licenses to operate in Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, Mississippi, and Arkansas as well.

Those interested in CPI Security systems need to make sure they check the company's state availability before contacting the company.

Our Recommendation

Despite the initial offerings CPI promises and reactions from consumers, CPI Security has hidden fees, high upfront costs, and long contracts.

We encourage you to look for less expensive, higher rated home security systems. View our top-rated home security systems.

CPI Security Packages and Equipment Details

CPI offers three standard professional monitoring packages and offers customizable plans for residential use.

Installation is done professionally. All equipment comes with the use of the company's mobile app, the inTouch App.

In order to purchase an equipment package, customers must first purchase monitoring services from the company.

These monthly rates change based on the equipment you purchase.

Those who purchase all their home CPI security equipment up front may have the option of a month-to-month monitoring contract.

inTouch Essentials

  • Wireless control panel
  • Motion detector/motion sensors
  • 3 door/window sensors

inTouch Essentials Plus

  • All inTouch Essentials equipment
  • inTouch doorbell camera
  • inTouch Smarthub (bluetooth disarming of alarm)
  • Fire alarm

inTouch Edge

  • All inTouch Essentials Plus equipment
  • inTouch outdoor camera
  • Keyless door lock

Extra Security Equipment

  • Indoor cameras (180 degrees or HD)
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Video doorbell cameras
  • Glass break sensor
  • CO detection
  • Water sensor
  • Additional door / window sensors

Smart Home Automation Equipment

  • Thermostat
  • Lighting
  • Garage control

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