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EMC Security


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Quick Look at EMC Security

Company Overview
  • $16.95 monthly monitoring.
  • No contracts.
  • DIY or professional installation.
  • Services the state of Georgia.
  • $275.00 - $403.00 equipment packages.
  • Positive customer reviews.
  • Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, EMC Security provides professional monitoring and home security for both residential and commercial locations.

    EMC Security operates in Metro Atlanta and the surrounding local areas. It is owned by three local electric utility companies: Jackson Electric Membership Corporation, Walton EMC, and Greystone Power Corporation.

    For those who do not live in Georgia, many other home security companies have a multi-state reach, some even a nationwide reach.

    As one of the few companies in the industry that does not require a contract, potential customers should definitely consider EMC Security among the top companies in the industry, but EMC's excellent rates and flexible security system plans are only available to residents of Georgia.

    If you live outside of Georgia, find one of the best home security companies that services your area.

    Try the #1 DIY Home Security

    If you are interested in EMC Security’s do-it-yourself home security system but do not live in Georgia, we highly recommend Cove. Cove’s services are nationwide and they offer many of the same benefits as EMC, plus a few more.

    Read our Cove Security review to learn about their no contract policy, high customer satisfaction rating, and affordable pricing.

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    I already have security equipment. Can I still use EMC? Yes. After a quick inspection, EMC Security can easily reprogram your equipment to work with their monitoring centers.
    Does EMC Security sell cameras? Yes, EMC sells three different cameras. The video doorbell is $179.00, the outdoor camera is $159.00, and the indoor camera is $135.00.
    How long is EMC Security's contract? EMC Security does not have contracts and is proud of their month-to-month monitoring plan. While many home security companies require customers to sign a contract that lasts several years, EMC Security customers are not locked into a contract.
    Can I cancel my EMC Security account? Yes, customers on the month-to-month monitoring plan can cancel anytime without any cancellation fees.

    Do Customers Like EMC Security?

    EMC Security has not yet received many customer reviews on BestCompany.com. However, the few reviews that have been written have mostly been positive. Their collective customer rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

    On Google Reviews, EMC has received 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 600 customers.

    Negative EMC Security reviews reference:

    • Poor customer service
    • Malfunctioning equipment
    • Unexpected fees

    Positive EMC Security reviews mention that the Georgia-based security company is much better in comparison to other companies in the home security industry. Many say that they switched from EMC to another security company and then switched back after it wasn’t as good as EMC.

    These satisfied customer reviews praise EMC for:

    • Reasonable prices
    • Knowledgeable & respectful staff
    • Quick response times
    • Smooth installation process

    How Much Does EMC Security Cost?

    EMC Security provides one of the most affordable monitoring rates in the industry. At only $16.95 a month, EMC Security costs nearly half as much as most home security systems.

    EMC’s most basic home security system starts at $275.00, and their most expensive system starts at $403.00. All systems are customizable, so prices will increase if equipment is added on.

    The mobile monitoring app costs an extra $5.00/month.

    Depending on the system requirements for their homes, EMC customers may pay high installation fees. The base installation fee is $250.00.

    To determine if there are any upfront costs, customers will need to reach out to an EMC customer service representative.

    EMC Security Equipment

    In spite of its low rates, EMC is still able to provide a fully comprehensive system, complete with all three types of monitoring (landline, broadband, and cellular), home automation features such as lighting, climate, and door-lock control, video monitoring, and medical alerts.

    Through the EMC security app, users can control these features and view video streams remotely at their convenience.


    EMC offers four home security packages. Each is customizable, so homeowners can choose additional equipment on top of the included features.

    Connect+ Security System: $275.00

    • Base Station
    • 3 Entry Sensors
    • Touchscreen Keypad
    • Motion Detector

    Security + Video: $324.00

    • Base Station
    • 3 Entry Sensors
    • Touchscreen Keypad
    • Motion Detector
    • Indoor Camera

    Security + Fire Monitoring: $353.00

    • Base Station
    • 3 Entry Sensors
    • Touchscreen Keypad
    • Motion Detector
    • Smoke Detector

    Security + Camera & Fire: $403.00

    • Base Station
    • 3 Entry Sensors
    • Touchscreen Keypad
    • Motion Detector
    • Indoor Camera
    • Smoke Detector

    Additional Equipment

    The following equipment can be purchased in addition to any of the preset packages listed above.


    • Entry Sensor: $17.50
    • Motion Sensor: $32.50
    • Smoke Detector: $79.00


    • Video Doorbell: $179.00
    • Outdoor Camera: $159.00
    • Indoor Camera: $135.00


    • Keyfob: $49.00
    • Cellular Communicator: $99.00

    Activate Existing Equipment

    If you have already purchased equipment with a different home security company, you can still work with EMC Security.

    According to their website, the process to reprogram equipment to work with EMC monitoring centers is quick and easy.

    EMC Security Monitoring

    Professional monitoring with EMC Security starts at $16.95 per month. All agents that work in EMC Security monitoring stations are certified by the CSAA (Central System Alarm Association). Their two stations have also received TMA (The Monitoring Association) Five Diamond status, which means they met five standards of excellence.

    On average, home security monthly monitoring costs between $25.00 and $60.00, so EMC Security’s monitoring prices are less expensive than average.

    Even though many customer reviews praise EMC Security for their response times and their stations have received industry certifications, you may feel even more safe monitoring your own system. Those who would like to monitor their own home security system through an app must pay an extra $5.00 each month.

    EMC Security also offers an alarm verification service called EMC Text-Alert. Through this service, you will immediately receive a text from the monitoring center when an alarm goes off. This allows you to quickly verify or dismiss the alarm. According to their website, this service can decrease both response times and false alarms by 50%.

    EMC Security Installation

    EMC Security offers both a professional and DIY installation option.

    Those who would prefer highly-trained technicians to install their home security system will have to pay an installation fee of $250.00.

    Others may prefer to install the system themselves to avoid the extra cost. EMC Security has many resources, videos, and manuals to help homeowners successfully install their own home security equipment. Customer reviews report that the do-it-yourself installation is as easy as EMC Security claims it to be.

    EMC Security Contract

    EMC is also one of the few companies in the home security industry without long-term contracts for its monitoring service.

    Most companies will lock customers into a three- to five-year contract, occasionally raising monthly rates during the contract, and setting customers up for automatic renewal unless they provide a written statement that they would like to cancel.

    And because EMC Security doesn't use long-term contracts on its systems, customers won't have to worry about paying hefty cancellation fees that, with other companies, can be hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

    EMC home security customers also have the flexibility to choose their billing options, including monthly, quarterly, or yearly bills and also can choose to include their monitoring fee into their monthly power bill, depending on their power provider.

    Our Recommendation

    EMC provides one of the most affordable home security systems on the market.

    With no long-term contracts or installation fees, customers are allowed the flexibility to switch systems without paying expensive cancellation fees. EMC Security also gives their customers the option of being billed monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

    Also, customers can have their bills added directly to their power bill, depending on who their energy provider is.

    EMC offers professional and DIY installation options, along with professional and individual monitoring options.

    In short, EMC Security is a great company with good rates, but customers may consider researching companies with wider availability.

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