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Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, EMC Security provides professional monitoring and home security for both residential and commercial locations.

EMC Security operates in Metro Atlanta and the surrounding local areas.

As one of the few companies in the industry that does not require a contract, potential customers should definitely consider EMC Security among the top companies in the industry.

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  • EMC Pricing
  • EMC Security Systems
  • Free Installation
  • No Long-Term Contracts

EMC Pricing

EMC Security provides one of the most affordable and flexible security systems in the industry. At only $16.95 a month, EMC Security costs nearly half as much as most home security systems.

EMC Security Systems

And in spite of its low rates, EMC is still able to provide a fully comprehensive system, complete with all three types of monitoring (landline, broadband, and cellular), home automation features such as lighting, climate, and door-lock control, video monitoring, and medical alerts.

Through the EMC security app, users can control these features and view video streams remotely at their convenience.

Free Installation

After a free in-home consultation, EMC customers will have their security systems installed absolutely free. Many companies will charge activation or installation fees.

No Long-Term Contracts

EMC is also one of the few companies in the home security industry without long-term contracts for its monitoring service.

Most companies will lock customers into a three- to five-year contract, occasionally raising monthly rates during the contract, and setting customers up for automatic renewal unless they provide a written statement that they would like to cancel.

And because EMC Security doesn't use long-term contracts on its systems, customers won't have to worry about paying hefty cancellation fees that, with other companies, can be hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

EMC home security customers also have the flexibility to choose their billing options, including monthly, quarterly, or yearly bills and also can choose to include their monitoring fee into their monthly power bill, depending on their power provider.


  • EMC Security Reviews
  • Limited Availability
  • Price Depends on Home System Requirements

EMC Security Reviews

Customer reviews for EMC security are mixed, with an average score of 4.8 out of 10. Negative EMC Security reviews cite extra fees, bad customer service, and faulty equipment as reasons for leaving negative reviews.

Positive EMC Security reviews mention that the Georgia-based security company is much better in comparison to other companies in the home security industry and that EMC's installers are professional and highly trained. Customers also contend the claim that EMC Security's customer service is negative and claim to have had highly positive experiences with the company's service team.

Limited Availability

EMC's excellent rates and flexible security system plans are only available to residents of Atlanta, Georgia.

Many home security companies have a multi-state reach, some even a nationwide reach. And while EMC customers don't need to worry about activation or installation costs upfront, they will need to pay for their equipment at the time of installation.

Price Depends on Home System Requirements

Depending on the system requirements for their homes, EMC customers may pay high installation fees.

While EMC provides both affordable and flexible security solutions, the company offers very little information on its equipment or available home security service plans.

To determine if there are any upfront costs, customers will need to reach out to an EMC customer service representative.

And though EMC provides a list of operating manuals for equipment that could possibly be included in your system, customers are at the mercy of the free in-home consultation before they can know which equipment specifically will be installed in their home.

Our Recommendation

EMC provides one of the most affordable home security systems on the market.

With no long-term contracts or installation fees, customers are allowed the flexibility to switch systems without paying expensive cancellation fees. EMC Security also gives their customers the option of being billed monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Also, customers can have their bills added directly to their power bill, depending on who their energy provider is.

If the customer chooses to bill quarterly or annually and they cancel their service, EMC Security will refund the customer for the remaining months.

People looking into EMC will also need to conduct additional research regarding specific equipment and service options available to them. In short, EMC Security is a solid company with good rates, but customers may consider researching companies with better online transparency and wider availability.

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