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First Alarm was founded in 1966 and is headquartered about 45 minutes south of San Jose in Aptos, California.

With more than 50 years of excellent service, First Alarm has satisfactorily served homeowners and business establishments in North Carolina with home and commercial security systems.

Known for its dependable and modern security facilities and professional staff, First Alarm is a great choice for your safety needs whether at home or in the workplace.

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  • Skilled Security Professionals
  • Easy Pay

Skilled Security Professionals

First Alarm houses a team of certified engineers and security professionals who are highly skilled in security monitoring and installation. Their staff includes highly skilled professionals who are well-trained and certified in security and surveillance installation.

Easy Pay

First Alarm offers their clients a convenient payment system as well. A client can choose to pay a bill either by phone or online. Most of all, First Alarm gets an A+ BBB rating.


  • Customer Complaints
  • Website Issues

Customer Complaints

Some of the common complaints from their customers are related to their billing collection. Others have also expressed mild dissatisfaction with their products and services. In the past three years, BBB has recorded at least five major complaints about First Alarm.

Website Issues

First Alarm, often confused with first alert, is prone to brand confusion because it lacks a clear online presence. For example, the company's website has been down for some time due to "maintenance."

Without a clear summary of security services they provide, customers will have a hard time choosing First Alarm Securityfor their business or home security needs.

Our Recommendation

First Alarm is highly trusted when it comes to commercial and residential security needs.

Their wide range of security products and services are highly effective and modern to suit your safety needs and concerns.

Whether you need to install a video surveillance at work or in your own home, First Alarm is the ideal choice for their excellent customer service and cost-efficient products.

About First Alarm Security Services

First Alarm offers an intrusion detection system for residential, commercial, maintenance yard, and warehouses. This system includes sensors for windows, doors, glass-break, motion, and duress.

First Alarm also offers Fire Alarm systems such as Automatic Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler Monitoring, Addressable Fire Alarm, UL & FM, and ADA Compliant.

Aside from this, this company also houses a team of certified engineers who can help you with Video Surveillance needs. Video Surveillance is an effective security measure when you possess high-value properties inside your building.

First Alarm can also help you install an access control system that includes biometric readers, and the following:

  • Medical Alert Systems
  • FirstLink - a web-based security system
  • FirstView - a real-time video service
  • FirstConnect - a virtual access to your security system
  • FirstNet - a streamlined security system
  • Alarm System
  • Fire and Safety
  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Controls
  • Central Monitoring

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Review Last Updated: June 02, 2020

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Kurt Wobken Oakland, CA

Dec 8, 2017

When Sentry Alerts sold to First Alarm they start having billing issue and service problems. My bill pay service would send checks and they would claim I had not paid our bill. I've give them copies of the cashed check, they would say it was their mistake then weeks later I'd get calls claiming again the bills weren't paid. Then they raised our rate without notice and when the alarm went off they would call us from a block number, so we could never tell who was calling. Finally I just cancel the service and went to ADT. 6 month later they are still harassing us claiming again that we had not paid our bills and claim our cancelation happen month after I cancelled. This company does not have it's accounting act together. Stay away from this First Alarm unless you want to spend months working thru disputed billing. This company is a mess. Stay Away!