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Fleenor Security Systems


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The owner of Fleenor Home Security graduated from the University of Tennessee.

He took a job with Motorola in its Government Electronics Group, where he networked with the security industry, especially to emergency services departments and police departments throughout Eastern Tennessee.

In 1972, he started designing and installing security systems in homes.

Fleenor started its first office in 1990; they had three employees and 1900 square feet.

Today, 40 people work for this company in 10,000 feet of office space. Now, Fleenor has a fleet of company vehicles that service thousands of customers in Eastern Tennessee.

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  • Professional Monitoring Experts
  • Simplicity of Service
  • UL-Certified Monitoring Station
  • Digital Monitoring Products
  • Customizable Home Security
  • Customer Feedback
  • Government Trusted

Professional Monitoring Experts

We really liked Fleenor's reputation and years of professionalism in the industry. We found that Fleenor's technicians were some of the most professional in the industry.

Simplicity of Service

One of the things that we really liked about Fleenor was the simplicity of the residential home security system that they offer.

UL-Certified Monitoring Station

Their UL-certified central station is the only certified central station in Tennessee. It is also Five Star Diamond Certified. We found that Fleenor Home Security saw a need for a professional station, so they invested in it.

Digital Monitoring Products

Digital Monitoring Products makes products for Fleenor. Fleenor works with them to make sure that the automated monitoring products are made with the finest technology possible. Some of the technologies included are the My Access systems and Virtual Keypad functions. You can control your home system from anywhere.

Customizable Home Security

We also liked that Fleenor had some of the best technology in the industry. They install a home security system in your home that is customizable. The home security system includes the following features:

• Intrusion Detection

• Fire Detection

• Central Vacuum

• Video Detection

• Telephone and Intercom

• Structured Wiring

• Home Audio

• Fast Bell

• Central Station Monitoring

• After Sales Service

Customer Feedback

Fleenor Security has a dedicated form on its website that helps you evaluate the security system that you will put in your home. The website has a questionnaire that assesses the size of your home, the number of entry points, and other things. Fleenor's home security system remains their product, meaning that they take care of maintenance and other issues.

Government Trusted

We also liked that Fleenor has a good reputation for working with the government and other public entities. We read on the website and other sites that Fleenor has provided security for various Veteran's Affair's offices, as well as schools.

We also found only one complaint with Fleenor on the BBB website. They have an A+ and an accreditation with the BBB. The one complaint stemmed from the sending of a payment to the wrong office which double charged the client. Overall, we were very happy with what we read about Fleenor on the BBB website.


  • Lack of Information
  • Poorly Made Website

Lack of Information

We had a few issues with Fleenor that might deter a customer from purchasing their products and services. One thing that bothered us was the lack of information about technologies and products on their website.

Fleenor communicated the importance of investing in a home security system on their website. However, they did not communicate the price to potential customers. They make customers call in and get a pricing quote on their home security system. Also not included was information on credit checks required for getting service.

Poorly Made Website

We also had some issues with the content and the function of the website.

There wasn't a lot of information on products on the website. Also, the FAQ more or less told customers how to handle their security system and change passwords once it was installed.

Our Recommendation

Fleenor provides both commercial and home security options and they have done so for over 4 decades. We liked their outstanding reputation with the BBB. They have good products and services for clients. They also provide great business and commercial security systems. We would recommend them for your home security needs.

About Fleenor Security Systems

Fleenor prides itself on trust. People with a passion to be excellent work with their team of professionals. Senior management has been there for more than 15 years and the department heads have the best training in the field.

Fleenor's customers, according to their website, really like the technicians who work with the company, saying that they are the most professional technicians in any trade. Fleenor still has customer accounts of satisfied individuals who have been with the company for twenty-five years.

Many business owners who use Fleenor's products also have the security system installed in their home, too.

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