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Fluent Security


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Quick Look at Fluent Home Security

Company Overview
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Available in U.S and Canada
  • 3.8 / 5 Customer Rating
  • High Monthly Cost
  • Smart Home Security
  • Fully Wireless Systems
  • Fluent Security, an Alarm.com service provider, was founded in 2011 and quickly became the largest private home security company in Canada. The company has since expanded the United States, with headquarters in Lehi, Utah.

    Its executives have 70+ years of combined experience in the home security industry.

    The company puts an exaggerated emphasis on smart home security and customer service. Fluent Security’s higher-than-average prices demand added value — Fluent believes that its greater focus on the customer experience provides this value.

    We highly recommend customers consider choosing Fluent Home Security.

    Fluent Security Reviews

    Fluent Security has not received a high number of customer reviews on BestCompany.com. With just over 280 customer reviews, Fluent has earned a 3.8-star rating out of 5 stars.

    Unfortunately, the largest portion of negative reviews detail that contract renewal practices of the company are out of date. Some outright claim that the company is wholly deceptive.

    Yes, the majority of the negative reviews reference contract issues. We’d like to point out that every company that requires contracts will face negative reviews regarding the contract.

    We recommend customers compare Fluent’s contract and reviews to those of our top home security companies.

    That said, the company does have many redeemable qualities. Many customers appreciate Fluent Security’s customer service, quality security devices (provided by Alarm.com), and quick, knowledgeable tech support representatives. Take a look at the many positive customer reviews for Fluent Security.

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    How Much Does Fluent Home Security Cost?

    Fluent Security has one of the higher monthly monitoring prices in the home security industry at $51.99/month.

    We’d warn customers not to lock into a contract at such high prices unless they are sure of the quality they are going to receive.

    It is unclear how much customers will end up paying for Fluent’s home security equipment, as they do not list their prices on their site. However, Fluent uses Alarm.com, which could cost anywhere from $300 - $1,500 depending on how much equipment you purchase.

    Fluent does have some extra fees that potential customers should aware of:

    • Moving Fee: $99
    • Cancellation Fee: Pay Balance
    • Installation Fee: $99+

    Customers will likely have to pay out the rest of their contract in order to cancel. One customer reported having to pay $1,900 in order to cancel their contract because their equipment wasn’t working.

    Fluent Security Customer Service

    Fluent’s customer service is often the highlight of the company’s most flattering customer reviews. We have no doubt that most customers will be happy with the professionalism and overall quality of customer service received.

    Fluent Security Products

    Alarm.com security products are hit or miss. Unfortunately, they only received a 6.4 overall score on BestHomeSecurityCompanys.com and are ranked #20 (as of March 2021).

    There does seem to be a common theme among Alarm.com service providers and high monthly costs, though this may be uncorrelated.

    The Alarm.com security devices themselves are priced differently depending on the specific security provider you go with (in this case, Fluent Security). Unfortunately, Fluent doesn’t list prices for their security devices.

    Customers do praise these devices as “high-tech” and describe them as having “all the bells and whistles.” They include smart security devices, home automation, energy management, fire & flood detection, and more.

    Fluent Security Experience & Quality

    Though the company is just over 10 years old — relatively new in comparison to home security giants like Brinks Home Security or ADT — Fluent Security has recruited an executive team of industry experts.

    We are confident that Fluent has the experience needed to address the unique concerns of homeowners and home security.

    Fluent had originally been called Titan Alarm, but underwent a rebranding to Fluent Security in 2014. Along with the name change, the company changed its motto to “we speak home,” conveying expertise and a greater focus on customer concerns.

    When it comes to overall quality, the company is decent and even excels in some areas (customer service, smart home automation).

    But Fluent lags behind many of its competitors in the following areas:

    • Complaint Resolution
    • Contract Requirements
    • Cancellation Policies
    • Monthly Price

    Our Recommendation

    Because Fluent provides smart home security and home automation services to customers in both the United States and Canada, customers will receive different customer support depending on where they live.

    The best thing an interested customer can do before buying is research reviews from customers in their area and compare Fluent to the most popular home security companies that provide security services near them. Local home security companies will have a finger on the pulse of home security needs in your area.


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