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Guardian Alarm Company's basic home security $24.95 monthly monitoring fee competes with rates from top home security companies. This is an internet special only. Other home security system packages are a bit pricier. The company offers a wide variety of home security and home automation features that are better than most. In addition to door and window sensors, touchscreen panels, glass break sensors, and motion detectors, Guardian Alarm Company also provides top-of-the-line indoor and outdoor security cameras. Depending on the security package, customers can receive high-resolution video surveillance cameras with bulletproof casings, 360-degree rotation, night vision, and digital video recording. Guardian Alarm Company will store up to 800 video monitoring clips of up to two minutes each, one month of continuous recording, and six-month video storage. For the homeowners, smart home Guardian security systems are easy-to-use systems that include a 7" touchscreen, digital frame control panel that allows you to mechanize all aspects of your home. Some systems enable energy-savings in addition to providing superior protection.

Home Automation

For further peace of mind, customers will also receive a number of home automation options with Guardian Alarm Company. Through Guardian Alarm Company's desktop or mobile app, users can control heating and cooling, ceiling fans and shades, lights, locks, and garage doors remotely. Users can also receive real-time email and text alerts, aside from the mobile app, when an alarm is triggered.

Response Time

Guardian Alarm Company monitoring services boast an incredibly fast average response time of 15 seconds. That includes alarm responses to both life-threatening medical emergencies, as well as property intrusions from the monitoring center. A chief complaint about the home security industry is slow response times, so if Guardian Alarm is accurate in this claim, the company has a major advantage over competitors. Additionally, Guardian Alarm provides superior customer service where customers do not have to go through an automated phone system. Guardian claims that a live person will always pick up the phone.

GPS Tracking

Additionally, Guardian Alarm Company allows you to track assets such as vehicles or other large equipment using GPS tracking devices. These devices provide real-time location data of your lost or stolen property and are a feature offered by very few home security companies.


Even the base Guardian Alarm home security system package and monitoring services are more expensive than most. While most home security companies will provide home automation standard for a small additional fee, Guardian Alarm Company will charge up to $59.95 a month for home automation - over twice the amount other companies will charge you for the same features. And while the company claims free installation and 24/7 support with any basic service plan and base equipment, customers will be required to pay for installation with more comprehensive service plans (including those with home automation capabilities). It appears equipment such as window sensors, motion detectors, thermostats, smoke detector, locks or video monitoring security cameras may be purchased separately or in separate packages. Prices are undisclosed.

If you are signing up for a deal with Guardian, make sure to have the advertisement in hand when the consultant arrives at your home. Some customers have reviewed the company online and while the service is impeccable, the sales team will try to up-sell you and keep you from valuable savings that are offered by the corporate team. Also when signing a contract make sure to be aware that there is an automatic renewal clause; if you are not interested in a second year, make sure to contact customer service and notify them.

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Guardian Alarm Company offers a number of useful home security features (including some impressive high-end security cameras) as well as home automation devices to help you protect and monitor your home remotely. Unfortunately, to get access to some of these luxury features, considered standard by industry leaders, customers will likely have to pay a price much higher than the advertised $24.95 a month. Customers also need to be aware that Guardian Alarm Company included an automatic renewal clause on its contracts effective at the first contract's expiration, so customers not wishing to continue services will have a short window of time in which to notify the company.

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Monthly Monitoring Fee $24.99
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Review Last Updated: January 29, 2020

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Nov 8, 2016

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ALARM COMPANY. FIVE YEAR CONTRACT. We purchased Guardian Alarm service back in June 2015. We explained to them that we were going to move, they gave us a nice VIP Move Certificate that we could then take the existing time on the contract and move to our new home. (5 YEAR CONTRACT) The certificate explains includes a new base security system. However what it did not explain is that you have to start another 5 year contract with these guys, OR pay $195.00. Be careful signing the contacts, read the small print. The five year contact is terrible, and we had to pay $750.00 to get out of it. Noting was explained to us about a five year contract we were signing up for. It would take an extra hour to read all the paperwork when you sign, and of course the salesmen keeps talking to AVOID the obvious.



Michelle daglaris Deerfield Beach, FL

Nov 2, 2016

I canceled my service months ago and have been making payments to satisfy my contract only to find out that guardian is telling me that I owe more than their letter originally stated. I was a customer for 15 years and referred several people. Carlo and Scott Do not care about their customers and they have no loyalty to you as their customer! Give your money to someone else, you will sleep better. I will be canceling the business account too! I am tired of the way they treated me. Someday they will learn customer service.



John Newman Palmetto, FL

Aug 3, 2016

Guardian is not upfront when it comes to the length of the agreement you have to sign. They also had signatures and initials on a contract agreement that were not mine. I told them that the salesman had to sign those because I did not. I complained about the length of the contract and they refused to alter. One customer service rep said they would take off $5 per month but I would have to extend the contract for 5 additional years for a total of 7 years. Another customer service rep said that she would investigate and speak with the proper person to find answers. She has not called and I suspect she never will. They are great at ignoring something they don't have an answer for. Beware of this company, not trustworthy and unable to follow through.



Penny Hargrove Dayton, OH

Aug 4, 2015

I started with this company because they had a system already installed in my home. I was a first time home owner so security companies was something I had NO knowledge of. Boy did they take advantage. After paying them faithfully for one year, with not one Alarm call, I had a sensor issue on my back door, which they call several times about, then when I tried to schedule to have someone come out to fix it, I find the cost is $25.00 and if I can't miss work to accommodate their schedule I would have to pay even more. Worst part is this system has been paid for by previous 2 owners and then some. What a rip off, and to cancel would cost me $986.00 to get out of my contract or continue to pay them over the next four years to the sum of $1968.00. So let's see if they post this REAL review, because I am sending it to any place that will post it.



Mike Cincinnati, OH

Jun 20, 2015

Awsome service, awesome response and follow-up



Dee Elgin, IL

May 27, 2015

My elderly mother was scammed even with my husband and I sitting their. Dustin told my mom to write a voided check and told her she only needed to pay $99 and she's had over $500 attempted to go through and she's only had the system for 2-3 weeks. She's in a fixed income. Be warned of salesmen walking through your neighborhood!!! I will give them a 1 for the monitoring company (not sure who it is to complete paperwork for the police dept) who called immediately when the alarm went off due to my sister mistakenly pushing armed on the key fob.



JOe Southfield, MI

Dec 10, 2014

We had a great salesperson & great system with great value. Love them & would buy again!



Mike Stevens Troy, MI

Sep 23, 2014

Buyer beware! They sign you up for a FIVE year agreement that automatically renews. Plus, any time a service person comes to your door, your signature o the service ticket extends the agreement another FIVE years. They will sue you if you attempt to cancel earlier.



Paula Southfield, MI

Apr 25, 2014

Great rates, great service. Excellent experience all around. No pressure sales, very informative.



James Southfield, MI

Apr 25, 2014

I love my alarm system, the only issue I have ever had was when I switched phone service and Time Warner didn't hook my phone into my security system. I spoke to Guardian and they informed me Time Warner should come back out to tie it back in, when I called Time Warner they said they were not able to do that and tried to sell me their system. I refused and called Guardian back and they offered to fix the issue at no charge to me. Great company with great customer service. I will never have another company handle my security needs.



John Racz Cincinnati, OH

Apr 19, 2014

Overall good. Prompt assistance by phone when needed. I have the "wireless" system that has worked flawlessly.



roy Hamilton, OH

Nov 2, 2013

I got guardian, but it was my phone company I had the alarm put in and it sold out to guardian. I don't like the service and i'm looking for new service.



sheryl Toledo, OH

Oct 21, 2013

my system alarms all the time with false alarms-they have been out 3 times and it is still not working right--i am sure my neighbors hate me!