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Mountain Alarm and Security, has a reputation that is positively superior in the home alarm field. This company's response time steadily surpasses the industry's response time, and one of the most important assets is their excellent twenty-four seven customer service. Each company representative makes every effort to work closely with their clients. Many found the system easy to use. It is reported that the technicians on the jobs make sure the clients fully understand how to use it. Mountain provides two of its own monitoring facilities which are UL listed, working twenty-four hours a day for the protection of its clients.


The cancellation with this company may be strict to some customers based on the fact that once you sign a contract. Economic stress is considered as is fire to the premises and extent of destruction. Their website is informative, however, unlike some sites, there is no mention of price or quotes, which indicates that you must call in order to compare price. Products are quality as is their customer service with no holding time on the phone.

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Mountain Alarms has an excellent reputation proven only by the number of years they have been in business. There are minimal complaints reported and it's one of the few companies that have no serious negative reports.

Taking the time to find a good source of safety through home alarm systems is advantageous when the chosen company has high standards, enjoys an excellent reputation for product and service and has been serving the public for more than six decades. When customer service representatives are working closely with their clients, and the technicians teach and make sure that each client fully understands the system and its use, there can be nothing more for a consumer to look for.

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Review Last Updated: January 24, 2020

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Jan 20, 2020

My long-time, highly-reliable local alarm company in Jackson Hole sold out to Mountain at some point in 2019. Since then, 1) I have received multiple false alarms. 2) I was informed that I could not stop a fire alert going into people on my contact list and the town fire department because I could not provide them with the password that Mountain thought was correct. I called our fire department and contact list members and told them that Mountain was imagining things. 3) After going through a hundred hoops, I was advised of the password that Mountain had in its system. It was not something that I would ever have used. 4) Mountain alarm notifications, all false, to people on my call list have advised them of alarms at their, not my, residence. 5) I have been unable to get Mountain to acknowledge multiple calls advising them that I did not renew their service after December 31st. 6) Trying once again today to get Mountain to acknowledge that I never want to hear from them again, I am told that Mountain will now send me a form that will enable me to cancel service a month from now. Mountain apparently expects to get paid for their "service" up to now.



John C.

Jan 29, 2019

The system was in place when we purchased a home. It never worked properly. We tried to get help several times, and always got emailed instructions which didn’t correct the issues. The previous owners contract ran out in late October, and the first week of November we told them that we didnt want the service.. They threatened us with a collection bill equivalent to almost 3 years worth of service. It is impossible to cancel the service and impossible to get actual help with the set-up. They have major customer service issues. We will now pay them for the next 2-3 years for service that we can’t use, and call a better company to give our home the protection that we are looking for. Horrible Company. Do not do business with this company.



Brian Dallas, TX

Jun 30, 2018

This company will say anything to make a sale. I purchased a home and was discussing options with the company president. I purchased the product and signed a contract. I was told I could cancel anytime before the product was installed/initiated. As it turned out, the product/service did not meet my needs. I have called numerous times to cancel and the customer service reps tell me they don't cancel services and/or the need to have the customer service manager to return my call to initiate the process. As it turns out no one returns calls to cancel. I am not 13 months past signing and still going around to cancel services. At this point I cancelled the payment on the credit card to see if they will discuss this topic. I would not recommend this product. They will say and do anything to get you to sign a contract, then nothing to cancel it.



Jed Sinsheimer

Apr 4, 2018

The most dishonest, misleading, and unethical company I have ever done business with. My company was leasing a property on a year to year basis, and agreed with the leasing company to take on the buglar/fire alarm cost (which were already contracted through Mountain Alarm. The first thing they lied about was terms of service, which they failed to mention was a 3 year contract (effective 12/30/15). I should note that my company paid on time, every time, for 2 years. One month prior to the start of the 3rd year of the contract (12/01/17), my company was in the process of moving to a larger facility, and notified Mountain Alarm that we no longer needed their services (even though we already paid for the entire year of 2017). Two months later (February 2018) we received several notices for a past due amount of $420 (the annual premium amount). After calling them to inquire about the past due amount, they informed us that in order to cancel "services" we would have to sign a "cancellation notice", and they also stated (falsely) that "once the cancellation notice was signed the past due amount would be removed". What they didn't mention was that in the fine print of the cancellation notice was an agreement to pay the "past due amount" of $420 (the annual premium for 2018). When I called them to dispute the "past due" invoice, which listed "Burglar Alarm Monitoring for 1/1/18 - 12/31/18" and 12 Monthly Reports for the same period, I basically had their A/R Clerk tell me that they got our signature on paper, so regardless of the fact that we were billed for SERVICES NOT RENDERED, we had to pay. Now let me be clear, this company totally covered themselves legally, there is nothing explicitly illegal about it. However, that is NOT how you do business! This is FRAUDULENT BILLING, dishonest sales tactics, the worst customer service I've ever experienced, and I will NEVER do business with this DISHONEST company again.



Kimberly Marriott

Feb 14, 2018

Worst customer experience, i have ever had, seemed like there were a bunch of teenagers working there, i could hear laughing in the back ground, really unprofessional! i was put on hold 5 times during a 10 minutes phone call. They should really consider hiring some educated ADULTS with work experience. Installation is a joke, it's taken 3 different occasions for them to get it right.



Steven Sharmahd

Jun 8, 2017

Can't seem to get installation correct after 5 months working on the camera system. They are very nice, very responsive but 5 months after the install the system still does not work. They have made 8 trips to the site. They still can't figure out how to keep th cameras on for more than a month and they are supposed to be the experts. What a disappointment !



JJ Cheshire, CT

Apr 17, 2017

This is the worst company to do business with. They not only mislead you and cheat they also have false billing tactics. First the product does not work, plus they keep on charging incorrect amounts. If you question they send it to collection and harass you. If you want to cancel the service, they will not do so. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY



David Lambly Murphys, CA

Mar 6, 2015

We had this company give us an estimate for a home security system. When they came out they showed us a top of the line camera; however, when the had finished the installation they had installed a low grade camera. We reviewed the agreement and noticed they did not specify in the agreement what specific model they would install...our mistake was not reviewing and getting a detailed agreement and trusting in this company. If you use them make sure you have them spell out in detail everything they will be using.



Nick North Las Vegas, NV

Oct 13, 2014

Although the installer was nice 'Rick'. The final product was a small computer looking board with flashing red and green lights dangling from my pot shelf from a wire for all to see. After a cost of almost two grand out of pocket for the equipment and install. The system worked periodically. The installer said it was my Internet. Maybe once that I know of. The cable got unplugged. The other times I believe equipment. Either way my family and I do not feel protected with Mountain Alarms. So with all the problems and spending almost 2 grand and several years of payments any many issues. I tried to cancel two months early. The alarm has need disconnected for the last four months. They are still charging me the rest of the contract. Fine I'll pay the last two months but I want everyone that the equipment is unreliable. The service, well if the alarm goes off you don't always get a call and the installation is in my opinion poor. Even though the installer 'Rick' is a nice person.



Jessica Ogden, UT

Jan 23, 2014

My husband and I built a new home and we new we wanted a security system. Some friends recommended we call Mountain Alarm. They quickly responded to our request for a quote. It was a fair price and they offered to beat any competitors quote. We chose them as they have been in business for over 60 years. The technician was very professional and new the equipment inside and out. We have security, zwave door locks, and zwave thermostats. After installation the technician walked us through setting up the app and showed us how to use the interactive features. We love our system.