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National Certified Alarms, Inc.


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NCA was one of the first security companies in American to do a non-contractual monitoring agreement.

NCA's philosophy is that if the customer owns the equipment there is no reason it should cost $30 or more a month for monitoring.

With NCA, they require that the customer purchase all the equipment up front and then receive monitoring for as long as they want and can cancel at any time.

NCA can install both hardwired and wireless systems, but if you go with the wireless system the monthly cost for monitoring is $19.95 rather than $9.95.

Either way, customers are going to pay somewhere around $400-$500 initially and can customize their systems with motion detectors, door sensors, smoke and glass-break detectors, etc.

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  • Low Monthly Fees
  • Very Positive Customer Reviews

Low Monthly Fees

The key reason to go with NCA is that you are going to save money over the long run. Many other companies will offer "free" or $99 systems initially but then lock customers into 5-year agreements for $40/month or more.

With NCA, you pay more upfront because you are buying all the equipment but are then saving money in the long run with a much cheaper monthly agreement.

Very Positive Customer Reviews

National Certified Alarms, Inc. has a disproportionate amount of positive reviews. Customers state that service technicians are thorough and very quick to respond to requests.

Other customers say that their service technicians were very intelligent and professional. Customers are also obviously happy with the reduced monthly monitoring fee, which is likely one of the lowest in the entire home security industry.


  • High Upfront Cost

High Upfront Cost

With a high satisfaction rating among their customers, there is very little to complain about with NCA.  However, customers do need to be aware that most costs incurred will be upfront. If new customers are not in a position to front the costs of the equipment in their entirety then this might not be a feasible option.

Our Recommendation

NCA is a great company for anyone in the Southeastern United States who is looking for a great home security system at an excellent price. At around $10/month and no contract, this is one of the best deals on the market today.

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