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Platinum Protection


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Platinum Protect LLC is a smart home automation and security company that specializes in providing state-of-the-art home security solutions across the United States. The company is headquartered in Utah and is heavily involved in the direct marketing of home security products.

Platinum Protect is a licensed dealer for Monitronics International, which is a professional monitoring company from Dallas, Texas.

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  • Customer Service Focus
  • Advanced Home Security Equipment

Customer Service Focus

Platinum Protection LLC takes pride in doing all that they can to help their customers. Customers can talk directly to the company because they have no secretaries employed and do not use answer phone services. The company provides a free consultation service with a certified and trained officer.

Advanced Home Security Equipment

Platinum Protection's equipment is fairly advanced with their mobile app options. Very little information is offered in regards to equipment and fees online.


  • Mass Layoffs
  • Lawsuit
  • Lack of Upfront Pricing
  • Hard to Get Ahold Of
  • Limited Area of Availability

Mass Layoffs

Platinum Protection, a leading summer-sales-model security company formerly based in Utah, reportedly laid off almost all its employees in 2012, including corporate staff, sales representatives, and technicians.


Now, Platinum is facing a federal lawsuit filed by its primary dealer, Monitronics, demanding more than $2 million that Monitronics says Platinum owes it for bad accounts and loss of revenue guarantees.

Monitronics, one of the nation's largest home security alarm monitoring companies, wants to take possession of 6,255 accounts it says that Platinum still has as collateral.

Lack of Upfront Pricing

Platinum Protection does not offer any information on pricing, installment fees, and equipment cost on their website. Visitors are required to either fill out an email contact form or call the agency to receive a quote.

Hard to Get Ahold Of

We called Platinum Protection but reached an automated recording system. We were placed on hold for more than 9 minutes before we hung up. We called a second time, stayed on hold for 10 minutes, and again failed to reach an actual person.

Limited Area of Availability

The security systems and services are only available in New Hampshire and areas surrounding Boston, MA.

Our Recommendation

We do not recommend this company. Their lack of vital information and customer service inhibits potential customers from making the most informed choice in a simple way.

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