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Post Alarm Systems offers a unique approach towards their basic package which requires new customers to pay for the equipment, installation, and activation up front in exchange for a no contract agreement. Post Alarm uses Honeywell wireless equipment, however, landline system are available upon request.

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  • Top Ranked by Security Dealer Magazine

Top Ranked by Security Dealer Magazine

Post Alarm Systems is consistently ranked as one of the Top 100 Security Companies in the Nation by SDM (Security Dealer Magazine). They hire industry experts and require that all personnel are pre-employment polygraphed and drug tested.


  • Must Purchase All Equipment Upfront

Must Purchase All Equipment Upfront

Although Post Alarm's approach towards contracts is unique, it might still not be worth it due to their requirements of needing to buy all the equipment upfront.

For many customers, fronting close to a thousand dollars for a home security system is not an option and Post Alarm Systems does not offer customers the option to take on a contract and pay more month to month.

Therefore, if you do not have the cash then buying a system through them isn't even an option.

Our Recommendation

Overall, Post Alarms is a quality company with decades of experience serving the people of Southern California.

If you live in the region, have enough capital to buy all the equipment upfront, or just don't want to sign a multi-year contract then Post Alarms would be a good choice. 

However, if you cannot afford to pay for everything upfront and would like to pay for the system over a few years we suggest you look at other home security providers.

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Review Last Updated: June 02, 2020

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Hai Nguyen

Sep 5, 2019

HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! NEVER DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! I had too bad experience with this company! It looked like no one want to do business with this company so they have too much spare time to follow and disturb me! They kept sending me stupid bills. I seldom get angry. But, this afternoon they made me so angry. I canceled their service 2 months ago. Today I got my third bill since I cancel. And not like the previous 2 time, this time the bill was a bog amount of $1176. When I called, they said I signed this service 2 years ago but I did not. I explain again and again but they insisted that I own this amount. Then they told me to check email. I checked and saw this amount. However, the bill looked fresh, I mean they just wrote it up. I double check my document and found the same document that they sent to my email. But nowhere mention this $1176. The I told them that I have evidence and if they keep disturb me again I will sue them. They hang up the phone. 2 minutes later, they called and just simply said sorry. So suffering with this company! SO MY ADVICE IS NEVER DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!




Aug 13, 2019

Charge you 800 dollars just to install a camera and a front door alarm and a few windows then continue to charge you 53 dollars a month



Mae Belle Wunderlin Monrovia, CA

Jul 16, 2018

I have been trying since June 22, 2018 it is now July 16. 2018 to cancel my Post Alarm system. Left 3 mail box messages and had one disconnect. telephoned the home office.. Now I get they tried to telephone me but my line was busy. My telephone tells me every telephone call I have ever reeieved Post has never called. instead they just keep sending me bills



Sarah Anderson Los Angeles, CA

Mar 2, 2016

I would like to mention that this is one of the worst companies that I have ever dealt with. I had to cancel my service since nothing was done as promised and they are extremely unorganized and overpriced. The way they deal with clients is atrocious. I did not want to listen to the bad reviews in here but now I do regret it, it could have save me a lot of trouble.



ELLA Los Angeles, CA

Feb 29, 2016

Please avoid this company as much as possible. They have horrible staff and horrible services. If you want to avoid yourself a headache please do not hire this company. Their security staff are untrained, rude, with poor English and they do not comply by the laws of the city!