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Protect America is one of the only companies that still offer service for landline monitoring, as well as broadband and cellular home security monitoring. Protect America offers flexible monitoring options for nearly every budget.

Monthly monitoring starts at $19.99 - one of the lowest home security system prices - and goes to $50 a month for cameras and video monitoring (on par with other professional monitoring companies).

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  • No Upfront Equipment Costs
  • Low Monthly Monitoring Fees
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty
  • Protect America Reviews
  • DIY Security Solution

No Upfront Equipment Costs

What sets Protect America apart the most from other home security companies is that there are no upfront costs.

Instead, customers can pay for their equipment in their monthly bill with no interest charged.

This makes Protect America one of the most affordable home security companies in the industry.

While other companies will charge anywhere from $99 to over $1,000 in upfront costs, Protect America currently charges $0 in upfront fees. However, those who want to purchase their equipment outright still can.

If a customer wants to purchase devices from Protect America upfront, they definitely can and this will result in a lower monthly fee.

Protect America has transparent pricing on their services and equipment. Other alarm companies require homeowners to call in and get a quote.

Protect America displays all this information on their website and allows customers to get an instant quote by building their own home security system, or choosing from the company's packages.

Low Monthly Monitoring Fees

Protect America offers five different home security packages ranging from a locked-in rate starting at $19.99 per month (landline monitoring), one of the cheapest monthly monitoring packages available in the home security industry.

Minimum monthly monitoring with cellular is $41.99/month, the same or lower than other companies. Monitoringincludes free equipment (see above).

When you compare Protect America vs ADT, you'll notice that ADT is more expensive overall: both basic monitoringand video monitoring are $10 more. ADT also has customers purchase alarm devices upfront for an unknown cost.

For more details, see our comparison table below. We've also compared Protect America's home security to Vivint Smart Home.

With Protect America, their monitoring center watches over your home 24/7 and dispatches emergency services when needed.

You also have the option for cellular monitoring with the Protect America mobile app - available on Google Play (rated 3/5) and the App Store (rated 2.5/5).

With their mobile app, a customer can:

  • Access door locks (lock and unlock remotely)
  • View and adjust Z-Wave devices (including thermostat and garage door)
  • Arm and disarm the alarm
  • Stream live footage from cameras
  • View recorded footage from security camera
  • Adjust lighting (turn lights on, off, and dim)
  • Get alerts to opened doors and windows

Lifetime Equipment Warranty

Protect America offers a free lifetime warranty with all the equipment and all packages.

If any parts of their equipment are defective or stop working, the company will send out replacement parts for free as long as you are a customer.

Once you sign a contract with Protect America, your rate is locked in.

They will not raise your monthly monitoring fees as long as you are under contract.

Once you sign a contract with Protect America, your rate is locked in, meaning even if the company raises prices for their service, they can't raise your rate. Other companies, like Xfinity, do not promise a locked-in rate after a year.

Protect America Reviews

Protect America comes highly recommended by its customers.

On average, their customers rate them 8 out of 10. This is a high rating in the home security and smart home industry - 80% of the reviews we see for these companies are negative. Many Protect America home service reviews touch on the following:

  • Helpful, fast customer service
  • Easy to install DIY system
  • Fair pricing for alarm equipment
  • System and camera work well

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DIY Security Solution

Protect America is a DIY security solution, meaning you install the security equipment at home on your own without the help of a professional.

The DIY installation process is simple and will take you less than an hour to complete. The simple process comes with 24/7 support and the company provides a collection of online video tutorials.

This can provide peace of mind to consumers looking to get their home security system installed quickly and easily.


  • 3-Year Contract
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Protect America Complaints

3-Year Contract

One downside of Protect America Home Security is its 3-year (36-month) contract.

Some home security companies offer their home security services with shorter contracts or no contracts at all; however, a 36-month contract is quite common within the industry.

The reason companies can have shorter or no contract is because they require a customer to purchase the home security system upfront.

Cancellation Policy

If you do decide to cancel Protect America's services, you will be required to pay 100% of the remaining balance of your contract.

Review a few Protect America reviews to see what the cancellation process has been like for other customers.

Other home security companies may only require you to pay a percentage of the remaining balance. Paying the full balance can end up costing you hundreds of dollars if you haven't been on the contract very long.

Be sure to research Protect America's terms before committing to a contract.

New customers have a 30 day money-back guarantee. During that time, they can return their equipment without being bound to the 36-month long-term contract.

Protect America Complaints

While most of the Protect America reviews we have on our site are positive, there are still complaints from some customers.

Most of these complaints can be categorized into the following two groups:

  • 3-year contract that customers are unable to cancel
  • Unhelpful customer service; difficulty getting ahold of service rep

Our Recommendation

Based on our research, you likely won't find a more affordable home security company than Protect America.

It is a solid home security company with packages starting at only $19.99 per month with no upfront or installation costs, so you get the most equipment and the least amount of upfront costs.

Other services and features, like the Protect America app, while not unique to the company, do make it a very comprehensive home security option.

We recommend them for their low price and great customer reviews.

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About Protect America

Monitoring Plans

The following are monitoring plans offered by Protect America.

Each monitoring service plan comes with the listed equipment for free. Costs depend on what type of monitoring you choose (cellular, landline, broadband).

Add an indoor video camera or a video doorbell camera for just $7 more a month to any of these plans. Add both cameras for $10/month on any plan (includes monitoring).


Landline: $19.99/mo

Broadband/Cellular: $41.99/mo

  • Control panel
  • 3 door / window sensors
  • 1 motion detector


Landline: $37.99/mo

Broadband/Cellular: $49.99/mo

  • Control panel
  • Smartphone app
  • 9 door / window sensors
  • 1 motion detector


Landline: $42.99/mo

Broadband/Cellular: $54.99/mo

  • Control panel
  • Smartphone app
  • 14 door / window sensors
  • 1 motion detector

Additional Equipment

Protect America integrates with smart home automation products, such as lighting, garage door control, smart locks, smoke and fire detectors, lighting, smart appliances, and other alarm systems.

IQ Panel 2 (Upgraded Control Panel)

The packages listed above all come with the Simon XT control panel for you to arm and disarm your system.

Interested parties can upgrade to the IQ Panel 2 - a touch screen hub that connects all of your smart home devices. This panel has a built-in camera and a glass break detector.

Motion Detectors: $99/each

There is also the option to install motion detectors.

These motion sensors are easy to install, and they detect both heat and movement within a 25-foot range in a 90-degree arc. They can be installed in the corners of rooms, and it is recommended to put these in high traffic areas in your home.

Window and Door Sensors: $39/each

Protect America offers several different types of sensors.

They have the door and window sensors which detect whenever the door or window is opened. The Protect America door and window sensors are wireless microsensors which means they do not have to be plugged into your wall and are hidden out of the way.

It is advised that customers place a sensor on every door and window for optimum security.

Glassbreak detector: $99/each

Protect America's equipment includes a glassbreak detector.

With this device, an alarm will trigger if glass breaks while your system is armed. The alarm works wirelessly and picks up sound within a 20-foot radius.

August Smart Lock Pro: $229

This is a deadbolt door lock that you can control from your mobile app for keyless access to your house.

One of the Z-wave devices from Protect America.

Keychain remote: $49

Remote that you keep on your keys to arm and disarm the alarm at your home.

The keychain remote works up to 100 feet and includes a flashlight and an alarm sound.

Indoor Camera: $100

Users will want to place Protect America's video surveillance cameras in high traffic areas, like by door entries/exits and hallways.

Protect America enables users to view video surveillance through their "Smart Connect App."

Live footage from the camera can be viewed at any time from anywhere as long as they have a WiFi connection. The camera starts recording during an alarm or as scheduled. Includes night vision and two-way audio.

Doorbell Camera: Price Varies

This video doorbell camera is wired to your home and begins automatically recording when anyone approaches your front door.

Connect With More Home Automation Equipment

In addition to a wide array of alarms and security devices, customers can integrate smart home devices with Protect America equipment using Z-Wave technology: a wireless network you connect devices to that's designed not to interfere with other wireless products.

Z-Wave technology can be controlled remotely through your phone.

Because Protect America is a DIY security system, you can set up their products and any other smart home devices at your leisure: door locks, garage door control, thermostats, lighting, smoke detectors, outdoor cameras, indoor security cameras, and more.

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Ratings Breakdown
Monthly Monitoring Fee $19.99-$42.99
Install & Equipment Fee $0
Contract Length 36 Months
Cancellation Policy Pay Balance
System Relocation Fee Free
Number of Reviews 2,470
Review Last Updated: May 18, 2020

Real Customer Reviews

The home security reviews on our site are left by both customers organically looking to share their opinions and customers whose opinions have been solicited.

In order to ensure the legitimacy of reviews on, all reviews are moderated by real people. We check each review for fraud and violation of our review guidelines. Customer reviews are unbiasedly checked and used to rank the home security companies on our site. You can read the breakdown of how we rank companies here.

2,470 Protect America Reviews

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Delores Eaton Durham, NC

Sep 5, 2014

Jason Heriford was very helpful. Consequently, I expect very efficient service. Delores Eaton



Scott Carroll Eustis, FL

Sep 1, 2014

Good Company.



Torrance Lillie Arlington, TX

Aug 20, 2014

If you see this company run. They are not as good as their reviews claim that they are. Once you sign your contract they treat you like crap.



Andrea Philadelphia, PA

Aug 20, 2014

I called this company last night to find out what they were offering and to obtain prices. The rep was very friendly and genuinely concerned about my recent incident of having my home broken into. During my conversation with this very nice young man he was very informative about the product, made great suggestions and most importantly did not try to push me to make a decision on the phone. He accepted (respected) the fact that I was still reaching out to a couple more alarm companies and would then make a decision. Honestly, I know I will go with this company because all of the reviews I have found are good one's.



Alan matsushima Ewa Beach, HI

Aug 14, 2014

Very poor performing system and customer service. One of our window alarms has activated several times for no apparent reason and I had a hassle trying to get a replacement for an obviously defective alarm. We asked that this alarm be deactivated until we received a replacement. I was advised that this alarm would be placed in the "test" mode, that way protect America would know if it activated but it would not cause a alarm. Well, it alarmed, my wife received a call but unfortunetly her phone did not ring, I did not receive a call on my phone, usually I do. Later she saw the call on her phone. The police were dispatched...because of multiple false alarms, we will be charged at least $50.00. My wife called protect America and again asked that the alarm be put in the test mode, she was advised this could not be done unless a day and time to cancel was provided. We were not advised of this requirement the first time. This hassle would not have been necessary if protect America could have provided a replacement alarm in a timely manner.



Shannon Decorah, IA

Aug 13, 2014

System is cumbersome and trying to get customer service is time consuming. They also lock you into a 3 year contract and have a dumb requirement to send a letter of termination even though you spoke to a customer service person and cancelled immediately.



Andrew Leland Houston, TX

Aug 10, 2014

Customer service answered all my questions very quickly and completely. Couldn't ask for anything more!



Taren C Hampton, VA

Aug 8, 2014

Just horrible! Was told by the sales rep that the Glass Break sensor was professionally tested and the only thing that sets it off is glass breaking, and possibly keys falling. I specifically asked if barking dogs would set it off (because I have 4). He said no they would not set it off. So why did I come home numerous times to my alarm going off because my dogs started barking when they heard my car pull up? So now that sensor sits unactivated in my kitchen, taking up space. Next, during my first summer of having Protect America, I discovered that the shody stickies that they use to put up the window sensors cannot withstand summer heat. I had to speed home from work to turn off the alarm quite a few times because the sensor fell off of the window and set it off. My basement sensor, however, did not fall off but for some reason the alarm keeps going off as if the window had been opened. I also had to rush home quite a few times to check to see if there was really a break in! My basement window is set up so that if someone were inside and climbed back out, they wouldnt be able to latch it back. So when I got home to see it still latched, I knew the system itself was malfunctioning. So now that sensor has been removed by us so we, and the cops, can stop speeding home every day! My husband and I have complained about the shoddy equipment, especially after we got charged by the police dept for false alarms, but their only solution is to send us more shoddy equipment! And if we're not satisfied and want to cancel, we have to pay the remaining balance, which, at that time was $1,000. We've continued to tolerate this for a year and are finally at a point where we may be able to pay the balance off and say GOOD RIDDANCE! I DO NOT suggest this company to anyone.



Cole j=Jacks

Aug 1, 2014

Has great benefits for people who need home security or are concerned about their personal belongings while away. Great company to give you peace while away from your home!



James Center Ossipee, NH

Jul 31, 2014

They are very nice people and they help a lot.



Spenser Traverse City, MI

Jul 31, 2014

They tell you both sides and seem trustworthy.



Alex Fullerton, CA

Jul 29, 2014

If you are in the military DO NOT do business with this company! In 15 years of service they were the only company to not allow me out of a contract do to a mandatory military PCS (move). I had to pay 8 months of service that I was not using and they would not work with me at all. Their service was ok but I will never use them again and I tell all military personell looking for home security to look elsewhere.



Patricia Palazzola Saint Charles, MO

Jul 17, 2014

They are fair, nice people.



Cynthia Ashline Summerville, SC

Jul 16, 2014

Customer service was very good verifying my account information before taking the update you requested. Felt very reassured.



Henry Seiden Saint Augustine, FL

Jul 15, 2014

The Good: • When the system works it's OK. Given a good battery, proper secure placement of Cell antenna if equipped will keep the unit operable and able to perform its functions. • Sensors seem to operate when installed properly and are sensitive enough to receive alarms. • The reps usually do explain the panel's usage and how to deal with issues to avoid repeatedly having to call back. • Make notes about the sensors and ask for information in writing. • Several types of alarm sensors are available (best to get everything you need in the first go to get best discounts). The Bad: • The app is the flakiest part of the system operation and has little interaction with the panel. The app may not work BUT the panel still will! • Be prepared for long hold times or delayed call backs for service. Learn how your systems' components operate and record all the ID's for each sensor so you can update it at the panel. The panel is the heart of the system so try to learn it as much as possible. Ask questions when working with the reps. They usually do answer questions and explain how to use the panel. • Getting parts sent in to you to install takes longer and longer with each passing year. When a battery went out for example they sent it by slowest boat available- two weeks with a dead backup battery! • Customer service and Retention departments have nothing to do with each other. There is no remedy provided for being out of service. • Contract terms are three years with automatic renewal at the 90-30 day contract end time. Recent announcements require you to send a cancellation letter in advance of the contract end date to an address specified in the contract. Hint, some other companies will buy you out of ridiculous three year contract terms when you get close so check that out.



LaVerne Stockton, CA

Jul 11, 2014

My experience with the represenative that helped me on today, was very helpful and informative. I really appreciated the fact that, my experience was with someone who actually knew his job. Thank you Rich!!!



Leonard Munster, IN

Jul 10, 2014

great service from Rich @ protect america very knowledgeable and fast.



Louis Harrell Jr. Bridgeport, CT

Jul 9, 2014

I've had my system for several months now and thus far everything is great. It was easy to install and the tech was very good when I activated the system. I recommended it to a relative but he chose another company and I think he is very unhappy with all the hidden cost for equipment that is free with protect America. I love my system and would recommend it to anyone. I'm even going to upgrade to cameras.



Ann Sulewski Northbrook, IL

Jul 9, 2014

Awesome.. thank you so much!



Khalilah Ling Cleveland, OH

Jul 8, 2014

Jarral Thomas was very pleasant and accommodating! It was a pleasure to work with him and we look forward to a long relationship with Protect America!



Priscilla Hanford, CA

Jul 7, 2014

After having great service with Protect America in my home for over a year, I suggested my parents get it too. They recently had their house broken into so they agreed. I called Protect America to get them started and spoke to Jarral Thomas. He was very helpful and courteous. He answered all my questions and patiently waited as I translated everything for my mom. Awesome service!!



[email protected]

Jul 5, 2014

I have several complaints about this company. In the entire time I have had this company they alerted me when there was a problem one time. And it was a complete surprise to me. I was sitting on my porch. They tell me they dont have permission from me to alert me during a power outage. Prime time to be broke in. I want out of this contract. Im fed up.



Rebecca Shipp Willard, NC

Jul 2, 2014

It has been 2 years since I signed up and have never had any interaction with the company at all. I had my phone taken out because I could not afford to pay. The alarm system has never been used and just sitting. I have kept up my payments because of the contract but have had no calls to test system or anything else. I want out of my last year. Since my husband passed away I can not afford security or a phone. I am having to pay $40.65 for monthly monitoring instead of the 19.95 advertised.



Tamar Beneli Rancho Cordova, CA

Jul 2, 2014

I have installed the system some time ago. All of a sudden a few nights ago the system started beeping on its own! There is no one to call at 2:00 Am or at 8:00 PM - terrible product and even worst customer service - it is non-existent



Dr. Gbenoba Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Jun 30, 2014

Protect America offers an exemplary customer service unparalled in the industry. My customer service experience with Mike Ferguson was quintessential. He was flexible with pricing, good natured, honest, and easy to talk to or negotiate with. He offered the best customer service experience I have ever had anywhere in the US. I would recommend that you contact Mike for the ultimate customer service experience and satisfaction possible if you are planning to purchase a Home Security System. Furthermore, I very strongly recommend that you sign up with PROTECT AMERICA for the best Home Security Systems/Monitoring deal possible in the market. PROTECT AMERICA is by far the best- they are the least expensive in the market. They do not charge you any money for equipment, no installation fees, lifetime warranty on equipments, lowest monthly fees for monitoring and most of all the best customer service imaginable! PROTECT AMERICA IS UNARGUABLY THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS.



Gerardo Miami, FL

Jun 29, 2014

I recomend this company, everyone must have it, and the customer service spanish speaking was very helpfull. Positive ranked



[email protected] Valrico, FL

Jun 28, 2014

Please stay away from protect america. This company has the worst customer service and cannot get anything right. I signed up with this company last year in August but I waited for the equipment for three weeks but it did not arrive. When I called, I was told that the order was cancelled but they could not tell me why. I tried ordering it again, this time, they got the social security number wrong despite telling them several time what the right one is. Again, the order was cancelled but they could not process it.. so the order was cancelled again without notifying me. I should have known that they are incompetent. I called them again. This time, theymwere able to process it. We called them within a week of receiving the equipment to cancell because the system didn't work for our need. They said that the contract had been cancelled and requested that their equipment be ship back to them. The equipment was sent back to them within two weeks of the conversation. But I noticed that they were still charging my account for monthly monitoring. I called them to let them know that the account was cancelled per their agent and was told that the account was never cancelled. However, they conveniently refused to honor the cancellation under the premise that they were never told to cancel the account. So now they have the equpment but were still charging my account for monthly monitoring. All attempts to resolvethe issue was futile so I changed my account information so they would no longer be able to withdraw money. Once they could no longer withdraw the money at their pleasure, they sent it to collection for an inflated amount of over $2000 for a property they nevef monitored for one day. Their collection agency, Hillcrest Davidson, is as bad as them. They call you under a false pretence of trying to resolve the problem but their resolution is for you to pay the amt billed to you by protect America. They are only concerned about their clidnt, Protect America. Imwould avoid dealing with them as well. Protect America is not an honest company. Besides, 5hey have a third party monitoring your property so it takes for ever to reach someone for assistant. You have been warned.



K. Ferguson San Leandro, CA

Jun 27, 2014

Absolutely sub-standard. The equipment malfunctions resulting in false alarm charges. I'm paying for a system in which I have NO confidence. Do not sign up for this and get yourself stuck in a 3-year contract!



D.E Katy, TX

Jun 24, 2014

Product is very poor at best. You spend a long time installing it yourself, only to find out that the window sensor batteries constantly go out. I followed all directions and went through a lengthy setup. The system worked one time before the false alarms started. So you constantly are changing out the sensors and the system is completly unreliable. Complete waste of time and money, and of course you can never get out of your contract and their customer service is horrible. Counting down the days until I can cancel.



maria Coachella, CA

Jun 18, 2014

the protect America was a bad service when I had some problem don't prove help .



Anne Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Jun 16, 2014

Already returned 2 on my third....continues to go offline....unable to use on phone as promised at times. Notes station number which I don't have. Phone arms and disarms when out of reach. Customer service is very difficult to reach and you hold for 30-60 minutes even having them on the line, most stressful company I've ever dealt with!



Thomas Moss Apo, AE

Jun 16, 2014

Customer Suppor was very helpful in regards to updating my account information. Thank you! -Tom Moss



Bill Francella Troy, NY

Jun 16, 2014

Their customer support was concise and fast. Great service!



Jamie Easley, SC

Jun 14, 2014

Absolutely FLAWLESS service since I got it 2 years ago.



Cathy Round Rock, TX

Jun 14, 2014

Motion detector keeps going off (and there's nothing moving in the house) so I have to call every 30 days to tell them to disregard any motion alarms. I've had all of the alarms go off somehow while I'm away and have had police, firemen, and EMT respond even though nothing should have set off the alarm. I asked for it to be fixed, but I have to pay for someone to fix it. Oh, the other day, the smoke alarm went off (making pizza and the cheese dripped onto bottom of oven...a common issue which I need to somehow resolve to stop setting off the alarm). Anyway, I canceled the alarm and some time passed by when the firemen showed up at my door. Then, Protect America called at the same time. They're not to send someone to my home until they call to attempt to verify there is a problem. They were really late this time. One more complaint. I went months without monitoring (although I was paying for it) because they never contacted me indicating that there was no communication between my house and their monitoring center. According to the contract, they don't offer that service. So, my suggestion to you is to really read the contract. I will from now on. Just waiting for contract to end... 2-3 months and I'm ready to send in my cancellation request soon...



Deborah Boise, ID

Jun 10, 2014

I have to disagree with the $0 charges. I purchased 4 remote keychains for $99.00 and I was told I would have to prepay first months service of $54.99 and a 75.00 charge that was not explained. Foolishly, I agreed to the charges but it cost me over $200. 00 initially. I like the service they provide and the equipment is great, so I am very happy with it, but I felt I needed to correct the statement of "no charges."



HBP Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jun 9, 2014

This system is okay for small apartments or houses; for large not so good. Before ours would work I had to manually extend the internal antennae, requiring taking the central unit apart. The batteries in some sensors need changed every year and requires some dexterity.The directions on how to adjust the central unit were fair to poor. The company will call you if an alarm is set off, unfortunately, it's NOT identified on your cellphone and the numbers vary so you're likely to not answer the call. In our case this caused 300 dollars in fines from the police for false alarms, so we cancelled the service. The company needs to fix this before I can recommend them. If they do and you have a small place, the service may be workable.



Rameche Pleasant Grove, UT

Jun 2, 2014

There is ZERO customer service. I was on hold for 45 minutes before calling another number. The rep, surprised to hear about the 45 minutes hold, told me that he will transfer me to another department so they can take care of my problem without …. I hang up after 25 minutes…. Good luck to whomever wants to sign up with them.



Ben Austin, TX

May 30, 2014

Protect America isn't as bad as everyone says. As far as when I first called when I was moving the process was pretty straight forward. I'm pretty tech savvy, so the setup wasn't as hard. Only I did not actually label which sensors were which, so I had to move them around (This was when I finished activating the system and stuff when I found out) When I called a few months later about a camera, the price was pretty high. I decided I'll just work on making my own surveillance system. The thing I did not like was they kept calling after I told them I'll call them when I'm ready to get a camera. (I just wanted to know the price anyway). They kept calling like crazy till they got the message. When this contract finishes I'll be working on building up my own system. It may be a couple hundred bucks, but it'll be worth it in the long run, and you also get cheap monitoring from the site I'll be buying the equipment from. Overall, not bad system.



Jaimie Waldorf, MD

May 29, 2014

Easy setup, great customer service and great pricing! I have recommended them to all my friends! The system works and I am protected!!!