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After two decades in the security industry, Safe Home Security knows that when it comes to protecting families, businesses and valuables, people want the very best in the way of monitored security services.

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  • Customer Focused
  • Free Installation

Customer Focused

Safe Home Security is very customer-oriented. It is simple to get a quote by filling out a request form on the company's website. Current customers can access their accounts online at any time of day.

Free Installation

The company offers free installation and activation when customers purchase a plan, which helps stretch the budget. They also offer a 15% discount on equipment for new customers.

The systems offered can also be set to ignore the movement of small animals in the home, so pets don't set off any alarms and cause unnecessary worry.


  • Not Accredited
  • Auto-Renewal

Not Accredited

This company does not have the best reputation. While businesses are not required to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, acquiring this accreditation can be seen as a good-faith gesture on the part of the business.


We talked to a sales manager that indicated most of their complaints deal with their auto-renewal agreement.

We were assured by the manager that Safe Home Security is working hard to improve their score and resolve complaints.

Our Recommendation

Overall, this company is not one of the best security companies out there.

There are other more reputable companies that consumers should look at first. These companies have better customer reviews and fewer complaints by consumers.

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Monitoring Services - Section 3

Company agrees to provide monitoring services for a period of 36 months from the above date.

This agreement shall automatically renew without action by either party under the same terms and conditions for successive periods equal to one month unless either party gives to the other at least sixty days written notice, prior to expiration date, of intention to terminate this Agreement upon any expiration date.

Upon renewal, service will be billed at then-current monitoring fees.

Why the monitoring services matter to you

Once the initial contract is over, the monitoring services will automatically renew on a month to month basis unless the home own specifically cancels the agreement in writing at least 60 days before the end of the three year period.

Service Repairs to the Clients System - Section 9

Unless otherwise indicated, the client understands that the monitoring fee covers only the monitoring service and client agrees to pay Company for all service or repairs to the alarm system.  Client hereby agrees to periodically test, at least monthly, observe Client's system, be aware of its operational status in accordance with the operating instructions, and request service if needed.

Why Service Repairs to the Client's System Matter to you

Any repairs that are needed on the system are the customer's responsibility.  The month fee only covers the monitoring and will not cover any maintenance done to fix the system.

Interruption or delay of Service - Section 18

The Company assumes no liability for delays in installation or interruption of service due to strikes, riots, floods, fires, acts of God or any causes beyond the control of the Company.  The Company will not be required to supply service to the Client while interruption of the service due to any such cause shall continue.

Why an interruption or delay of service matters to you

If something happens that interrupts the monitoring of your system the company is not responsible for anything that happens during the period.  For example, long power outages, natural disasters, fire, or any other incident that cuts off service immediately alleviates Safe Home from any responsibilities.

Warning and Testing of Equipment - Section 22

Smoke detectors, panic buttons, medical pendants, and other electronic components operate off A.C. (electric) or battery power.  If batteries become dead or electric power is lost, smoke detectors and other components will not operate and the alarm will not sound or communicate to the central station.  The System and all components should be tested by the Clients at least twice monthly through to the central station to insure the System is functioning.  If the Client discovers malfunctions or desires explanation on system testing, he should contact the company's service department for immediate service.  The Company assumes no liability for periodic testing of the system.

Why warnings and testing of equipment matter to you

If is your job to check your batteries and equipment functionality twice a month.  If something goes awry and the equipment doesn't work it is your fault for not checking it.

Failure to meet payment - Section 23

In the event of a failure to meet a scheduled payment of any of the charges due and payable on this Agreement, the remainder of this Agreement, including interest of 1.5% per month (18% per year) and the attorney's fees accrued thereon, will be accelerated and become immediately payable in full.

Why failure to meet payments matters to you

If you fail to make the monthly payments then you will be charged the remainder of the months left on the contract plus interest and attorney's fees.  Although you weren't able to make the one monthly payment, somehow you are required to pay everything listed above in full right away.

Increase in service fees - Section 27

Company shall have the right, at any time, to increase the service fee to reflect any additional governmental fees such as increased taxes, licenses, permits, or fees which Company may incur or which may be charged to Company by any utility or governmental agency relating to the services Company provides and Client agrees to pay the same.  In addition, Company may increase the services fee for any renewal term by giving Client sixty days prior notice.

Why an increase in service fees matters to you

Safe Home can increase their monthly monitoring fees anytime they get hit with an increase in fees from the government.  For example, if they are charged an extra fee or tax they will pass that cost onto you in the form of increasing the monthly fee.  Also, at the time of contract renewal they can increase your rate by informing you of the increase at least 60 days before the renewal.

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