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SAFE Security was acquired by AAA Smart Home in 2018.

Before being acquired by AAA Smart Home, SAFE Security provided three different services or products. First, they sold and installed home security and safety alarm systems. SAFE Security offered a wireless home security solution:

  • Control Panel and Keypad
  • Motion Sensor
  • Door/Window Contacts
  • Interior Siren
  • Remote Key Fob
  • Yard Sign and Stickers

SAFE  Security also supplied 24-hour monitoring. The monitoring center was staffed by live, UL-certified operators who are ready to alert the authorities, medical emergency teams or any other appropriate personnel; including alerting you and your family.

Additionally, SAFE Security also provided two different levels of extended service plans and optional services. Optional services included:

  • Two-way voice intercom capabilities
  • Guard services
  • System arming and disarming reports
  • Cellular backup modules

The professionally installed systems will cost money for basic wireless systems and the IP-based self-install systems start at $0 for equipment fees and the basic protection package.

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  • Focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • Mover's Packet

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

SAFE Security asserts that their main focus is on customer satisfaction; they concentrate on customer care through building custom security and safety systems, offering live call center customer service and providing free home security audits.

Mover's Packet

SAFE Security also offers other perks, like a Mover's Packet for easily transferring your security system to a new home. Furthermore, due to SAFE Security's UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certification, you can qualify for a discount up to 20 percent on most homeowner's insurance policies.


  • Negative Reviews

Negative Reviews

There is an array of negative reviews concerning SAFE Security. However, it is difficult to know if problems arose from the SAFE Security company itself or from an authorized dealer.

Issues reported include poor customer service, hidden fees, and an undisclosed long-term contract.

Make sure that you read and understand all contract information before you sign on the dotted line. We spoke to an official representative from Safe Security who told us that because they purchase contracts from other providers, often times people are disgruntled from their previous providers. Safe Security welcomes customers with several pieces of communication as well as signs and decals.

Our Recommendation

SAFE Security offers basic, custom security systems, monitoring and additional services with a focus on customer satisfaction for both homeowners and businesses.

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