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SAFE Security asserts that their main focus is on customer satisfaction; they concentrate on customer care through building custom security and safety systems, offering live call center customer service and providing free home security audits.

SAFE Security also offers other perks, like a Mover's Packet for easily transferring your security system to a new home. Furthermore, due to SAFE Security's UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certification, you can qualify for a discount up to 20 percent on most homeowner's insurance policies.


There is an array of negative reviews concerning SAFE Security. However, it is difficult to know if problems arose from the SAFE Security company itself or from an authorized dealer.

Issues reported include poor customer service, hidden fees, and an undisclosed long-term contract. Make sure that you read and understand all contract information before you sign on the dotted line. We spoke to an official representative from Safe Security who told us that because they purchase contracts from other providers, often times people are disgruntled from their previous providers. Safe Security welcomes customers with several pieces of communication as well as signs and decals.

Our Recommendation

SAFE Security offers basic, custom security systems, monitoring and additional services with a focus on customer satisfaction for both homeowners and businesses.

About Safe Security

SAFE Security provides three different services or products. First, they sell and install home security and safety alarm systems. SAFE Security offers a wireless home security solution:

  • Control Panel and Keypad
  • Motion Sensor
  • Door/Window Contacts
  • Interior Siren
  • Remote Key Fob
  • Yard Sign and Stickers

SAFE  Security also supplies 24-hour monitoring. The monitoring center is staffed by live, UL-certified operators who are ready to alert the authorities, medical emergency teams or any other appropriate personnel; including alerting you and your family.

Additionally, SAFE Security also provides two different levels of extended service plans and optional services. Optional services include:

  •  Two-way voice intercom capabilities
  • Guard services
  • System arming and disarming reports
  • Cellular backup modules

The professionally installed systems will cost money for basic wireless systems and the IP-based self-install systems start at $0 for equipment fees and the basic protection package.

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System Relocation Fee Fees May Apply
Number of Reviews 90
Review Last Updated: January 17, 2020

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Matthew Kelley Rochester, NY

Jul 11, 2014

Horrible, awful company that doesn't understand reason or commonsense.



L. Marino Eugene, OR

Jun 17, 2014

I purchased a self-install system for our home last December and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to set up. There was a sensor that was not connecting properly, but I made a call to Safe and a replacement was sent out. It has worked fine ever since. Happy to know my family is extra protected.



sharon moore Shawnee, OK

Feb 14, 2014

Chris Weer... the same thing is happening to us ...we are contacting our attorney at this time.... we never saw a contract and the same thing on the cancellation ... BUT we have sent a total of 3 faxes to cancel them out... they say they only received the fourth one in Jan. they want $700. to cancel us.... crock of crap !!! our contract was up in Nov. and we started sending the faxes in Oct. I do not believe this is legal...... we did not sign a contract with them and we sure did not have to send them a fax to get service...... I think this is just a way to rob people ...... more people need to protest this !!! It is not RIGHT !!!!



Chris Weer Vancouver, WA

Feb 5, 2014

Safe Security bought my contract from another company. I never received a copy of my new contract or any literature about the switch. My contract was up in December and I was not notified. The first time I called to try to cancel I was given the run around and told someone would call me back, which never happened. They second time I called, they transferred me to a different person and I was told that there was nothing they can do to get me out of the new contract. Apparently they want 15 days written notice that you want to cancel, prior to the end of your contract. They provide no forms to fill out and return. So I'm just supposed to write on a blank piece of paper and email it in? Plus, I have to call back in 48 hours to verify that they got my email, and are going to cancel my contract. Since I missed the deadline by about 6 weeks, I must now pay off the entire balance of my renewed contract ($502). How is this legal?



nerieau Crystal Lake, IL

Jan 15, 2014

I signed up for [email protected] and it was a great experience. From their competitive pricing to excellent customer service, my family is very happy with our decision with our decision to choose Safe. The equipment is top notch and very easy to install. It was nice to get such a quality system that arrived completely set up. All we had to do was plug in the control panel and secure the sensor using the included double sided tape. After being a Safe customer for 3 months now, we have experienced only one false alarm, and that was our fault. The monitoring station was great, contacted us right away and had the police meet us at our home to ensure our property was safe to enter. Highly recommend!



Steve Huntley, IL

Jan 9, 2014

My family has had SAFE Security service for almost 8 years now. We have always received excellent customer service whether it was when calling to check on an alarm status or responding to questions about my system. We recently upgraded to a new touch panel that is much easier to use than our previous one.



JOHN Brentwood, CA

Jan 3, 2014

I have used their services for 8 years. Their technicians are wonderful, polite and friendly. Any time I have a service issue or question, I get fast answers over the phone, if they cannot resolve it over the phone, I can be sure to expect a knock on the door to get matters handled the old fashion way- in person!! This company been in business for many years and knows how to handle their long time customers.



Annette Pickens Mount Vernon, OH

Dec 22, 2013

I have tried countless times to resolve issues with this company not only are they rude, will not return phone calls, send contractors to my house without calling me first then can not find out any information on the business card the contractor left me (which now a days could be a home invader) Also, was billed 112.00 for the service this contractor did not perform as I was not at home at the time and all he did was leave a card. This is being disputed at this time (my question is how are they going to dispute this when it is his word against mine). Found out on 12-20-13 that my account has been on month to month for as long as it was bought out by Devcon which was well over a year. I have been trying to cancel my service since my security system has been acting up and the service tech back in the summer never showed up or called. I have tried to reach out to upper management and no return calls or emails. I did find a rep on 12-20-13 that did inform me on my month to month status. I want a local company to monitor my home not some company that is over 2000 miles away. For any looking out there for a security company don't use this one. All they care about is money and not the customers needs.



LeslieM Sutherlin, OR

Nov 14, 2013

We have been Safe Security customers for almost a year and are very pleased with their service. We were able to purchase a 'self-install' system through their [email protected] program. It was really very easy and I'm glad I could do it without waiting for a tech to come out. For the initial set-up, Customer Service helped me through each step and they were very responsive to some questions I've had since. The cost of service is definitely worth the peace of mind it gives us. Very impressed so far!!



ESM Orlando, FL

Nov 8, 2013

Poor customer service does not even describe it. They are billing us for a canceled account transferred from another company. The refuse to cancel their account because of the transfer happened before the end of the previous contract. Even when the term with the other company is over and they never contacted us for renewal they refuse to close the account!!!!