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In many ways, SafeTouch offers security systems comparable to other companies in the industry: average contract length of 36-months and an average installation fee of $99.

However, their undisclosed pricing and equipment information, along with negative reviews of the company's customer service, puts them behind the curve when it comes to choosing the best home security system.

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  • Response Rate
  • Professional Installation
  • Average Warranty and Contract

Response Rate

SafeTouch Security prides itself on its guaranteed 45-second response time, meaning that if your security system is triggered in any way, you will hear from a SafeTouch representative in under a minute.

Professional Installation

Many people interested in home security want a service that offers installation of motion sensors, security cameras, a monitoring station, and other equipment purchased. SafeTouch promises quality installation by their licensed employees.

This service comes with a promise that they will have everything installed correctly the first time. For those more interested in a DIY alarm service, we recommend checking out Vivint Smart Home.

Average Warranty and Contract

There is a warranty on both parts and service for as long as you are a SafeTouch customer.

Those who are not completely satisfied with SafeTouch home security can return the alarm system within 30 days for a full refund.

SafeTouch features a 36-month minimum contract requirement, which is average with other home security companies.

Customers do have the option to pay a month-by-month contract after their contract ends, but unless they specify this as their preference, SafeTouch will role them into an additional two-year contract.


  • Negative SafeTouch Security Reviews
  • Undisclosed Alarm Package Information
  • Limited Locations

Negative SafeTouch Security Reviews

Over the past year, 95% of SafeTouch security reviews on Best Home Security Companys have been negative.

Below are the most common complaints we see from customers:

  • Contract. While SafeTouch Security does not share contract information on its site, reviewers say they are locked into a 3- to 5-year contract.
  • No Cancellation Option. Whether a customer was moving or no longer interested in the service, reviewers say that SafeTouch does not let them cancel.
  • Poor customer service. Many reviewers mention that the customer service personnel say different things and that they feel mislead. The general consensus is that customer service is frustrating to work with.

Undisclosed Alarm Package Information

All SafeTouch home security systems come with the promised 45-second response rate.

They also include an emergency power source, lifetime warranty, local UL monitoring, crash detection, and the MySafeTouch App.

SafeTouch uses cellular monitoring for their security systems. While the company does not disclose pricing on its site, the offer vague information on three alarm packages:

SafeTouch Secure - The company's website says this package comes with "all the essentials". While we don't know what the mean, we can assume it comes with a control panel and sensors. At least one motion detector is included, along with window contacts.

SafeTouch Advantage - The control panel with this monitoring package has a 2-way voice feature. You can also include smart home features such as lighting, temperature, and crash detection.

SafeTouch Pro - This is the only monitoring service offered by SafeTouch that includes security cameras. Again, all the monitoring equipment is not outlined on SafeTouch Security's website. Video can be streamed using the company's mobile app and saved to cloud storage.

Limited Locations

SafeTouch Security only offers monitoring services in Florida and Georgia. For those who live outside these two states, we recommend reading about our top home security companies.

Our Recommendation

While SafeTouch responds quickly and provides a warranty for parts and service, their lack of company transparency and negative customer reviews are a good reason to look elsewhere for home security.

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Ratings Breakdown
Monthly Monitoring Fee $30+
Install & Equipment Fee $99
Contract Length 36 Months
Cancellation Policy Unavailable
System Relocation Fee Unavailable
Review Last Updated: June 24, 2020

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