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SafeTouch Security offers security systems (powered by Alarm.com) comparable to other companies in the industry with an average contract length of 36-months and an average installation fee of $99.

However, their undisclosed pricing and equipment information, along with negative reviews of the company's customer service, puts them behind the curve when it comes to choosing the best home security system.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, SafeTouch Security was founded by Lester Jackson and has since grown into one of the largest home security companies in the industry.

Compare SafeTouch Security to the best home security companies.

SafeTouch Security Cost

  • Monthly Monitoring: Starting at $29.95/mo
  • Equipment Package Fee: Unavailable

Monthly Monitoring

SafeTouch Security is one of the nation’s largest, independent home security and monitoring companies.

Unfortunately, SafeTouch isn’t exactly upfront about its pricing and customers are expected to submit personal information before receiving a price quote — though price quotes allow for more accurate pricing, most customers want an initial cost estimate.

How Much Does SafeTouch Security Cost?

Once you’ve submitted your information for a quote, you’ll discover that SafeTouch Security charges $29.95/mo for its cheapest security plan. We don’t know the exact price of the other two plans, but they’re likely around $40 and $50.

SafeTouch Secure: $29.95/month

  • Local UL Monitoring
  • <45 Seconds Response Time
  • mySafeTouch App
  • Emergency Power Source
  • No Phone Line Needed
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • GC2 Security Panel
  • Window Contacts
  • Motion Detector

SafeTouch Advantage: ???

  • Everything in the Secure Package Plus...
  • 2-Way Voice Control Security Panel
  • Crash & Smash Technology
  • Lighting & Climate Control

SafeTouch Pro: ???

  • Everything in the Advantage Package Plus...
  • 2-Way Voice & Touch Control Panel
  • Cloud Video Storage
  • Video Surveillance

Equipment Prices

Unfortunately, SafeTouch is not upfront with individual product pricing. However, we do know that SafeTouch does offer the following home security products (prices are estimates based on industry):

Security Devices:

  • 180° Indoor Camera: ≈ $125.00
  • Indoor HD Camera: ≈ $100.00
  • Outdoor Camera: ≈ $125.00
  • HD Doorbell Camera: ≈ $200.00
  • Stream Video Recorder (SVR): ≈ $200.00
  • IQ Panel 2: ≈ $399.99
  • GC2e Security Panel: ≈ $200.00
  • Door & Window Sensors: ≈ $30.00
  • Glass Break Sensor: ≈ $20.00
  • Motion Sensor: ≈ $40.00

Smart Home Devices:

  • Smart Thermostat: ≈ $200.00
  • Smart Lighting Control: ≈ $30.00 (per bulb)
  • Garage Control: ≈ $200.00
  • Smart Door Lock: ≈ $200.00

SafeTouch Security’s Installation Process

SafeTouch Security’s COVID-19 Measures

SafeTouch Security released a list of all the measures they are taking to keep customers safe from COVID-19:

  • Stay home when sick (no matter how mild).
  • Strict handwashing requirements and frequent use of hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching their face.
  • Cover mouth and nose during sneezes and coughs.

The company encourages customers to reschedule their appointments if they or anyone in their family has shown signs of illness.

DIY or Professional Installation

Though the company does not explicitly say it on their website, SafeTouch Security is a traditional home security company and likely does not offer a DIY installation option.

Many people interested in home security want a service that offers installation of motion sensors, security cameras, a monitoring station, and other equipment purchased. SafeTouch promises quality installation by their licensed employees.

This service comes with a promise that they will have everything installed correctly the first time.

For those more interested in a DIY alarm service, we recommend checking out Cove.

SafeTouch Security’s Contract Length

SafeTouch features a 36-month minimum contract requirement, which is average compared with other home security companies.

Customers do have the option to pay a month-by-month contract after their contract ends, but unless they specify this as their preference, SafeTouch will roll them into an additional two-year contract.

The company also offers a warranty on both parts and service for as long as you are a SafeTouch customer.

Those who are not completely satisfied with SafeTouch home security can return the alarm system within 30 days for a full refund.

SafeTouch Security’s Smart Technology

SafeTouch Security does offer smart home technology, but only with their Advantage and Pro plans. The basic package does not include smart home products.

With smart technology from SafeTouch, you will get a smart camera, smart thermostat, and a smart doorbell camera.

SafeTouch Security’s Company Experience

Time in Business

SafeTouch Security was founded in 1995 by Lester Jackson, giving the company just over 25 years of industry experience.

Quick Response Rate

SafeTouch Security prides itself on its guaranteed 45-second response time, meaning that if your security system is triggered in any way, you will hear from a SafeTouch representative in under a minute.

The quick response rate from SafeTouch is possible because the company owns and operates its own monitoring stations. This means that SafeTouch Security customers are the only people monitored by the monitoring stations.

Other home security companies will use shared monitoring stations that monitor customers of many different companies.

Unique Offerings

SafeTouch Security offers high-tech security equipment through Alarm.com, which supplies security equipment to many different home security companies. In other words, you’re going to get a similar quality of tech that you’ll get at many other home security companies.

Largest Independent Communications Security Company

SafeTouch also owns all of its own monitoring stations, making it the largest independent home security company in the nation.

30-Day Warranty

Customers are eligible for a 30-day equipment and service warranty and may receive a full refund if not satisfied.

SafeTouch Security Reviews

SafeTouch Security has received a 2.5 out 5 star rating from just 11 of its previous customers. Usually, when companies only have a few reviews, the ratings can be indeterminate.

That’s why we recommend customers look closely at each individual review to see their exact experience with the company, good or bad.

Below are the most common complaints we see from customers:

  • Contract: While SafeTouch Security does not share contract information on its site, reviewers say they are locked into a 3- to 5-year contract.
  • No Cancellation Option: Whether a customer was moving or no longer interested in the service, reviewers say that SafeTouch does not let them cancel.

Poor customer service: Many reviewers mention that the customer service personnel say different things and that they feel misled. The general consensus is that customer service is frustrating to work with.

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SafeTouch Security Pros and Cons

There are both good and bad things about working with SafeTouch Security.

The Pros

The fact that the company owns its own monitoring stations means that it is able to respond to alerts and emergencies within 1 minute, which is better than most home security companies.

Additionally, the company has a 30-day service and equipment warranty and a relatively inexpensive upfront fee of $99.

The Cons

Unfortunately, the company does not have many reliable reviews and only receives a 2.5 out of 5 on BHSC.

Furthermore, the company seems unwilling to share its pricing information upfront, which does little to endear their services to potential customers. SafeTouch’s entire website seems to lack any in-depth information about the company’s specific services like installation, cancellations, pricing, and other important information.

Our Recommendation

While SafeTouch responds quickly and provides a warranty for parts and service, their lack of company transparency and negative customer reviews are a good reason to look elsewhere for home security.

We recommend customers compare SafeTouch to the top-rated home security companies.


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