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Scarsdale Security Systems Inc.


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Scarsdale Security Systems was founded 31 years ago and has grown to over 100 employees. Scarsdale has several UL listed central monitoring stations and provides security in a myriad of states.

Scarsdale uses Honeywell home security equipment and allows the customer to choose either a cellular system or one that runs through their home telephone line.  All packages are customizable and can have amenities such as fire alarm, carbon monoxide, and video monitoring installed.  However, if you are just looking for a basic package the two main options are:

  • Cellular system - This is a wireless system that uses smartphone technology to monitor and control your settings.  The starting costs are $99 for installation and activation and either $26.95/month for 60 months or $35.95/month for 36 months.
  • Traditional hardwire system - The traditional system uses your home telephone line to connect directly to the Scarsdale central station.  The starting costs are $199 for installation and activation and either $26.95/month for 60 months or $35.95/month for 36 months.

Both the cellular and the traditional packages come with the following equipment:

  • 1 control panel
  • Battery pack
  • Siren
  • 1 key fob
  • 2 door/window sensors
  • 1 motion sensor
  • Sign & stickers
  • 24/hr monitoring

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  • Customizable Contract Length
  • Affordable Monthly Fee
  • Privately Owned Monitoring Station

Customizable Contract Length

One of the best features that Scarsdale Security Systems offers is the option to adjust the length of the contract.

Many home security companies have one set contract length they require of all customers, which can make it tough to cancel if you move or want to change providers.  With the option to go with a 3- or 5-year contract it allows to the customer to be more flexible with their plan.

Affordable Monthly Fee

These benefits are also enhanced by the relatively cheap monthly rate.

Most companies' starting rates are about $40 and require a 4-5 year contract.

Scarsdale gives you a rate that is $5-$15 dollars cheaper for the same basic package.

Privately Owned Monitoring Station

Another noteworthy aspect is that they own a private central monitoring station, which means that all accounts are monitored in-house.

This usually results in faster response times and better customer service.


  • Poor Warranty
  • Small Service Area

Poor Warranty

While the adjustable contract is a nice feature, it is hindered by the fact that they only offer a one-year parts and labor warranty.  This means that customers are left without coverage on their systems for at least two years if not four.

During this period it is common that equipment will malfunction and batteries will die, therefore customers will need to either purchase extra insurance or pay for replacements out of pocket.

Small Service Area

Also, it should be noted that this is a small company that mainly deals at a local level.

If a customer is to move outside of their service area there is a chance that Scarsdale will not have a partnership in the new area, which would mean either repaying the remaining balance or having to rely on the new homeowners taking over the existing contract.

Our Recommendation

For being a small local company that mainly services the Scarsdale, NY area this company offers a basic starting package that is comparable to many national security dealers.  If you live in the area and value the customer service that comes with a local emphasis than this would be a good company to purchase from.

However, if you live outside the area you should probably consider looking for a larger company that could meet your equipment service needs.

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