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Scout Alarm was established by a group of engineers, designers and business professionals in Chicago, IL.

The idea behind Scout's unique approach to home security originated when one of the company's founders started looking for a home security provider but found that the business models and home security industry as a whole were "behind the times."

So in February of 2013, Scout launched a crowdfunding campaign as part of their company launch to pre-sell their smart home devices.

Within the first month, Scout more than exceeded its goal with a half a million dollars of their systems already sold.

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  • Affordable Pricing Options
  • Customizable Video Monitoring Plans
  • Free Shipping
  • 60-Day Free Returns
  • 3-Year Warranty

Affordable Pricing Options

Customers also have the yearly monitoring option that automatically saves 10 percent if paid in full.

The Always On Yearly package is $107/year and the Always On+ Yearly is $215/year.

In addition, there are also cellular-only options that range from $15-$25/month. It is not required to have a monitoring plan if the customer just wants to monitor their own system.

Customizable Video Monitoring Plans

Scout home security offers the peace of mind of 24/7 professional monitoring services. It offer UL certified monitoring and video verification. The greatest benefit of using Scout Alarm's services is that customers have the option to customize their plan or monitoring package to their needs.

From the monitoring plans to the equipment, customers get to decide it all without worrying about making a long-term commitment.

Free Shipping

Customers who order smart home devices from Scout Alarm will receive free shipping which will be automatically added to orders of more than $200, a very reasonable sum, as most DIY home security systems amount to more than $200.

60-Day Free Returns

Customers don't have to rely on the company's word when it comes to their DIY alarm systems.

Every Scout Alarmcustomer has 60 days to use their smart devices and ensure that it is working properly. It is our opinion that Scout Alarmis extremely generous with the length of time for returns, warranty, and shipping deals.

3-Year Warranty

In the case that a customer's home security devices are not functioning properly, Scout Alarm offers a 3-year warranty.

The company ships out replacements free of charge, and includes a prepaid return label so the Scout Alarm team can investigate the reason for the malfunction.


  • High Upfront Costs
  • No Professional Installation Available
  • Lack of Industry Experience

High Upfront Costs

While Scout is providing a new solution to the home security issue, there are some disadvantages to using their system.

Those concerned about equipment costs and installation options should investigate a little further before purchasing Scout's system.

For example, customers pay for the equipment on their own, so the initial costs are more expensive than companies who loan the equipment to their customers.

No Professional Installation Available

Scout Alarm is a DIY installation option only. While the system does not require tools or difficult installation, there is no professional installation option.

Lack of Industry Experience

Scout Alarm is brand new to the industry in comparison to some of the biggest providers in the country.

While the number of years in operation does not necessarily indicate the quality of a service or a product, it is important to note that they may not have the same level of experience as other providers.

Our Recommendation

Although Scout is a new player in the home security industry, there is no ignoring what their business model has brought to the table. Scout services include:

  • DIY Setup - installation does not require putting in any holes or purchasing tools. The entire system can be set up in just a few minutes.
  • Mobile Access - the entire system can be controlled and monitored from any mobile device. Customers will receive instant updates.
  • Customized system - customers only buy what they need and avoid buying equipment they don't need. Even your actions and alerts can be customized.
  • Device network - to ensure complete protection, all sensors and monitors are able to communicate through a central network.
  • No contracts - start and stop monitoring at any time
  • Easy to move - if you ever move, take down the equipment and set it up in your new home

Scout's new approach to security provides an easy setup and a fresh and up-to-date option for those looking to install a security system that fits their home and lifestyle.

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About Scout Home Security

Creating a home security system that curates the home security experience in a "smart, simple and affordable" way is the goal Scout is seeking out to accomplish.

Scout provides a way for each of their customers to build their own system and protect the most vulnerable sections of their home with the most up-to-date equipment and smart technology.

With Scout, customers get to choose the following:

  • Equipment you want
  • Color and finish of components
  • Actions Scout initiates in different situations
  • Level of support/monitoring

Since Scout allows their customers to build their own systems, they will also be required to purchase all of the equipment outright.

While this may initially be more expensive than other home security providers, customers will only be responsible for a low monthly monitoring payment and are no tied down by contracts or hidden fees.

Scout customers have the option to choose from a variety of security equipment, including the following:

  • Scout Hub ($129.00) - connects all sensors to the core of the system. The hub is what maintains a constant, wireless communication between you and Scout.
  • Door and Window Sensors ($29.00) - monitor any access point that opens and closes like windows, doors, and cabinets.
  • Door Panels ($69.00) - with the key fob, users can arm and disarm the Scout system to monitor when doors open and close.
  • Motion Sensors ($49.00) - detect any movement within a 25-foot range
  • Smoke Alarm ($40.00) - A specially made smoke alarm with better low battery notifications, multiple sirens, wireless installation, and an easy to test system.
  • Key Fob ($4.99)
  • RFID Sticker ($2.49)
  • Yard Signs ($10.00)
  • Scout Indoor Camera ($99.00)
  • Scout Video Doorbell ($99.00)
  • Keypad ($50.00)
  • Water Sensor ($30.00)
  • Glass Break Sensor ($50.00)
  • Door Lock ($249.00)
  • Panic Button ($20.00
  • Remote Control ($20.00)
  • Siren and Zigbee Repeater ($30.00)

Scout Alarm also offers refurbished products at a much lower price than the orignals. This is a very rare option for home security companies to offer.

When building a Scout system, customers will then decide how many security sensors, monitors, or panels they want depending on what their home needs in order to be completely secure.

At any point, Scout Alarm customers can check in and monitor their home's activities from anywhere. In addition to having the ability to constantly be connected to the system, Scout provides consistent professional monitoring. Monitoring packages do not require a contract and are designed to suit the needs of each individual home. Plan details are as follows:

Always On:

Monitored through 3G wireless connections and battery power, Scout will always be connected and running even if your power isn't.

  • $9.99/month
  • Standard features:
    • Email notifications
    • Push notifications for iOS
    • Scout mobile app
  • Always on features:
    • 3G cellular and battery backup
    • SMS alerts
    • No annual contract

Always On+:

The Always On+ package is the most secure Scout plan because it includes professional monitoring on top of personal monitoring.

  • $19.99
  • Standard features:
    • Email notifications
    • Push notifications for iOS and Android devices
    • Scout mobile app
  • Always On+ features:
    • 3G cellular and battery backup
    • SMS alerts
    • No annual contract
    • 24/7 professional monitoring service

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