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Security One Alarm Systems


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Founded in 1978, Security One Alarm Systems is a locally-owned and operated company headquartered in Leamington, Ontario.

Security One offers four competitive home security packages that offer a number of security and automation devices.

Each package comes with a number of standard features, including wireless monitoring, a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, and locked-in monthly rates.

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  • Zero Upfront Cost
  • Customer Lifetime Warranty
  • No Rate Increase
  • Unique Home Security Packages

Zero Upfront Cost

While many companies charge hundreds of dollars for activation or installation of the system, or for the price of the equipment, customers pay zero upfront costs with Security One.

Customer Lifetime Warranty

The company's warranty applies for as long as you are a paying Security One customer.

No Rate Increase

Security One also guarantees that its customers' rates will never increase over time. While many home security companies promise low initial rates, they also reserve the right to increase these rates after an initial period. Security One promises to lock-in its rates for the entire life of the contract.

Unique Home Security Packages

Security One's Security Takeover package is unique in the home security industry because not only is this package compatible with systems from top home security providers, but Security One also claims it can provide comparable monitoring services at a better rate - or the company will upgrade your system for you.

Many home security companies' equipment is exclusively compatible with their own monitoring, so a company that claims cross-compatibility may be the way to go if you are not satisfied with your current monitoring.


  • Lack of Upfront Information
  • Security One Alarm Complaints

Lack of Upfront Information

Although Security One has made several unique and promising claims on its website, the company offers next to no information upfront about what any of these claims actually mean for customers.

For example, while the company claims a lifetime warranty on equipment and labor, it makes no mention of how much this warranty will cost, whether service technicians will charge for repair visits, exclusions under which equipment is not covered, and more.

The same is true for pricing information. Customers are required to request a quote before they can receive pricing information.

As for the security package, Security One does not specify whether it will upgrade your package for free should the company be unable to provide you with a better monthly monitoring rate.

Security One Alarm Complaints

While Security One has many attractive aspects for new customers, one worrisome issue is the number of online complaints they have had in regards to problems with their products, services, and deceptive sale tactics.

Specifically, customers have complained about poor response time following a false alarm, and difficulty in canceling the service.

Our Recommendation

Security One is a nationally recognized home security dealer that has offices in 48 states and provides a high-quality product at competitive prices. If you are in the market for a security system and do not want to pay for all the equipment upfront then Security One is a good choice; however, customers need to be extra careful to get as much information as possible from Security One upfront.

Security One may be a good company, but because so little information is directly available on the website, customers may consider trusting their home security needs elsewhere.

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