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Sentry Security


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Sentry Security has been providing full-service residential and commercial security systems to the greater Chicago area since 1985.

They are a local, independent company dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing high-quality products.

There are contracts associated with Sentry Security's services but the details are not disclosed.

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  • Great Customer Service
  • Highly Accomplished

Great Customer Service

Sentry Security prides itself on great customer service.

The company has a positive NPS (Net Promoter Score), which means Sentry Security receives much of its business as a result of referrals from its customers.

Aside from providing a comprehensive security system, the company provides quality customer service to homes and businesses in the Chicago area.

Highly Accomplished

Sentry is the only Chicago-area company to meet the performance criteria for Best Picks, an independent list of top-quality home service providers for several major metropolitan areas, and they were ranked number 83 on the SDM Magazine's rankings of largest US Security Companies for 2011.


  • Below Average Warranty
  • Focus on Business

Below Average Warranty

One potential downside to their basic package is that it only provides a one-year parts and labor warranty.

Customers may be without coverage on their system for several years unless they pay a monthly service fee to extend the warranty.

Typically, if a company demands that customers pay for the system in full they will provide some flexibility on the contract length; however, Sentry does not provide this option.

Focus on Business

Though the company does provide home security, there isn't much residential security pricing or package information on its website.

Sentry Security systems may be best suited to commercial and enterprise locations.

Our Recommendation

Sentry Security is a fantastic option for those living in the greater Chicago area.

They have several decades of experience and thousands of customers to attest to their high-quality services.

If you live in the area and are in the market for a home security system Sentry Security would be an excellent choice.

About Sentry Security

Sentry Security offers a basic security package that is comparable to most companies in the industry.

Using Honeywell, GE, or DMP equipment, Sentry offers either a landline or wireless system that includes a control panel, key fob, three door sensors, and a motion sensor.

The upfront costs are undisclosed.

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