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Smith Monitoring Inc. is a subsidiary of Forward Home Security, Inc and was founded in 2006. The company focuses on provided smart home automation devices and professional monitoring services.

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  • Great Standard Plan
  • Vital Partnerships
  • Good Customer Reviews & Service

Great Standard Plan

Installation of Smith Monitoring systems and activation its service is free with their standard contract.

Their standard contract is a 36-month term, with a minimum monthly payment of $17.95. It's difficult to find information regarding Smith Monitoring's cancellation policy. The technology and equipment used by Smith Monitoring is one of their top priorities.

Vital Partnerships

They have partnered with many other large companies in the home security industry to stay current with their products and services. These partnerships allow consumers to have confidence they will remain up-to-date.

Overall, the general opinion of Smith Monitoring is favorable. As with all companies, there are negative testimonials. The negative testimonials are far outweighed by the good. Most people are very satisfied with their experience with Smith Monitoring.

Good Customer Reviews & Service

Smith Monitoring puts customer service above all else. They aren't a company that makes a sale and then walks away. They make sure the client is still satisfied past the installation.


  • Relocation Fee

Relocation Fee

If you move within the first year of your term there is a fee, and you must stay within their service areas to avoid cancellation fees. Smith Monitoring's service areas are limited. They are still a small company and out-source some of their services to their partners.

Our Recommendation

Packages and pricing from Smith's are not clear on the company's website. It also appears that the company outsources home security clients. For these reasons, we cannot recommend Smith Monitoring at this time.

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Ratings Breakdown
Monthly Monitoring Fee $17.95
Install & Equipment Fee $0
Contract Length 36 Months
Cancellation Policy Undisclosed
System Relocation Fee Undisclosed
Review Last Updated: June 24, 2020

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