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While there are some home security companies that offer a form of theft protection or compensation to their customers, few offer as aggressive a theft policy as Sonitrol. In the event that your home or place of business is broken into while Sonitrol's system is in operation, Sonitrol's service warranty will pay for, replace, or repair any damage or covered items affected in a forcible entry. The few companies that offer similar warranties will only pay up to $1,000, and that towards your home insurance deductible.

Sonitrol provides users with a free mobile app that allows them to monitor and control their security system remotely. Through the mobile app, users can view live videos, arm/disarm their security systems, view historical events, manage system users, cards, and codes, and easily browse a map of their facilities. Sonitrol's system can also be adapted across a wide variety of industries, and both corporate and residential clients alike will receive a custom-made security system to fit their needs.


Sonitrol is lacking a number of features that would otherwise help it compete with top companies, most notably home automation. Several home security companies are providing home automation solutions in addition to security, including climate, lighting, locks, and appliance control. Sonitrol also provides little useful information on its website. Customers investigating Sonitrol will have no clue as to what equipment is specifically offered, the terms and exclusions of Sonitrol's impressive $10,000 guarantee, and pricing information.

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Sonitrol's $10,000 service guarantee and ability to adapt its systems to a number of industries are definite advantages that set Sonitrol apart from other comparable home security companies. However, Sonitrol offers next to no useful information on its website that would help customers make an informed decision. The company also charges considerably more each month and upfront for services that don't even include home automation options. Customers looking to invest in a comprehensive home security solution should consider other companies before deciding on Sonitrol.

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About Sonitrol

Sonitrol offers customized solutions to a wide range of security problems, with each solution integrated into a single monitoring system overseen by trained professionals at centers across the country. The Sonitrol Integrated Solutions Suite includes:

  • Verified Audio Detection
  • Intelligent Access Control Systems
  • Fire Detection
  • SonaVision Digital Video Surveillance

The 'mySonitrol' web system allows for adhoc adjustment of your security and access solutions, quick access to security statistics, and live video feeds.


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Review Last Updated: January 17, 2020

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gary haller Eugene, OR

May 2, 2017

I haven't used their services in over a year, In that year I have been trying to cancel. First I was told I had to send in a cancellation request, on third try at cancelling I apparently talked to the right person and they told me I could simply cancel with their online form. Dah Why someone in the account office didn't offer that solution earlier is mystifying to me. I cancelled with their online form. Well of course they pinched me for a extra pay period. These people are not transparent and I would not recommend doing business with them.



Michael Orchards Vancouver, WA

May 11, 2015

I have been with Sonitrol alam systems since about 1992. At that time we signed a contract that stated in very clear terms that our repairs were covered under the service contract... i.e. As long as we pay for the monitoring service they will maintain and do repairs. Several years into it.. they tried to sell us an upgrade... because their original install supposedly was taking too much service... we argued that if they are not happy with their installation it is up to them to make it less of a problem, and in time they took care of that. The company sometime thereafter was apparently sold to a larger company. The last time I asked for service... because the alarm was doing off non stop... i.e. would not turn off.... they wanted to set up an appointment for sometime "in a few days"... I got out a ladder and took down the speaker so as to allow the neighbors some peace and quiet. Sonitrol eventually came and fixed that. Now again I need some service (the monitoring people have no signal for several days now... why it takes 4-5 day to let us know is, again, a mystery.) So.. today I call them and I can only get a monitoring tech who wants to get me full names, password, phone number... in order to get called back. My overall impression: It is going to be difficult to speak to a real person in a way that is convenient to me... and that, like the last service call, I am going to have to pay for this repair. (The reason I paid for the last one was that the siding workings got water into their electrical box..I can deal with paying for that...but then again... Sonitrol could have perhaps done with for free.. in as much as it took about 10 minutes of their time... or they COULD have said when we have people doing siding Sonitrol should come out and handle their own electrical box under those conditions? That is what I would have done if I wanted to keep a customer who has been paying the monthly monitoring fees for over 20 years.. and who never caused troubles.




Sep 14, 2013

Zero complaints by us in 6 years. They overhauled our system, which was pricey, but excellent work for a complicated residential home - large brick, 3-story, plaster lathe walls. We have plenty of tripped alarms b/c alarmed doors opened by visiting family members. Sonitrol always calls us 1st - makes us verify code and knows if something's amiss. Monthly service is under $30. Now they're known as Alarm New England.